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QUERY : The Hindus believe that GOD comes from heavens to this earth , as an Avtar , to establish harmony , concord and peace . ls this not a fact ?

RAMA : The Hindus do not consider GOD to be confined to the heavens . GOD is Omnipresent . It is wrong to hold that GOD comes as Avtar only from the heavens .

The word Avtar means , " descended " :

Only that one can be called an Avtar , on whom GOD's attributes , Divine Actions and GOD's Nature have descended to the greatest possible extent , as compared to others .

Such a person gradually evolves oneself , and develops one's physical , mental and spiritual powers like large-heartedness , broad-mindedness , spiritual knowledge , sympathy , spirit for selfless service , mental dispassion , renunciation , valour , tolerance , morality , universal love , blissfulness , truth , justice , leadership , farsightedness .

The people accept such a person as an Avtar on account of the high standard of conduct , character and achievements .

You might have observed that when it is unbearably hot , the rains come to give relief to all . So , too , according to the plan of Nature , the Avtars are born on this earth in a particular area and at a time when they are needed most . This is the Law of Nature .

QUERY : Can you call our Hazrat Mohammad Saheb ( pbu ) as an Avtar ?

RAMA : Yes . Hazrat Mohammad ( pbu ) is an Avtar , who was needed the most in Arabia , and , therefore , was made to be born in that area .

ln that period the Arabians were steeped in primitive ideas and ignorance . The Arabs were divided and segregated due to disagreement and disunity among themselves .

It was Hazrat Mohammad ( pbu ) who , with extraordinary will-force and faith in GOD , united the Arabs and converted them into a strong nation .

It was a great miracle of Mohammad Saheb ( pbu ) .

QUERY : Why do the Hindus take as an Avtar , the fish , the turtle and even the pig . What philosophical significance does this have ?

RAMA : The history of this earth , which , in fact , is the history of evolution explains the mythology of the Hindus in this respect .

The Hindu scriptures hold that this earth is the child of the sun . It only means that this earth is a piece of the sun , which separated from it billions of years ago .

Even the modern science has corroborated this finding of the Hindu scriptures .

When this earth separated from the sun , it was just a ball of fire . Slowly and slowly as it cooled down , it shrank , with the result that at some places deep depressions were formed and , at others , high mountains appeared with towering peaks .

After millions and millions of years , these deep pits or depressions were filled with rain water and with rivers from the mountains , forming the ocean .

This goes to show that billions of years ago , this earth was mostly covered with water . The most mobile animal moving and swimming in this water was in the form of a fish .

Therefore , at the time of the original creation , fish , being the most active living being , was accepted as the first Avtar on this earth . At that time fish was the biggest living manifestation of GOD on the earth .

When the water on the earth began to dry up gradually , another animal which was evolved was in the form of a turtle .

This animal could live both in water and on dried land .

Fish can live only in water . It would die in the outside air , while the turtle can live both under water and outside it . It can swim in water and also walk on the earth , though slowly . For this reason , the turtle was found to be more evolved animal than the fish .

It was taken to be the second Avtar .

After this , when the earth further dried up , marshy and swampy lands appeared with bog , quag , mud etc . Dense forests began to grow .

By this time another animal , the boar had evolved , which could not only swim in water and live on marshy ground , but could also run swiftly on this earth in forests . The turtle could only creep on the earth , but this animal , called boar , could also run swiftly on the solid earth .

In the process of evolution , the boar was then the highest evolved animal of its time .

Therefore , the boar was also taken to be an Avtar of that period .

ln this way , the wheel of evolution continued to advance onwards . The philosophy or the theory of Avtar is based on the theory of evolution .

In this process , quite a number of Avtars have come to this earth from time to time , according to the particular call and necessity of that period .

The main Avtars after the boar are Narsingh , Bavan , Parus-Ram , Rama , Krishna and Buddha .

All these great people , called Avtars , were separate but indispensable links in the chain of human evolution . They had special significance and purpose for which they had been sent by Nature to this world .

ln future , too , Avtars will continue to come to this earth , according to the need of the time .

The theory of Avtar is based on the irrefutable inferences of the modern science .

According to the Hindu philosophy , the Avtar appears only in that being or person in whom the attributes , the conduct and the nature of GOD have clearly descended to meet the requirements of that time .

ln other words , an Avtar is the greatest personality of that particular period and the area .

The great Sant Kabir has beautifully described this Avtar theory in a few words :

" Though my GOD is present in everything and there is nothing where GOD is not . Yet , l adore only that person in whom GOD has clearly manifested Itself . "

Therefore , the more one displays GODly attributes , the greater GOD's manifestation through one .

ln other words , the more GOD-Realized a person is , the greater Avtar one would be called .

The Muslims call such a person as Auliya , Pir , or a Prophet .

But a Hindu , calls such a person an Avtar . This is in a nutshell the Avtar Theory .

QUERY : We are very thankful to you for clearing our doubts about Avtar .



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