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Why is it that the entire world is under the grip of some kind of trouble , trial or tribulation ?

The root cause of all these sufferings is that they do not follow Truth in reality .

The one who cares to follow Truth , does not mind the adversity of circumstances , but faces it boldly with firm faith in GOD .

Such a person feels happiness and gratification within oneself and remains carefree , contented and at ease .

One who is righteous and truthful can fearlessly stand on one's own legs .

There is a saying :

" Follow Truth , be just and you can roam about anywhere fearlessly and with ease . "

In other words , one who follows Truth , becomes fearless , is not afraid of anything , even death .

While the one who does not instill and imbibe Truth in life , will , without fail , remain worried and come to grief .

This is the infallible and unerring Law of Nature .

In North India there is a custom to occasionally arrange for the Pooja of Satya Narain ( Worship of Truth GOD ) .

But hardly a few grasp the true significance of this glorified service .

People attend it as a mere customary ritual .

O , my dear ones , GOD is Truth and Truth is GOD .

To follow Truth in one's daily life is the real service to GOD .

The usual pledge taken on the occasion of the Pooja of Satya Narain , Truth GOD , is to follow the path of Truth .

Whosoever implements Truth in one's life has all troubles and tribulations , woes and worries destroyed , and one leads a laudable life of peace , plenty and prosperity .

This is the Prasad or the blessings , which one is granted by Truth GOD , Satya Narain .

Truth is Eternal . Truth is the only Reality .

Therefore , only Truth is the real Religion , which one should adopt in one's daily life .

Truth does away with all your weaknesses and makes you invincible .

It helps you advance successfully on the path of evolution , the Realization of Self .