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How can one in the present circumstances achieve Realization of The Spirit ?

The answer will be dependent upon one's nature .

People in this world may be broadly divided as possessing three kinds of tempers , three kinds of mind .

< : 1 : > . There are some whose minds are of the nature of unstable equilibrium ;

< : 2 : > . There are others whose concentration or peace of mind may be of the nature of stable equilibrium ;

< : 3 : > . There are others who are always in neutral equilibrium .

< : 1 & 2 : >

What is unstable equilibrium ?

Place the pencil vertically upon the palm of the hand , it never stays ( Rama puts the pencil on the palm in a vertical position ) , for a second , or so that it may be at rest ; every whiff of wind will throw it down . This is called unstable equilibrium .

Hold the pencil by one end ( Rama holds the pencil between the fingers and keeps it hanging like a pendulum ) . It is at rest , but being a pendulum , it will go on oscillating sometime , but after a while it will stop again .

The equilibrium may be disturbed but it may be regained soon . In the first position of the pencil , the equilibrium may not be regained .

< : 3 : >

But there is a third kind of equilibrium .

Place the pencil horizontally ( Rama lays down the pencil on the table ) , it is at rest . Place it like that ; it is at rest .

In this position wherever you place the pencil , it is at rest . It is in equilibrium all the time .

< : 1 : >

Just so , there are some people whose minds are all the time disturbed , all the time distracted ; they cannot be in equilibrium : they cannot rest .

External circumstances bring them rest , but they are distracted again .

< : 2 : >

There are other people whose minds are usually calm , collected and quiet , but being once disturbed they go on oscillating for a long , long time , and the majority of people in this world are of that nature .

You are walking through the streets ; somebody comes and shakes hands with you , and makes some remark which is not complimentary , but critical , cynical .

One goes away , but the act is done ; one made the remark , and went away . The effect of that disturbance continues for hours and hours , sometimes for days and days , for weeks and weeks , for months and months , sometimes for years .

The effect of that remark remains and the mind keeps on oscillating ; being once disturbed , it goes on oscillating ; goes on moving up and down ; and this state of mind , this oscillating state of mind ruins your life ; it takes away all your time .

Now just mark ! The acts or the facts did not take much time . The act was the first motion which was given , but the after effects , or , say , the oscillations of your mind take away your life .

If you could prevent those peculiar oscillations , if you could overcome that inner disturbance , if you resist or bring under control that hesitation or that continuous vibration of the mind , that palpitation ; if you could overcome it , your life would be the life of millions of people .

Even your thirty years of life may be equivalent to hundreds and hundreds of years .

Mark the disease of your mind , the psychological disease from which you are suffering . Know that disease and cure it .

The disease of your mind is the oscillating tendency ; when the thing is done , the mind keeps oscillating between a tear and a smile . These are only pendulum-people .

< : 3 : >

Now , the third kind are the heroes , the liberated souls . These are those whose minds cannot be disturbed by any circumstances ; let anything come to pass , they are undisturbed , they are at rest .

Place them in the surging waves of the rolling ocean , the same ; place them in war , the same .

You are friends , you will talk to them today , you make all sorts of remarks , the remarks are unanswered .

The very moment you go away , that mind is as fresh and as pure as ever . Remain with one who is free for a thousand years , go away , and you have left no disturbance there .

The mirror shows your face back to you . You know the mirror does not exactly portray your face . If you have an earring in the left ear , you will find the earring in the right ear of the mirror , and so the right becomes the left , and the left becomes the right .

You remain before the mirror for a hundred years , and for a hundred years the mirror goes on answering you .

Leave the mirror , the mirror is just the same ; so is the case with a liberated soul , or one of wisdom , one upon whom the outside stain can leave no tainting spot , whom nothing can pollute , and who remains as free as ever .

You may come and praise one who is free , all the time ; go away and that mind will not afterwards be chewing the cud of your praise .

You come and pass critical and cynical remarks ; you go away and one who is free will not be ruminating over your criticisms .

Free , free . One believes in one's Divinity .

Now , Rama says that if you really study Vedanta and keep the Vedantic teachings continually before you , and by self-suggestions from OM , or from some other source , by self-suggestions in the right direction , you remember your GODhead and keep The Reality before you ,

< : 1 : > your mind if originally of unstable equilibrium ,

< : 2 : > will become of stable equilibrium , and if it is of stable equilibrium ,

< : 3 : > it will acquire neutral equilibrium by degrees ;

and this Vedanta , this Truth you have to keep before you all the time .



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