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MUSLIM REPRESENTATIVE : We all said " Adabarz " to you . But in reply to our salutations , you only said , OM . Is there any secret enigma in it ?

RAMA : There is no enigma or mystery in any word of Rama . Rama says every thing with an open heart without any mystification or reservation .

Plain talk is easily understandable , while , if it is complicated or tangled , it is likely to be misinterpreted .

The truth is that a person can give to others only what one possesses . Rama has only OM with Rama .

This OM is Rama's food , drink , sleep , sagacity , talent , thoughtfulness and everything else . This is all that Rama possesses . This non-dualism or monoism is the Vedanta of Rama . Rama has nothing else . This is all that Rama can give to any one .

QUERY : Kindly explain it further , so that it may become clearer to us .

RAMA : As a matter of fact , GOD is nameless . But the devotees , the Pandits , the Imams , the clergy and the learned people call It by various names , according to their angles of vision . Some call It Rama , some Rahim , some call It Krishna , some Karim . Some call It by the name of Ishwara and some by the name of GOD , Allah or Khuda .

Some respect and love It as their Parent . There are some who take GOD to be their friend or companion , while there are others who regard It as their Master , Lord or Creator and bow before It in servility . Some pay respects to It as their spouse while others , taking It to be their preceptor , Guru , Piror or Murshid , surrender themselves to It . And , there are some who regard It as their own self . They establish their relations with It , according to their own understanding and propensity .

In this country , as you all know , it is customary that spouses do not see each other before their marriage . But after their marriage , they are so much attached to one another as if they are one . In order to realize this unity , they neither count beads for repeating the names of their partner , nor observe any ritual like prayer or Namaz .

This oneness comes to them automatically . Similarly , you can feel your oneness with GOD by establishing some sort of relation with It . You can call It by any name you like . You can develop any kind of alliance with It .

But Truth or Reality is only one . All these different names or relations point to the same Reality , the One without a second . It is that what It is . In other words , It is indescribable and beyond being defined or circumscribed in words .

But the ancient Rishis and Saints have called It and known It through the significant symbol OM . It signifies Its all pervasive universalism , which includes your own self .

QUERY : When GOD has hundreds and thousands of names , why should only this word OM be so dear to you ?

RAMA :  Though the question appears to be rather simple , it requires a deep insight . Books after books can be written on OM . But it would be quite in the fitness of things at the moment if it is said that this is the most natural name of GOD . It is universal . Every person , of whatever caste , creed or nationality one may be , is coursed by OM and benefits from repeating it .

QUERY : How ?

RAMA : By pronouncing it properly , the heart and the mind are filled with peace , tranquility and bliss . You can feel the limitless ocean of power and energy within you . In order to acquire and possess this invaluable treasure of Nature — the Bliss and Peace , OM works as a key to unlock the coffer . This is no exaggeration .

You can verify it now and here and benefit instantly , by filling your heart with peace , tranquility and blissful serenity . Truth is self-evident . Rama invites you to join the blissful melody of OM with Rama to enjoy the refreshing and invigorating bath in the Ganga of Peace and serenity .

( After so saying , Rama sang the mantram OM , thrice in Rama's all-absorbing melody . All the Muslims present there , also joined Rama in the singing of OM . After this , there was silence for some time . )

Well , please , speak out your own personal experience of singing OM with Rama .

ANSWER : We did feel a sort of peace and concentration of mind .

RAMA : It is because of this that the Hindus blow the conch shell on all the occasions . It may be for a birth or death , for Puja or any other happy celebration . They blow this conch shell even on the eve of the declaration of war . The conch shell , when blown , gives out the sound of OM which diverges in the space to spread peace , concentration and self-confidence in the atmosphere .

This stimulates the heart to be merged in GODhood . The feeling of " mine and thine " begins to melt and the mind is concentrated only on OM , to signify GOD .

The word OM does not belong to any particular language . It is not the monopoly of Sanskrit language . This sound is found practically in all the languages including Persian , English , German and Japanese .

" In the pipe of OM , we blow in every breath , our life-force to keep the fire of spiritualism burning all the time . "

The sound of OM , filling the entire atmosphere , gives immediate relief to humanity . It has been with you , since your birth . When a child is born , the first cry resembles with the sound of OM .

When the children play and their minds are saturated with happiness , they produce a noise which is akin to that of OM . When people fall sick or are afflicted with some unbearable pain , they invariably groan which is a replica of the sound resembling OM . This gives them relief from their agonising pain .

At the end of the prayers in Jewish , English or Arabian languages , the word Amen , or Aamin , is uttered .

It is nothing but the changed form of OM . The last word of the Greek language is Omega which has the prominence of OM . Also , in the English words , omnipresent , omniscient and omnipotent , the eminence of OM is distinct . The presence of OM in these words is not just by chance . It is on account of the word OM that these words give the indication of universalism .

Now the question is , why is this sound uttered by the human beings in woes , worries , pain , afflictions and illness ?

The reason is that OM is like a huge tree , casting its cool shadow all around and providing peaceful and refreshing relief and energy to all those suffering from the scorching heat of pain , affliction , worry , anxiety , etc . All their troubles are , as it were , evaporated . This relief is experienced by them , even when they utter OM in a haphazard way . But if they repeat it in all sincerity , in a proper and feelingful way , they will be immensely benefited and their entire life will be metamorphosed .

The Hindu Philosophers regard OM as the only Reality , the unchangeable Truth , which remains the same in all the circumstances — in the waking , dreaming or deep sleep state , wherein this gross world is entirely lost . In the changing scenario of this world , OM alone is changeless .

This is the Soul of the universe . It is only due to this OM that the entire universe is working harmoniously , according to Laws of Nature . All those who act according to these Laws of Nature are protected by the Divine Power of OM and remain happy and progressive , while those who oppose these Laws are crushed by the wheel of Nature .

There can be nothing beyond this universal entity , OM . It is all pervading , like water in ice , like iron in a sword , or like gold in gold ornaments . It is All in all . The miraculous show of this universe is due to It . Not only do the different sects of Hinduism attach importance to this OM , but the Bible and the Koran also make a specific mention of OM , indicating its universalism .

QUERY : We , Muslims , have never seen any mention of OM in our holy scriptures . Can you please quote any reference of OM in our Koran ?

RAMA : Please listen attentively . In the very beginning of your Koran , at the top , there are three letters , Alif ( A ) Lam ( L ) and Mim ( M ) . Can anyone of you explain what these three letters mean ?

ANSWER : This is a secret which Allah has kept to Itself .

( At this , Rama laughs heartily ) .

RAMA : When GOD has revealed the entire Koran for the benefit of humanity , as the Muslims claim , it is very strange that Allah has kept its very heading a secret . No . It is not so . If you , the Muslims , who repose full faith in the Koran do not know the secret of the letters A . L . M . , Rama will tell you what they signify . The letters Alif ( A ) , Lam ( L ) and Mim ( M ) are nothing but Alif ( A ) Wao ( O ) and Mim ( M ) , ie , A , O , M or OM .

QUERY : Lam is Lam Le . L is L . It is not clear how Lam ( L ) can be pronounced as Wao ( O ) , as you have done .

RAMA : Yes . Lam ( L ) can be pronounced as Wao ( O ) , according to your own Arabic grammar , under certain circumstances . Please listen to Rama and try to understand what Rama says .

In the Arabic language , you write Shamsaldin but you read it as Samsuddin . You write Nizamaldin but you read it as Nizamuddin . Why do you pronounce Lam ( L ) as Wao ( O ) or ( U ) ? Does not Lam ( L ) become silent here and give the sound of Wao ( O or U ) ? According to the Arabic grammar , when Lam ( L ) comes between a vowel and a consonant , it becomes silent and give the sound of Arabic Pesh ( O or U ) .

Similar is the case here with Alif ( A ) , Lam ( L ) and Mim ( M ) . Here Lam ( L ) is in between the vowel Alif ( A ) and the consonant Mim ( M ) and therefore it becomes silent and gives the sound of O or U . Accordingly , Alif , Lam and Mim give the sound of Alif ( A ) Wao ( O or U ) and Mim ( M ) , ie , AOM or AUM .

This is nothing but OM . This is no secret of GOD . It is your own ignorance that you do not try to understand your own Koran correctly . It is clearly and unambiguously OM and nothing but OM .

MUSLIM REPRESENTATIVE : Your arguments and the reasonings have surprised us .

RAMA : There should be no surprise . Your very Arabic grammar makes it quite clear . GOD is not to blame , if we do not try to understand it correctly . It is Kufra , heretical or a sin to blame GOD for keeping it a secret and not disclosing it to the humanity .

It appears that the erudite and learned Muslims themselves either do not understand it or , if they do , they want to keep it a secret from the Muslim masses who are general ignorant of the Arabic language in which the Koran has been written .

OM ! OM ! OM !



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