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THE light of the sun , the moon , and the stars shines bright :
The melody of love swells forth , and the rhythm of love's detachment beats the time .
Day and night , the chorus of music fills the heavens ; and

Kabîr says : " My Beloved One gleams like the lightning flash in the sky . "

Do you know how the moments perform their adoration ?
Waving its row of lamps , the universe sings in worship day and night ,
There are the hidden banner and the secret canopy :
There the sound of the unseen bells is heard .

Kabîr says : " There adoration never ceases ; there the Lord of the Universe sitteth on Throne . "

The whole world does its works and commits its errors : but few are the lovers who know the Beloved .
The devout seeker is one who mingles in one's heart the double currents of love and detachment ,
like the mingling of the streams of Ganges and Jumna ;
In one's heart the sacred water flows day and night ; and thus the round of births and deaths is brought to an end .

Behold what wonderful rest is in the Supreme Spirit ! and one enjoys it , who makes oneself meet for it .
Held by the cords of love , the swing of the Ocean of Joy sways to and fro ;
and a mighty sound breaks forth in song .
See what a lotus blooms there without water ! and

Kabîr says : " My heart's bee drinks its nectar . "

What a wonderful lotus it is , that blooms at the heart of the spinning wheel of the universe !
Only a few pure souls know of its true delight .
Music is all around it , and there the heart partakes of the joy of the Infinite Sea .

Kabîr says : " Dive thou into that Ocean of sweetness : thus let all errors of life and of death flee away . "

Behold how the thirst of the five senses is quenched there ! and the three forms of misery are no more !

Kabîr says : " It is the sport of the Unattainable One : look within , and behold how the moon-beams of that Hidden One shine in you . "

There falls the rhythmic beat of life and death :
Rapture wells forth , and all space is radiant with light .
There the Unstruck Music is sounded ; it is the music of the love of the three worlds .
There millions of lamps of sun and of moon are burning ;
There the drum beats , and the lover swings in play .
There love-songs resound , and light rains in showers ;
and the worshipper is entranced in the taste of the heavenly nectar .
Look upon life and death ; there is no separation between them ,
The right hand and the left hand are one and the same .

Kabîr says : " There the wise one is speechless ; for this truth may never be found in Vedas or in books . "

I have had my Seat on the Self-poised One ,
I have drunk of the Cup of the Ineffable ,
I have found the Key of the Mystery ,
I have reached the Root of Union .
Travelling by no track , I have come to the Sorrowless Land :
very easily has the mercy of the great Lord come upon me .
They have sung of the Lord as infinite and unattainable : but I in my meditations have seen the Lord without sight .
That is indeed the sorrowless land , and none know the path that leads there :
Only one who is on that path has surely transcended all sorrow .
Wonderful is that land of rest , to which no merit can win ;
It is the wise who has seen it , it is the wise who has sung of it .
This is the Ultimate Word : but can any express its marvellous savour ?
One who has savoured it once , one knows what joy it can give .

Kabîr says : " Knowing it , the ignorant one becomes wise , and the wise one becomes speechless and silent ,
The worshipper is utterly inebriated ,
One's wisdom and one's detachment are made perfect ;
One drinks from the cup of the inbreathings and the outbreathings of love . "

There the whole sky is filled with sound , and there that music is made without fingers and without strings ;
There the game of pleasure and pain does not cease .

Kabîr says : " If you merge your life in the Ocean of Life , you will find your life in the Supreme Land of Bliss . "

What a frenzy of ecstasy there is in every hour !

and the worshipper is pressing out and drinking the essence of the hours : one lives in the life of Brahma .
I speak truth , for I have accepted truth in life ; I am now attached to truth , I have swept all tinsel away .

Kabîr says : " Thus is the worshipper set free from fear ; thus have all errors of life and of death left . "

There the sky is filled with music :
There it rains nectar :
There the harp-strings jingle , and there the drums beat .
What a secret splendour is there , in the mansion of the sky !
There no mention is made of the rising and the setting of the sun ;
In the ocean of manifestation , which is the light of love , day and night are felt to be one .
Joy for ever , no sorrow , — no struggle !
There have I seen joy filled to the brim , perfection of joy ;
No place for error is there .

Kabîr says : " There have I witnessed the sport of One Bliss ! "

I have known in my body the sport of the universe : I have escaped from the error of this world .
The inward and the outward are become as one sky , the Infinite and the finite are united :
I am drunken with the sight of this All !
This Light of Thine fulfils the universe : the lamp of love that burns on the salver of knowledge .

Kabîr says : " There error cannot enter , and the conflict of life and death is felt no more . "



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