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Suffice it to say that the whole issue before us is to what extent we are able to unify ourselves with another thing .

There is always something which is another — conceptually , physically or socially . Can this so-called another become us only ? There we see the whole sea merges into a confluence of one big mass of experience .

This requires a very strong will , real determination , honesty of purpose , dispassion at the core based on proper understanding , intellectual sharpness , poise of reason , and total dedication . If this is there , we will get everything .

This is very difficult unless you have freed yourself from all external desires , all humdrum activity and distractions , passions and desires , anger , greed , lust .

If these are inside you , in the subconscious mind , samadhi is not possible . It will be merely a world of talk , and nothing can come out , because who can think like this ?

Can you go beyond the idea of space and time ?

Can you think in a cosmic form ?

Can you imagine that you are in a transcendental state , in the apex of the universe ?

Can anybody think like that ?

If you can think like that , you are in a state of liberation .

Who can bind you , when the binding factor has become part of your consciousness ?

Dacoits cannot harm you because the dacoits have gone inside , in the mind itself , and the mind is controlling them . This is a difficult ; a great feat of imagination is necessary , and tremendous will power .

You must be totally dispassionate . You want it 100% , and want it only , and

" I dont want anything else . It must come . This is so . I have determined . "

Like Buddha sitting under the tree : let the flesh melt and the bones break , but Buddha would not get up from that place until enlightenment ; such a thing Buddha decided .

But the world is a hard thing — you must know that . The world is a hard thing . Though you may say it is like this and like that , it is not going to listen to your discourses .

" I will tell you " , it will say ; but you must be stronger than that . You must superimpose yourself and pose yourself above the point from where this trouble arises .

In a way you may say that you may have to sit in heaven itself , on the apex of heaven ; you are sitting at that very point where the Absolute is sitting .

How you can think like that ?

This is a power of strong imagination . Can any one of you think that you are on the topmost , pre-Big bang condition of eternity , where GOD is supposed to have existed ?

Oh ! You will shudder ; your body will melt ; your mind will stop thinking . This is GOD thinking , if you want to call it so .

This is Samadhi .



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