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Miscellaneous talking is a very bad habit . It distracts the mind . It keeps the mind always Bahirmukha ( outgoing ) and makes one unspiritual . A vow of silence must be practised once a week . Much energy is wasted in talking .

The Vag-Indriya ( organ of speech ) seriously distracts the mind .

" Speech is the fourth ' foot ' of Mind-BRAHMAN , because it is by means of the ' foot ' of speech that the mind approaches the denotable objects such as cow , goat , etc . Therefore speech is like a foot of mind . In the same manner , nose is a ' foot ' , because it is through nose that the mind approaches objects of smell . Similarly , the eye is a ' foot ' ; the ear is another ' foot ' . This constitutes the four-footed character of the Mind-BRAHMAN " . ~ Chhandogya Upanishad

Do not allow anything to come out from the mind through the Vag-Indriyas ( organ of speech ) . Observe Mouna ( a vow of silence ) . This will help you .

Considerable peace follows Mouna .

The speech energy becomes transmuted into spiritual energy ( Ojas ) . Sankalpas become much decreased . Will becomes stronger . Now you have shut out a big source of disturbance . You will rest now in peace .

Meditate on GOD or BRAHMAN now in right earnest .

Spiritual aspirants must observe Mouna for some hours daily .

Be careful in the selection of your words before you speak . Think thrice before you speak . Consider what effect the words will produce on the feeling of others . Observe Mouna for a couple of years . It is Tapas of speech .

Do not argue unnecessarily . Argument brings about hostility , heated feelings and wastage of energy . Everyone has got views , opinions , ideas , sentiments , beliefs and convictions . It is very difficult to change the views of others .

Do not try to convince others .

When you are an aspirant , when you are gathering facts and knowledge from the study of sacred lore , do not argue with others till your thoughts have become mature and steady .

Imagination in the mind always exaggerates . Exaggeration is a modification of lie . Aspirants should not exaggerate .

They should utter words with mathematical and scientific precision .

An aspirant is asked to give up company and observe Mouna , because on account of Raga , one will multiply acquaintance ; on account of Dvesha , one will incur the displeasure of others by uttering some unpleasant words . There is a sword in the tongue . Words are like arrows . They injure the feelings of others .

By observing Mouna and giving up company , one can control the Vag-Indriya and remove Raga .

Then the mind will become calm .

There are fifteen Doshas that arise from company . An aspirant should , therefore , preferably remain alone during the period of Sadhana .


( 01 ) . Misunderstanding

( 02 ) . Ill-feeling

( 03 ) . Displeasure

( 04 ) . Raga-Dvesha ( Like-Dislike )

( 05 ) . Jealousy

( 06 ) . Vampirism

( 07 ) . Attachment

( 08 ) . Mental sharing of pain of another

( 09 ) . Criticisms of others

( 10 ) . Anatma topics ( Soulless )

( 11 ) . Habit of talking

( 12 ) . Bahirmukha Vritti ( Outgoing thought waves )

( 13 ) . Idea and Samskara ( Karma ) of duality

( 14 ) . Slavish mentality and weak will

( 15 ) . Contempt . Love little , but love long .

When you take a vow of silence , never assert from within very often , " I wont talk " . This will produce a little heat in the brain , because the mind wants to revenge on you .

Simply once make a determination and then remain quiet .

Attend to other affairs . Do not be thinking always , " I wont talk , I wont talk " .

In the beginning , when you observe Mouna , you will find some difficulty . There will be a severe attack of Vrittis . Various kinds of thoughts will arise and force you to break the silence . There are all vain imaginations and deceptions of the mind . Be bold .

Concentrate all energies on GOD .

Make the mind fully occupied . The desire for talk and company will die . You will get peace . The Vag-Indriya ( organ of speech ) considerably distracts the mind .


Mouna of the mind is far superior to Mouna of Vak ( speech ) . Mouna should come of itself . It must be natural . Forced Mouna is only wrestling with the mind . It is an effort .

If you live in Truth , Mouna will come of itself . Then only will there be absolute peace .

What is wanted is natural Mouna and mental nudity .

Physical nudity has no meaning . It is Tamasic Tapas of fools , that is not countenanced by Sastras and reason .

Nudity comes of itself as one is absorbed in BRAHMAN .


The selfexistent BRAHMAN created the mind and senses with outgoing tendencies . The mind has a pernicious habit of externalisation from time immemorial . So you behold the external universe and not the internal Self . It is the Vikshepa-Sakti or Maya that draws you out .

From your childhood , you are taught to look to the external world and not to the internal , psychic world . You have entirely lost the faculty of introspection . To have a comprehensive understanding of what is going on in the inner " mental factory " , a Suddha Buddhi ( pure reason ) and subtle intellect with power of introspection is needed .

You will have to turn the mind inside , then concentrate all its powers and throw them upon the mind itself , in order that it may know its own nature and analyse itself . This is Raja Yoga .

Make a vigorous and earnest search within . Do not trust the mind and the Indriyas . They are your enemies . Lust and wealth are your bitter foes . These are two great evils .

In introspection , the mind itself is the subject of study . A portion of the mind studies the remaining portion of the mind . The higher mind studies the lower mind .

Introspection is apperception . Just as you watch the work done by a coolie , a portion of the mind watches the movements of the rest of the mind . If you are one with the mind , if you identify yourself with the mind , you cannot know your defects .

If you are a Sakshi or silent witness of the mind and if you practise introspection , you can know your various defects .

By a careful watch , many defects are detected and removed by suitable Sadhana . Enter a quiet room . Enter into silence daily for about fifteen minutes , morning and evening . Introspect . Watch the mind carefully .

The mind will be doing either thinking , planning , feeling , knowing or willing . You will have to find out through subjective introspection what the mind is exactly doing at a particular time .

To go through this practice , you must have Antarmukha Vritti , a subjective mind and a subtle Buddhi . Buddhi can be rendered subtle by study of philosophical books , Satsanga , control of Indriyas ( Dama ) and Sattvic food .

The constant utterance of holy Names of GOD as HARI , OM , NARAYANA , RAMA , SIVA purifies the mindstuff and helps make the mind introspective ( Antarmukha ) .


You are the best judge of your mind . Introspect by living alone in solitude or retiring into a calm room for an hour . You must sit quiet in a solitary room alone , with closed eyes and watch the activities of the mind . You will then know your defects and weaknesses very clearly .

You should afterwards feel the necessity of removing them . Then your Svabhava should agree to change . You must know the right method to remove the defect . You must apply the method constantly . Then only improvement will set in .

Constant application of the Sadhana is an indispensable requisite . You must watch the improvement every now and then , say , once a week , a fortnight or a month .

You will have to keep a record of your progress ( spiritual daily diary ) . You must watch carefully whether you are progressing in the spiritual path , whether you remain stationary or retrograding , whether the mind is distracted or concentrated .

If it is distracted , you must remove the distracting causes one by one with patience and vigilance by suitable methods . If one method fails to bring about the desired results , you will have to combine two methods ( the Yogic methods and Vichara ) .

Remember the triplet , viz , self analysis , self reliance , self determination . It will be of immense use in your spiritual Sadhana . Analyse your self through introspection . Find out the nature of your Vrittis . Find out what Guna ( quality ) is predominating at a particular moment , whether it is Sattva , Rajas or Tamas .

How long can the mind be absolutely fixed on your Lakshya ( point of meditation ) either GOD , BRAHMAN , idea or object , whether internal or external ?

How long can the mind be fixed on the object , rose and rose alone to the exclusion of all other objects . whether two seconds or two minutes or five minutes or half an hour ?

This is self analysis . Rely on your self alone . You are your own redeemer and saviour .

Nobody can give you Moksha .

You will have to tread the spiritual path step by step . Books and Gurus can show the path and guide you . This is self reliance .

Make a strong self determination , " I will realise GOD . I will have Atma-Sakshatkara or BRAHMANubhava this very moment and not in the uncertain future . " This is self determination .

Wordlings have no time to think over even for a few minutes the life problems , the mystery of life , etc .

They get up in the morning . Their minds usually run to the special objects of enjoyment on account of Raga . Their mental energies are poured forth in the usual grooves and avenues . in thoughts of body , thoughts of eating and dressing , thoughts of spouse , children , friends and also thoughts of office work and business ; and thus , the day is over .

The same routine follows day after day , week after week . Years roll on and life is wasted . It is highly lamentable , indeed !

Only one who does Manana ( reflection ) and introspection through Antarmukha Vritti can change one's worldly nature .

In one only the idea of BRAHMAN can get permanently lodged .



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