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There is something more than the physical universe . Even if you are able — somehow , by some miracle — to include space-time as an integral component of the whole cosmos , that is not sufficient , because the world is not made up of physical matter .

It is made up of forces , as all students of physics know .
There is no solidity in the universe , really .

Forces act and react , and operate in their own wonderful , indescribable manner , making certain points of stress of force appear like hard substances .

If an electrical fan moves with tremendous velocity , it will look like nothing is moving . You will see only a bare abstract circle ; there is no substance there . You see only a Euclidean circle , an abstract circular motion . Even the motion cannot be seen , only an enigmatic circle .

But if you want to know if there is anything really there , put your finger ; then you will know .

However , the solidity , the substantiality , the spatiality , the temporality , the externality of this universe is a joke , I should say , played by the forces which constitute the entire so-called substantiality of things .

It is difficult to conceive force . You may say it is a kind of energy — like electricity , for instance . You know what electricity is , but you do not know what it is made of . What is the substance out of which electricity is made ?

You can know how it operates , but you cannot know why it operates in the manner it does . It is , again , something beyond human conception .

You have seen energies in the ordinary physical sense , but this is a super energy which is not at some place .

Quantum energy is ubiquitous , all-pervading .

The entire universe , so-called , including what is called space and time , is a huge sea of unimaginable all-pervading liquefied energy , we may say , and any pressure point in it looks like some bubble — a quantum molecule , a substance , a reality — capable of being contacted by the sense organs .

These sense organs which are seeing the world of physicality are also made up of energy only . It does not mean energy is standing outside , moving .

Your whole body — your mind , brain , and the sense organs — are also congealed spatiotemporal forms of this unimaginable , ubiquitous , liquefied energy quantum .

We are flowing everywhere . Every one of you is everywhere .

A drop of water in the sea is not in one place . There is no such thing as a drop of water in the sea . There are no drops in the sea . There is only sea , and any point in the ocean is everywhere .

We are told by ancient scriptures such as the Yoga Vasishtha , and even by modern physical discoveries , that the so-called " you " sitting here is not only here . You are also in another place simultaneously .

Just as the water of the sea is not in one place , it is everywhere , you are a little apparent droplet of the sea of force .

You , yourself , are everywhere .

Can the mind imagine this possibility that you are simultaneously present in every point of space ?

Everywhere you see yourself . And who is seeing you , when the seer is gone ? It is an indescribable multiple phenomena seeing itself as a spread out universality .

Everything is everywhere at all times .

Because time has gone , you should not say it is somewhere — yesterday , tomorrow , and so on ; and because space has gone , it is everywhere .

Everything — yourself , myself — is everywhere at all times .



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