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Kanthavarodharomanchasrubhih parasparam lapamanah pavayanti kulani prithivimcha

1. When devotees talk of GOD , their voices choke , tears flow from their eyes , their hair stands erect in ecstasy . Such as these purify not only their families but this whole earth on which they are born .

2. Conversing among one another with throats choked , hair standing on end , and tears flowing , the Lord's intimate servants purify their own followers and the whole world .

3. When ( they ) with throats choked with emotion , body covered with horripulation and tears flowing down , converse with each other in broken words , they sanctify their family and tribe , nay , the very earth itself they come to glorify .

COMMENTARY ( Swami Chinmayananda ) :

Voice choked with Devotion , spoken-words , not rising above a whisper , lisp out from a heart gurgling with boundless Love — in this way alone can these Bhaktas speak of the great Love they have for the Divine .

The joyous Ecstasy that intoxicates their minds when they remember their Lord and ITs glories , compels their bodies to tremble with horripilations , their hairs to stand on end — and the very atmosphere around them comes to overflow with their maddening joy and dancing peace .

When such Lovers of the Lord meet , to speak of the Divine among themselves , various are the ways of their unique language of communication .

Their physical bodies " explode " with the pressure created within by the surging emotion of Love .

With tears flowing from their eyes , their voices faltering with emotion , they hug each other and dance in rapture , for their hearts have melted at the feet of the Lord to be One with the Infinite .

Actually they know not how to express ; they cannot .

By the time they cry out to each other the name of the Lord , they are already weeping in joy , because they get transported into a state of unspeakable , silent Bliss .

Their sense of individuality mysteriously gets volatilized to leave but the Lord alone in them .

Who speaks ; Who expresses — What ?

It is not necessary that such people do anything for the world declares Narada .

Such chaste ones glorify , even sanctify , not only their families , not only their community , but " the very earth itself is purified by their presence " .

Why ? Because such Bhaktas who have reached the peaks of evolution and perfection both of their Love for the Lord , who have discovered the Infinitude in themselves , whose physical body is breaking up , as it were , by the Infinite Experience flooding through this finite , limited little dust-piece of matter — when a few of such Supreme Devotees sit together , speaking of the glories of the Infinitude , the whole world is Blest .



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