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|| < : OM ! OM ! OM ! MEDITATION | RAMA राम : > ||

All the knowledge of the sacred scriptures of the Hindus was obtained when the writers of these volumes had thrown themselves into ecstasies by the humming of this syllable .

All the Vedanta , nay all the philosophy of the Hindus is simply an exposition of this syllable OM .

RAMA राम

Now Rama shall tell you the method which the sages of India adopted to acquire GODvision .

In the Hindu Scriptures , it is stated that all the Vedas are like a tree which sprang from the seed known as OM . This is called the seed from which the tree of the Vedas sprang .

Those people who want to get a higher inspiration , those people who want to acquire that GODvision , who want to rise above the egoistic , personal , little , limited , local consciousness of self , they get the inspiration and light through the chant of OM ! OM ! OM !

Now it is not the mere chant by the throat , it is something else also . While

< : 1 : > the lips and the throat chant physically ,
< : 2 : > the mind chants it intellectually , and
< : 3 : > the heart chants it in a language of higher emotions .

Thus the threefold chant of this sacred syllable OM brings you to that unison and oneness with the All , the Light . This was the method they adopted .

The life in your breath is OM . The sound which is the soul of your breath is OM . This is then the most natural name for the Heaven within , the GOD , Supreme Spirit , that enlightens all spirits and all souls ; the Soul of all souls , the Life of all lives is OM .

So Rama says that intonation is connected with the chant of OM and experience has proved that it has a marvellous effect in bringing your soul at one with the soul of the ALL . It has a marvellous effect .

If Science cannot prove it today , let it grow , and a little later it will be able to explain it . In the meantime the fact will remain a fact .