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Madaalsa , an Indian ruler's spouse took a vow of seeing that all the children were perfect , Taking the vow of making all the children free from transmigration .

Madaalsa also took the vow of making all the territories filled with people of realization , with GOD-humans . Madaalsa also wanted to make all the subjects GOD-humans .

This was one vow by one person , and it was successful . Madaalsa's offspring were GOD-humans , they were Krishnas , Buddhas , Philosophical people , people of renunciation , and they ruled the whole community ; all the subjects were made free .

One person did that ; and what was the process ?

Madaalsa used to sing to the children while very young , used to sing to the children while nursing them at the bosom , used to instill into them with the milk , the milk of Divine wisdom . The milk of Vedanta Madaalsa drilled into them while rocking the cradle , while sanging the lullaby to them as follows :



|| 1 ||

Sleep , baby , Sleep !
No sobs , no cries , ne'er weep ,
Rest undisturbed , all fears fling ,
To praise Thee all the angels sing .
Arbiter of riches , beauty , and gifts ,
Thy innocent Atman governs and lifts .
Sleep , baby , Sleep .

|| 2 ||

Soft roses , silvery dew-drops sweet ,
Honey , fragrance , zephyrs , genial heat ,
Melodious , warbling notes , so dear ,
And all that pleases eye or ear ,
Comes from Thy heavenly , blissful home ;
Pure , pure Thou art , untainted OM
Sleep , baby , Sleep .

|| 3 ||

No foes , no fear , no danger , none ,
Can touch Thee , O Eternal One !
Sweet , lovely , tender , gentle , calm ,
Of sleep Thy Atman doth embalm .
Thyself doth raise the spangled dome
Of starry heavens , O darling OM !
Sleep , baby , Sleep .

|| 4 ||

The sun and moon The playing balls ,
The rainbow arch bedecks Thy Halls ,
The milky ways for Thee to walk ,
The clouds , when meet , of Thee they talk ;
The spheres , Thy dolls , sing , dance and roam ,
They praise Thee OM , OM Tat Sat OM !
Sleep , baby , Sleep .

|| 5 ||

In lilies and violets , lakes and brooks ,
How sweet Thy sleeping beauty looks .
Let time and space , the blankets warm ,
Roll off Thy face by sleeping arm ,
Look half askance as baby lies ,
Dear naughty one with laughing eyes !
Sleep , baby , Sleep .

|| 6 ||

The shrill , sharp echoes of cuckoos ,
Are whistles , rattles , Thou doth choose .
The sparrows , winds and all the stars ,
Are beautiful toys and baby's cars .
The world is but Thy playful dream ,
It is in Thee , tho' outside seem ,
Sleep , baby , Sleep .

|| 7 ||

O wakeful home of rest and sleep !
O active source of wisdom deep !
O peaceful spring of life and action !
O lovely cause of strife and function !
To limiting darkness bid adieu
Adieu ! adieu ! adieu ! adieu !
Sleep , baby , Sleep .

|| 8 ||

The beauteous objects , charming things ,
Are flattering sound of beating wings ,
Of Thee , O Eagle blessed Sovereign ,
Or fleeting shadows of Thy wing ,
Bewitching beauty half reveals ,
And as a veil it half conceals ,
The wearer of this veil , Sweet OM ,
The real Self , OM , Tat Sat OM .
Sleep , baby , Sleep .

This gives a kind of idea of the lullaby which Madaalsa sang to seven of the offspring .

When they left home , they went abroad , filled with Divinity . Through them was Vedanta spread .

The eighth child was not trained exactly that way , because the Ruler did not wish this child to leave the throne ; this one was not wanted to become a perfectly free person . So to this child Madaalsa did not sing this lullaby , but had to carry out the vow in some way , that the child should not suffer sorrow or be pained in this life . As the eighth child was not to leave the royal throne , it was not brought up the same way as the other seven .

The eighth child was placed in the care of a nurse , but when Madaalsa was about to die , this one was brought before Madaalsa , and was given this lullaby , which was written on the paper and wrapped in some rich , costly material and covered with jewels ; Madaalsa encircled it around the child's arm , and asked that the amulet be kept most sacred , asked the child to read the paper contained within , to think it , feel it , and it would make one free , it would take away all sorrow ; Madaalsa said that the amulet was not to be opened except in case of emergency .

Madaalsa died and the ruler died and their child became ruler and reigned for many years . One day the elder siblings came to the capital of their parent , and sent a message to the youth Alerk by name , and menaced Alerk to leave the throne , because they were the elder siblings and they were the rightful heirs to the throne , and said that Alerk ought to leave throne in favour of the eldest sibling .

When this Alerk was threatened by the authority of the elder siblings , when threatened by the precedence of the eldest sibling , Alerk trembled with fear ,  was terrified , knew not what to do ; and wept at the fear of losing all grandeur and glory .

On returning to bed at night Alerk noticed this amulet around the arm , and the last words of the parent flashed through the mind , and Alerk opened it and read the paper , with tears in the eyes :

" Thou art pure , thou art immutable ; thou art all knowledge , all power ; thou art the arbiter of all power ; thou art the giver and restorer of all beauty , all joy in the world . Think not yourself to be the body , depend not on worldly things , rise above it , meditate upon it , think it over , friend and enemy ye are ! "

Alerk realized it through and through , the anxiety and fear were gone ; cheerfulness and joy were brought . Alerk sang it over and over again . What with the meaning and virtue of the song and the good wishes of the parent , Alerk was resuscitated and became oneself ; all fears and anxiety had fled , all sorrow was gone ; Alerk bade adieu to all worldly expectations , all worldly asking , all petty desires .

Alerk realized it so much ; so filled with purity and power that it was gushing out ; Alerk forgot to go to bed , and dressed and went to the spot where THE siblings were , and cried ,

" Come , come , come and release me of this burden — this head aching crown — here is the burden , take it , release me from it , I know I am all these bodies , desirous of sitting on the throne , and ruling the rulerdom ; and I am you , and you and I are one , there is no difference . "

When the siblings marked this sacredness on the face , it filled them with joy , and they said that they came not to take the throne , for they were the rulers of the whole world ; they simply wanted to give Alerk the true birthright contained within that body . They said ,

" O sibling , this is not you who are the dupe of senses ; you , sibling , you are not the ruler of the earth only , but the ruler of the sun , the stars , the worlds and all the lokas that be . O sibling , come , realize that you are the Infinite , the Immutable Self , the Sun of suns , the Light of lights . "

Alerk realized this truth , and went on ruling , but looked upon the office of ruler as an actor's role in the theatre , imagining oneself to be playing that part . Well , this ruler was sane , and nothing could cause sorrow . Alerk ruled as a mighty monarch and was a most successful ruler of the world , whom uccessful sought .

Joy Eternal , Unbroken Peace is yours , nay , you are that . Realize your Centre and be there for ever and ever .

MORAL : The Vedantic Lullaby or Vedant , if drilled into the mind from the very infancy , is sure to lead to Eternal joy or Self-realization .



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