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RAMABITES | PART 01 | BITE00001 | RAMA राम

❝ It is a " sin " not to say " I AM GOD " .  ❞  RAMA राम

❝ Say you are GOD . Go on the top of the house at the dead of night and proclaim " I AM GOD " — O human ! Get up and rise and say " I AMGOD " . ❞ RAMA राम

❝ I come , Blazing Light ! And the shadows must flee . ❞ RAMA राम

❝ Why cant these people find GOD ? Call them , let them come to Rama , GOD is found ! ❞ RAMA राम

RAMABITES | PART 01 | BITE00002 | RAMA राम

People ask , are you GOD , am I GOD ?

No , no ; GOD cannot be divided , GOD cannot be cut , GOD cannot be rent asunder , GOD cannot be scissored .

You are no part of GOD ; if GOD is Infinite , then you must be the whole GOD , not a part of GOD .

RAMABITES | PART 01 | BITE00003 | RAMA राम

Rise to the GOD-Consciousness to such a degree that for you your past relations may become a complete blank .

You must look at the world from an entirely new standpoint . You cannot mix the two standpoints .

It cannot be that you look at certain phenomena from a worldly standpoint and regard other circumstances or phenomena from the new standpoint.

Let your standpoint be entirely changed , look at everything as GOD , as Divinity .

Your relation to the world should become the relation of GOD to the world ; an entire change .

RAMABITES | PART 01 | BITE00004 | RAMA राम

No calamity is ever worse than the dread of the calamity .
You would rather suffer death than harbour fear of death .

RAMABITES | PART 01 | BITE00005 | RAMA राम

Let the sun of true Knowledge rise in full glory , and lo ! the sins and evils vanish along with the darkness .

The path of Truth alone is to be treaded . In the face of the sun's light , the light of ordinary lamps cannot be perceptible .

An enlightened one , in whom the sun of Truth shines in full glory , can never be attracted towards the feeble lamp of sensual pleasures .

RAMABITES | PART 01 | BITE00006 | RAMA राम

These modern inventions etc , look grand and sparkling . These are innovative .

But , when ignorance ( of the Reality ) is removed , these so-called progressive inventions look as insignificant .

RAMABITES | PART 01 | BITE00007 | RAMA राम

There is no doubt that the scientific investigators are like the guiding stars in the firmament of fame and reputation .

They do guide persons straying in the dark night of gross ignorance , and with the help of their light , they do keep the passengers away from muddy and marshy ground .

That is true , but when the Sun of Divine Knowledge rises , the stars lose their light , disappear in the sky and lose all value .

RAMABITES | PART 01 | BITE00008 | RAMA राम

O my friend ! You have already learnt how to illuminate your dark rooms with artificial light and chandeliers .

But unfortunately , why do you hesitate to make use of your own Sun , the Divine Knowledge — Brahma Vidya ?

RAMABITES | PART 01 | BITE00009 | RAMA राम

Do not be subservient to egoistic passions .
Shun the idea of your separate entity .

RAMABITES | PART 01 | BITE00010 | RAMA राम

Under the impulse of ego , neither degrade yourself , nor consider GOD as finite or other than yourself .

RAMABITES | PART 01 | BITE00011 | RAMA राम

The greatest misconception all the world over is that the Self ( Soul ) which is beyond mind and intellect , is being put into the same category as sense objects .

The Soul is free of attributes . But due to ignorance , they treat It as having attributes .

RAMABITES | PART 01 | BITE00012 | RAMA राम

Let the little self be flung into Infinity .

May you wake up to your oneness with Light and Love ( Sat-Chit-Ananda ) and immediately the central Bliss will commence springing forth from you in the shape of happy heroic work in both wisdom and virtue .

This is inspired life , this is your birthright .

RAMABITES | PART 01 | BITE00013 | RAMA राम

Rise above names and forms , and give up the limitations of body , mind and intellect , to become All Knowledge , All Bliss and All Energy .

RAMABITES | PART 01 | BITE00014 | RAMA राम

Reality is not confined to any part of human existence , it is the human existence which is a part of Reality .

The Reality is an endless ocean in which human beings are like waves .

That Reality is named Atma in the Hindu scriptures . It is All-pervading and Omnipresent .

RAMABITES | PART 01 | BITE00015 | RAMA राम

So long as you keep your eyes on the phenomena , you will never be emancipated from worldly sufferings , and you will never get peace .

If you really want to free yourself from distractions and worries , you have to turn to the centre , the noumenon .

RAMABITES | PART 01 | BITE00016 | RAMA राम

The worldly knowledge is like the light of lantern , the sphere of which is very small .

It may throw light on the articles within its limited sphere , but this itself is surrounded by a very big sphere of darkness .

No sooner the light of worldly knowledge advances than the darkness of ignorance of other subjects appears before you .

RAMABITES | PART 01 | BITE00017 | RAMA राम

The field of knowledge has , no doubt , increased , but , the field of the unknown remains enormous and widespread .

RAMABITES | PART 01 | BITE00018 | RAMA राम

Empirical sciences can be compared to the efforts of Duhshasan and the Reality to Draupadi of Mahabharata , an Indian epic .

Duhshasan wanted to uncover Draupadi by taking away the garments .

RAMABITES | PART 01 | BITE00019 | RAMA राम

Empirical science is similarly an attempt to uncover the mysteries of Nature and find out the Reality .

But , when one secret is revealed , others ever remain to be unmasked .

RAMABITES | PART 01 | BITE00020 | RAMA राम

Just as Draupadi could not be undressed , the Reality too can never be unmasked .

There were so many layers after layers of Draupadi's garment , that poor Duhshasan got tired and had to admit that veils after veils are removed , yet there remains veils upon veils behind .

So is the case with the empirical sciences . You may go on making researches , but you will find that there is no end to them .

Nature is limitless like Draupadi's garment .

RAMABITES | PART 01 | BITE00021 | RAMA राम

It is natural for the mineral , vegetable or the animal rulerdoms to be instinctive , as compared with the human beings who are rational .

Therefore , wherever there is any obstacle , it is quite natural for the lower animals , who have no rationality , to resort to struggle in the process of their Evolution .

RAMABITES | PART 01 | BITE00022 | RAMA राम

But this struggle is not the real cause of their evolution . It is an obstacle .

For example , when a vehicle runs , friction is caused , but this friction is not helpful in its smooth running .

So is the case of the animals . Whenever they see an obstacle , they resort to bloody struggle .

But this bloody struggle is not at the root of their Evolution .

RAMABITES | PART 01 | BITE00023 | RAMA राम

Accordingly to the Aryan Philosophy , humans , being rational , are more free to act independently than other creatures .

It is because of this freedom to act that humans are held responsible for their actions and deeds .

RAMABITES | PART 01 | BITE00024 | RAMA राम

In humans , the inner Power is to expand ( evolve ) .

The opposition to this power represents animalism ( irrationalism ) which is still present in humans .

RAMABITES | PART 01 | BITE00025 | RAMA राम

The wars and bloody struggles are the result of their irrationalism and ignorance .

But the cause of their Evolution is their inner Power already latent in them .

RAMABITES | PART 01 | BITE00026 | RAMA राम

Please see that it is wrong to conclude that the process of Evolution is through struggle including bloody wars and unhealthy competition .

RAMABITES | PART 01 | BITE00027 | RAMA राम

No sweets is better than the Real Freedom . The sweets ( of liberty ) kept in the pocket ( of this body ) will not remove hunger .

Utilize this liberty to free yourself from the bondage of desires , passions , emotions etc .

If you grant freedom to your senses or sense organs , you will be ruined .

RAMABITES | PART 01 | BITE00028 | RAMA राम

Dear young persons ! Do you really desire freedom ?

If so , please do consider whether you require it for your own self , or to satisfy your mean desires and passions .

The fact is that you want freedom for your own self , but , mistakenly , you give it to others .

RAMABITES | PART 01 | BITE00029 | RAMA राम

If your desires , passions and emotions are left uncontrolled , you will have to bear the brunt for good .

RAMABITES | PART 01 | BITE00030 | RAMA राम

Unless Love builds the house , they labour in vain , who build it .

RAMABITES | PART 01 | BITE00031 | RAMA राम

It is true that the miracles of genius were always miracles of labour ,
but what seems painful labour from the standpoint of others was always a most enjoyable play in the eyes of genius oneself .

RAMABITES | PART 01 | BITE00032 | RAMA राम

That lifeless , insipid work which I ( personal ego ) have to labour out , I better leave alone .

If the work does not do itself through you as an efflux of the Soul , your strained exertion furnishes but a poor excuse for doing it .

RAMABITES | PART 01 | BITE00033 | RAMA राम

Those persons whose thoughts are not yet mature are like tender plants . They are fit neither to be cut nor to be used as fuel .

Just as , if there is no wool on the body of a sheep , we cannot usefully utilize it .

The immature persons have to be allowed to develop maturity by following the path of righteous living in order to purify their hearts .

RAMABITES | PART 01 | BITE00034 | RAMA राम

Let them first taste the results of their actions and , realize the unreality of the worldly attractions .

They will automatically turn towards the right path of renunciation and knowledge .

RAMABITES | PART 01 | BITE00035 | RAMA राम

You know that the plant will grow according to the quality of its seed .

RAMABITES | PART 01 | BITE00036 | RAMA राम

Firstly , you treat yourself to be different from what you really are . You are virtually committing suicide .

You think yourself to be confined to your body alone , which you are certainly not .

Secondly , you presume GOD to be something quite different from the all-pervading Reality , treating IT as something personal , finite and limited and other than your real self .

This is not the way to realize Truth .

RAMABITES | PART 01 | BITE00037 | RAMA राम

Of course , you have first to understand what you really are and then alone you will be able to realize GOD .

You will , then , instantly enjoy the sweetness of eternal bliss and attain perfect equanimity . All your doubts will , then , be cleared .

RAMABITES | PART 01 | BITE00038 | RAMA राम

The names and the attributes that so and so , holding one degree or the other , belonging to this caste or that , engaged in this occupation or that , resident of this place or that , etc , do not constitute you .

In Vedanta this is known as ego . You are not this egoistic self . Your ego is not the Atma ( the Self ) .

Your ego is , in fact , an obstacle in realising GOD .

RAMABITES | PART 01 | BITE00039 | RAMA राम

When the Self-realized person says I AM GOD it does not mean little self nor does it mean personal GOD ( finite and having qualities ) .

Not understanding the true impact of the assertion , the common person takes it as a sin .

RAMABITES | PART 01 | BITE00040 | RAMA राम

Pride of the little self is not your real Self .

RAMABITES | PART 01 | BITE00041 | RAMA राम

What Vedanta aims at is the eradication of this sense of meum et tuum ( mine and thine ) and to make you rise above your ego .

RAMABITES | PART 01 | BITE00042 | RAMA राम

The rays of your consciousness , emanating from your eyes , create the diverse objects .

The waves of your creative power produce voices both sweet and bitter .

RAMABITES | PART 01 | BITE00043 | RAMA राम

O , the Support of the high and the low ! the morning breeze fortified by your power blows about sportingly .

The flames of fire may burn wood and stone but they do not harm fire itself .

RAMABITES | PART 01 | BITE00044 | RAMA राम

The wrath of an Emperor may cause terror among the ministers and courtiers but the Emperor is never afraid of the Emperor's own glory .

The roar of a lion and the challenging demeanour of the valiant , the sharpness of a sword , the hiss of a serpent , the reprimand of a priest , and the scolding of a presiding judge are Your glorious manifestations .

Why should one get panic stricken by them ? Why would one waiver ?

RAMABITES | PART 01 | BITE00045 | RAMA राम

Ultimately , you will solve this puzzle of circles and see the light of the straight line .

You will , thereafter , realise the real Truth .

But mind you . Never allow yourself to be entangled in the loops of the circles , else you are doomed .

RAMABITES | PART 01 | BITE00046 | RAMA राम

According to Ramanujacharya , the Power to evolve is present in the lower stages like a contracted spring which is set to expand .

This latent power to expand is the cause of Evolution .

The causes responsible to hold it in the contracted condition are the sins .

The factors which necessitate and enable its expansion are the virtues .

The latent inner power to expand is the root cause of Evolution .

Wherever this is oppressed , even due to ignorance , struggle and pain are exhibited .

RAMABITES | PART 01 | BITE00047 | RAMA राम

The rider sat on a sturdy , energetic and untrained horse which had just been brought fresh from the jungle .

The rider first tightly tied to this horse , so as not to fall down , and then it was lashed .

RAMABITES | PART 01 | BITE00048 | RAMA राम

The horse was already very healthy and active and , on being struck , it dashed off , clearing the trenches and the hurdles , jumping across the rivulets and the deserts and crossing the most difficult terrain in no time .

RAMABITES | PART 01 | BITE00049 | RAMA राम

Poor rider ! being tossed up and down on the horse and getting anxious about the safety of the life . What a strange ride is it !

Even the enemy may not have to face such a dangerous situation .

The body of the rider was bleeding with scratches , trembling with nervousness and badly perspiring .

There seemed to be no end to this perilous journey . The destination was far out of sight . The rider was really damned .

RAMABITES | PART 01 | BITE00050 | RAMA राम

According to a couplet : The heart is coming out in the form of tears of blood .

Fie upon such a freedom which is nothing but the very cause of one's ruination .

RAMABITES | PART 01 | BITE00051 | RAMA राम

Saint is one who is ever imbued with Divine Knowledge , so much so that one has no pride left , not even of being a saint .

The whole world is enlightened by one's Divine Light , so as to illume the path of progress .

RAMABITES | PART 01 | BITE00052 | RAMA राम

It is enough for those who have already taken to saintly life to remain in close contact with those of Divine Knowledge .

The mere company of such ones is sure to make them real saints .

RAMABITES | PART 01 | BITE00053 | RAMA राम


( 1 ) Ponder over the elevated and sublime teachings of the Upanishads , Bhagwat Geeta and other religious books like Bible , Al-Quran
and to practise their teachings in daily life .

( 2 ) Be in constant company of saints who are spiritually evolved persons
and persons of wisdom and knowledge who can inspire peace and tranquility within you .

( 3 ) Make sincere efforts , at least five times a day , to remove ignorance and sinful ideas from our hearts .

In other words , we should realise ourselves to be above body , mind and intellect and shift our mental abode from the screen of worldly attachments and selfish desires to the flower garden of Reality .

RAMABITES | PART 01 | BITE00054 | RAMA राम

We should live in Divinity and meditate on such Divine thoughts , such as — I am the Sun , the effulgent Sun .

The particles of dust get colour and brilliance from Me .

The source of celestial talk is My word . The spring of Divine Light is My sight .

RAMABITES | PART 01 | BITE00055 | RAMA राम

There might be none to talk to one , but no sooner than one shuts down the windows of the eyes , the Beloved quietly enters the heart and one is completely lost in meditation to enjoy the true delight or spiritual bliss .

RAMABITES | PART 01 | BITE00056 | RAMA राम

A true hero loves engagement as ever a lover wooed one's sweetheart .

RAMABITES | PART 01 | BITE00057 | RAMA राम

In case of death in the field , you bring glory to heaven or Truth ( ie , advance the cause of Evolution and Cosmic Progress by letting the fittest survive ) , and in case of victory also , you let the real Power , Truth shine though you .

RAMABITES | PART 01 | BITE00058 | RAMA राम

In reality you are the Truth that conquers and not this body or that which is consumed in the strife . You are ever victorious .

RAMABITES | PART 01 | BITE00059 | RAMA राम

As Truth self , shine , shine , shine forth as energy of Life .

RAMABITES | PART 01 | BITE00060 | RAMA राम

The true gauge of success being spiritual growth , and not outward gain or loss ; defeat is a glorious as victory .

RAMABITES | PART 01 | BITE00061 | RAMA राम

Do you call all this Freedom ? No . It is not freedom .
It is like the restlessness of a ball in the playground .

If the horse is out of control , the rider is imprisoned and one weeps for one's life .

Is the horse of the sense organs is beyond your control , there is no hope for you . You are sure to fall , break your head and die .

An uncontrolled horse is dangerous .
You may have to lose your very life .

RAMABITES | PART 01 | BITE00062 | RAMA राम

Dear Friend ! If you want real freedom , you should not allow freedom to your  senses , the snakes in your sleeves .

Only that one is free , who can exercise control over one's mind and desires .

RAMABITES | PART 01 | BITE00063 | RAMA राम

It is only the Divine knowledge which can grant Real Freedom or Salvation .

RAMABITES | PART 01 | BITE00064 | RAMA राम

If the law and the ethics curb the cosmical or competitive process , Vedanta teaches us to root it out forever .

Ethically , you have to Love your neighbour like your own self .

Vedanta proclaims the Truth boldly that you and your neighbours are one and the same .

RAMABITES | PART 01 | BITE00065 | RAMA राम

I am That , I am That . I am That .
Whenever you see you see Me alone .

RAMABITES | PART 01 | BITE00066 | RAMA राम

Why should one lose one's precious peace of mind , be angry or annoyed , at the transitory happenings of this world .

RAMABITES | PART 01 | BITE00067 | RAMA राम

Alif in Arabic means , thousand , but Alif ( A Persian Alphabet equivalent to A in English ) is only one .

There are thousands of waves in ocean , but the ocean is only one .

RAMABITES | PART 01 | BITE00068 | RAMA राम

The best form of religion is to do away with egoism , to merge in the Universal Self to such an extent as to be oblivious of the little self .

RAMABITES | PART 01 | BITE00069 | RAMA राम

Not only the individual oneself or a particular country but the whole world , nay , the whole Universe shall be benefited through one by one's absorption in the Real Self .

Springs of peace , power , bliss and cheerfulness shall burst forth and the pleasant aura of felicity and energy shall radiate from the religious one .

RAMABITES | PART 01 | BITE00070 | RAMA राम

The Sun of FREEDOM shines both on the high peaks of the sacred Himalayas , covered with snow , and the dirty waters in ditches and ponds .

When this LIGHT penetrates the strong prison walls , the unbreakable steel chains fall to pieces .

RAMABITES | PART 01 | BITE00071 | RAMA राम

The power of safe and accurate response to external conditions is the essential feature of sanity .

Inability to adopt action to need is a character of insanity .

RAMABITES | PART 01 | BITE00072 | RAMA राम

Might is no more right . Humans have to change the animalism into humanism of Right is Might .

RAMABITES | PART 01 | BITE00073 | RAMA राम

Give up antiquated ideas and try to advance on the path of progress for peaceful coexistence .

If progress is dependent on bloody wars and exploitations , humanity does not need it .

As against cruel selfishness and self-aggrandizement , moral science teaches us to practice selflessness and self-denial .

Instead of crushing all the rivals and the fellow-beings under your heels , the moral science orders you to serve all .

RAMABITES | PART 01 | BITE00074 | RAMA राम

Goodness and fellow-feeling forbid you to let only the fittest survive .

Instead , they demand of you magnanimity to accommodate as many as possible .

RAMABITES | PART 01 | BITE00075 | RAMA राम

Ethics is against the gladiatorial principle of life . Law and ethics are means to minimize cosmical or competitive process .

RAMABITES | PART 01 | BITE00076 | RAMA राम

There is no differentiation in the underlying unity of the Self .

Seemingly , there may be millions of people to read this article , but there is only one RAMA who is pervading :

It is Self alone who is connected with all . Self writes Itself and also reads Itself .

RAMABITES | PART 01 | BITE00077 | RAMA राम

Blessed are those who have , like a child , attained freedom from dualism and become Knowledge incarnate , after crossing the hurdles of all stages since their childhood .

It is aptly said : The purpose of life in the end was the same as it was in the beginning .

RAMABITES | PART 01 | BITE00078 | RAMA राम

Religion itself is its own goal . It is the goal of all the goals . It is the final aim and object to be achieved and realized .

Without practising the righteousness of religion consciously or unconsciously , in our daily life , it is impossible for us to achieve any success , prosperity , progress , peace , power , health , knowledge , art , grace , or any blessing whatsoever .

RAMABITES | PART 01 | BITE00079 | RAMA राम

One attains success only when one pursues , knowingly or unknowingly , the path of religion in one's thoughts and actions .

RAMABITES | PART 01 | BITE00080 | RAMA राम

Wisdom and learning are not identical .
They are not always on speaking terms .

Learning looks backward to the past .
Wisdom looks toward the future .

Wisdom has been defined as knowing what
one ought to do next . Virtue is doing it .

Wisdom without virtue is a weariness of the flesh .

RAMABITES | PART 01 | BITE00081 | RAMA राम

But as volition passes out into action , and science into art , knowledge into power , so does wisdom into virtue .

Where thought does not go over into action and precept into practice , there results mental dyspepsia or spiritual constipation .

RAMABITES | PART 01 | BITE00082 | RAMA राम

It does not behove one to intimidate or exploit the weak to gratify one's appetite , without any regard for others .

This is not the civilized way of life .

RAMABITES | PART 01 | BITE00083 | RAMA राम

There can be no difference between utterance and action .

RAMABITES | PART 01 | BITE00084 | RAMA राम

Religion is the final goal of creation and existence of the Universe .

Religion helps us directly to experience the true Reality behind all names and forms in the Universe .

RAMABITES | PART 01 | BITE00085 | RAMA राम

Our thoughts , words and deeds will not remain tied to the limitations of our body , mind and intellect .

These will be free in consonance with the unlimited universal Self .

RAMABITES | PART 01 | BITE00086 | RAMA राम

Religion is that advanced stage of mind , in which peace , felicity , spiritual bliss , Satya-guna ( Truth , equanimity and cheerfulness ) , large-heartedness , universal love , power and knowledge of Self become spontaneous and natural .

These qualities will be obvious by following the path of Religion .

RAMABITES | PART 01 | BITE00087 | RAMA राम

Intense Work Is Rest . | Make All Your Work Sacred .

RAMABITES | PART 01 | BITE00088 | RAMA राम

While at work , between whiles , devote spare interval of a moment or so to the thought that there is but one reality , GOD , ThySelf .

As to the body etc , you never had anything to do with it .

You are simply a witness , you have nothing to do with the consequences or the result .

RAMABITES | PART 01 | BITE00089 | RAMA राम

My cup is the hemisphere of heavens and the sparkling light my wine .

RAMABITES | PART 01 | BITE00090 | RAMA राम

Your highest duty in the world laid upon your shoulders by GOD ( your religious duty ) is to keep yourself joyful .

Your social duty , the demand of neighbors , is to keep yourself well pleased , peaceful .

The duty having the greatest claim on you from domestic relations is to keep yourself cheerful .

Your duty to yourself demands of you again to keep yourself happy in all states .

RAMABITES | PART 01 | BITE00091 | RAMA राम

Be true to yourself and never mind anything else in the world .

All other things are bound to bow down to you , yet what does it matter to you whether they bow down or not , you are happy by yourself !

RAMABITES | PART 01 | BITE00092 | RAMA राम

To be dejected and gloomy , is a religious , social , political , and domestic crime ; and this is the only crime you can commit , this is the only crime which is at the root of all other crimes , falls , and sins .

RAMABITES | PART 01 | BITE00093 | RAMA राम

Be full of serenity and dispassionate tranquillity , and you will find that all your surroundings and environments will of course and of force adjust themselves aright .

RAMABITES | PART 01 | BITE00094 | RAMA राम

It is not your duty to worry or hurry about any business .

Your only occupation or duty is to keep yourself self-contained , self-poised and self-pleased .

No duty upon us , no burden upon our shoulders . You have no responsibility to anybody but to yourself .

RAMABITES | PART 01 | BITE00095 | RAMA राम

You are a heinous criminal to yourself if you violate this most sacred law of cheerfulness and peace .

RAMABITES | PART 01 | BITE00096 | RAMA राम

When you get up early in the morning address to yourself always in Supreme happiness . The only duty you have to do is this .

RAMABITES | PART 01 | BITE00097 | RAMA राम

This does not mean that you have to shirk other work or neglect other household employments .

These things you may feel as secondary matters of play and these things you will have to do because your spiritual health will demand of you to be doing something .

While doing anything remember that the so-called material work in hand is quite immaterial .

RAMABITES | PART 01 | BITE00098 | RAMA राम

The really bounden duty for you is to keep yourself self-pleased .

Have joy of GOD in you — right now and the joy of success must gravitate towards you . That is The Law .

RAMABITES | PART 01 | BITE00099 | RAMA राम

Denial , according to Vedanta , is perfect relaxation , relief , rest , renunciation .

Whenever you can spare time , just throw down your body on the chair or bedstead as if you never carried that burden or weight and you had nothing to do with it and it were quite as much a stranger to you as any piece of rock .

Let the body lie down for a while stretched like a dead carcass , altogether unsupported by your strained will or thought .

Let the mind be relaxed of all care and anxiety for the body or anything .
Give up and deny all desire , ambition or expectation .

This is denial or relaxation .

RAMABITES | PART 01 | BITE00100 | RAMA राम

Let your property rest on the ground and not weigh down your heart .
GODHEAD . Make GOD's will your own .

Defend GOD's purpose as if it were your purpose whether for weal or for woe .
Feel yourself above the body and its environments , above the mind and its motives , above the world and its opinions .

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