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Vedanta requires you to get rid of this lower nature , this ignorance . Burn this ignorance , burn this lower egoism , burn this lower selfish nature which makes a hell of your body and let in the fire of knowledge .

Knowledge is always represented as fire by the Hindus . Let in the knowledge of fire , and let all this chaff and all this dirt and dust be consumed . Come out as all ablaze , as all fire , heavenly fire , that is the meaning of the colour .

The greatest sadhu , the greatest Indian monk , the greatest swami in this world is the Sun , the rising Sun .

The rising Sun comes to you everyday dressed in the apparel , in the costume of a Vedantic monk .

In tonight's discourse , this Sun will represent to you the Immutable with reference to the changeable bodies . We shall take the Sun , the swami , the sadhu , the red-apparelled Sun , symbol of the true Atman , the real Self , which is unchangeable , which is immutable , the same today , yesterday and for ever .

With reference to the Sun we shall point out the changeable , the variable things , which stand for the changeable bodies in humans .

Humans have got the changeable things in them ; and there is in humans the Immutable , the Unchangeable , the Eternal Real Atman .

The real Atman is like the Sun , and the changeable elements are the three bodies , the gross body , the subtle body and the seed body . These are names that Rama gives to these bodies .

In Sanskrit they are sthula , sukshma and karana sharir ; and Rama translates them as the gross body , the subtle body , the seed body .

These three bodies — the seed body , the subtle body and the gross body — are the changeable elements . These are not the self but the non-self . These are variable , fickle , these are not your Self .

Your Self is the immutable , the unchangeable . This is to be shown .

In order to give you a clear idea of the three bodies and the true Atman , we shall resort to an illustration . You will kindly attend very carefully .

Tonight there will be talked to you no logic , no great argumentation . Tonight the proposition of humans , as proved by the Hindus , will be made clear to you . It will be clearly enunciated so that you may at once comprehend it , and afterwards , if time be , we shall enter into philosophy and reason out every side of the question .

You know before bringing out logic to bear upon a theme , we ought to understand what the proposition is .

So tonight the meaning of the proposition will be made clear , and you will see that even in this enunciation or this clearing away of the clouds and the understanding of the proposition , there will be , as it were , a proof by themselves .

As Pope puts it —

Virtue is a fairy of such beauteous mien ,
As to be loved needs only to be seen .

So the truth has such a glorious beauty that in order that it may enter deep into your hearts , it is necessary only to see it clearly .

The Sun requires no other proof of its existence . To see the Sun is to prove the Sun .

Everything , that be , is seen in some outside light , but light itself does not require some other light in order that it may be visible .

So tonight the proposition is simply to be laid before you , without any arguments and without any logic , so-called .

Now we come to the illustration .


You will kindly take yourself with Rama to the Himalayan glaciers .

There we see all-dazzling scenes , diamond-mountains , all white , an ocean of white glaciers so dazzling , so sparkling , so beautiful , splendid , inspiring .

There we find no vegetation , no animal life , no human life .

There is upon these glaciers to be seen one source of life , the Sun , the glorious Orb , that shines upon these fairy scenes . Oh , what a splendid sight !

Sometimes the light of the Sun sifted through the clouds falls upon the land and makes the whole landscape blaze up in the colour of fire , makes the whole scene assume the swami's garb , converts the whole scene into a sadhu , an Indian monk .

After a while the whole scene becomes yellow , etc , but there is one thing and one thing only on the scene , nothing else . That is the Sun .

Now you observe that in these glaciers there are the greatest rivers of Hindustan , concealed , latent . All the big rivers of India emanate and flow out from these glaciers . Here in these glaciers is the source or the seed body of the river .

You will kindly come down with Rama to the second stage of the river life .


Here we come to another phase , we come now to another kind of sights and landscapes .

We are still in the mountains , but not at the snow-capped summits , lower down we are .

Here for miles and miles , for dozens and scores of miles we have magnificent roses covering every spot and the whole air fragrant , redolent with the sweet , delicious scent of the roses .

Here we have beautiful nightingales and other birds singing , indicting valentines all the year round .

Here we have magnificent warblers filling the air with their sweet notes , and also we find amongst the magnificent , beautiful , charming trees , the most attractive Ganga , or some other stream , treading its winding course in a zig-zag way , playing , frisking about in the mountains .

Oh , beautiful brooks , beautiful rivulets we find here .

Here in these beautiful brooklets are the shadows of the trees on the banks reflected , and these streamlets , brooklets are going about in a most charming , in a most playful way , now taking this trend and now that trend , going around and around , turning this way and that way , and singing all along , flow these rivers , brooklets , rivulets .

What is this ? This is the second stage of the river's life .

Here the river is in its subtle body .

This rivulet or brooklet form of the river is the subtle body of the river , so to say . This subtle body emanated from the seed body of the river , it came from the seed body of the river .

You know upon the seed body of the river was the Sun shining , and through the action of the Sun's heat and light upon the seed body of the river came out the subtle body of the river .

This is the subtle body . It is very fickle , vague , meandering , zig-zag . It is now jumping down and taking long leaps in hot haste and in great fury , then it subsides into a lake or a calm . It is very vague , fickle , changing .

Let us descend a little to the plains .


Now in the plains we have different scenes .

The same water , the same river we saw present in the seed form upon the snow-capped glaciers and which adopted a most fantastic and most poetic aspect in its subtle form lower down on the mountains , the same waters , the same river now becomes a muddy stream upon the plains .

In the plains , the same river , the same Ganga becomes a mighty stream . It has undergone a great change .

It has put on new clothing , new colour ; it does not keep its original transparency and its original limpidness ; it becomes dirty , turbid and it becomes changed in colour .

Muddy it becomes and at the same time it changes its speed . It becomes now slow , very slow , and on the other hand it becomes more useful now .

Upon the surface of this mighty river float boats , float ships , traffic is carried on . People come and bathe , and the water of the great river now is utilized in canals and aqueducts for irrigating the lands and for fertilizing the country around .

This third stage of the river's life is the gross body of the river .

And what about the life of the river ? What about the real motive power of the river ?

The real motive power of the river is the Sun , the glorious Orb .

|| < : THE 3 BODIES OF HUMANS : > ||

Now let us apply this illustration to humans .

Where are your three bodies and how are they related to one another and to the real Self , your true Self , or the Atman ?

What are you in reality in your deep sleep state where you are unconscious of everything else , where you know nothing about the world , where parent is no parent , house is no house , and the world is no world , where there is ignorance , ignorance and nothing but ignorance , where there is a state of chaos , a state of death , a state of annihilation , so to say , a state of nothingness ?

There , Vedanta says in that state which you have never examined , which most of you have never examined , in that state we have the seed body of humans , the seed body of humans lying prostrate and flat beneath the true Self or Atman of humans .

There we have the true Self like the Sun shining over the glaciers , human life being compared to river life .

You will kindly attend most carefully . Here is something very subtle going to be stated . It was said the other day , but the occasion requires that it should be repeated .

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