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PEACE OR WAR | 5.08 | PT001 TO PT006

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|| PEACE OR WAR | 5.08 | PT001 TO PT006 ||

|| 08 | PEACE OR WAR | POW | PART 001 ||

According to Darwin , " Peace and coexistence are incongruous terms and , in the interest of progress , it is imperative to resort to war and struggle , ie , war and cut-throat competition are necessary ingredients for Evolution .

This Law hold good both in the vegetable and the animal rulerdoms . Humans , too , being part of the Universe , cannot avoid war for their Evolution . "

The above theory of Darwin may be true in the case of the lower rulerdoms . But this law should not be applied to the Human being , because it is the highest evolved creature .

It is wrong for one to devolve oneself to copy animals , to suck the blood of the weaker sections in order to satisfy the lust of one's narrow selfishness .

It does not behove one to intimidate or exploit the weak to gratify one's appetite , without any regard for others .

This is not the civilized way of life .


|| 08 | PEACE OR WAR | POW | PART 002 ||

My Dear ! As a human , you are the Nature’s highest creation . You have passed the stage of the apes , and the lions . The savage age resorting to the use of the nails , teeth and horns has passed .

Might is no more right . Humans have to change the animalism into humanism of Right is Might . Give up antiquated ideas and try to advance on the path of progress for peaceful coexistence .

If progress is dependent on bloody wars and exploitations , humanity does not need it .

Herbert Spencer , the great supporter of the Theory of Evolution has admitted in the book Data of Ethics that though bloody wars and exploitations of the weak will continue to be the means of livelihood and progress for the animals , yet sympathy , welfare and self-denial are the essential factors for the uplift of the human beings .

Professor Huxley , a pioneer scientist and thinker , has beautifully explained in the book Evolution and Ethics that morality is against the principle of struggle for existence .

As against cruel selfishness and self-aggrandizement , moral science teaches us to practice selflessness and self-denial .

Instead of crushing all the rivals and the fellow-beings under your heels , the moral science orders you to serve all .

Goodness and fellow-feeling forbid you to let only the fittest survive . Instead , they demand of you magnanimity to accommodate as many as possible .

Ethics is against the gladiatorial principle of life . Law and ethics are means to minimize cosmical or competitive process .


|| 08 | PEACE OR WAR | POW | PART 003 ||

If the law and the ethics curb the cosmical or competitive process , Vedanta teaches us to root it out forever .

Ethically , you have to

" Love your neighbour like your own self " .

And Vedanta proclaims the Truth boldly that you and your neighbours are one and the same .

" I am That , I am That . I am That . Whenever you see you see Me alone . "

Once Lord Buddha saw a Ruler aiming at a deer . On seeing the frightened deer and the sharp pointed arrow , Buddha prostrated and pleaded with the Ruler —

" You can surely shoot me with your arrow , if you so like , but kindly spare this deer with beautiful eyes . I will gladly sacrifice myself to save the life of this innocent animal . "

Dear ! O , can you imagine the magical effect of Buddha's humble pleadings on the Ruler . The request stopped the Ruler from cruel designs against the helpless deer .

Thousands of years have passed , but even today Lord Buddha is reigning in the hearts of millions of people .

Why ? Because of Buddha's feelings of oneness with all .

Jesus Christ adopted the motto of offering the other cheek as well , if one was slapped .

It is because of such qualities that Christ influenced countries after countries which were brought under sway .

Were the Hindus unaware of the Theory of Evolution ? No .

Professor Huxley admits :

" I say nothing of the Indian sages to whom Evolution was a familiar notion ages before Paul of Tarsus was born . "


|| 08 | PEACE OR WAR | POW | PART 004 ||

Ramanujacharya has beautifully proved the Theory of Evolution with great dexterity and ability . The founder of Sankhya philosophy , Ramanujacharya has also described the Theory of Evolution in great detail :

" The power to evolve is already present in the soul . An ant has all the powers in latent condition which are manifested in BRAHMAN .

The river is flowing with the same force all through . The farmer who allows this river water to flow in the field will get it immediately . "

The inner Power ( the river ) has been accepted as the cause of Evolution amongst the Hindus . The Hindus have been well acquainted with the Theory and practice of Evolution for thousands of years . But they have nowhere accepted war and bloodshed as the source of Evolution .

According to Ramanujacharya , the " Power to evolve " is present in the lower stages , like a contracted spring which is set to expand . This latent power to expand is the cause of Evolution .

The causes responsible to hold it in the contracted condition are the sins . And , the factors which necessitate and enable its expansion are the virtues .

The latent inner power to expand is the root cause of Evolution .

Wherever this is oppressed , even due to ignorance , struggle and pain are exhibited .

For example , when the swift flow of the Ganga is impeded , a forceful thrust with a thunderous sound is experienced against the resistance . ( You might recall here the incident of lake Gohana . )


|| 08 | PEACE OR WAR | POW | PART 005 ||

It is natural for the mineral , vegetable or the animal rulerdoms to be instinctive , as compared with the human beings who are rational .

Therefore , wherever there is any obstacle , it is quite natural for the lower animals , who have no rationality , to resort to struggle in the process of their Evolution . But this struggle is not the real cause of their evolution . It is an obstacle .

For example , when a vehicle runs , friction is caused , but this friction is not helpful in its smooth running .

So is the case of the animals . Whenever they see an obstacle , they resort to bloody struggle . But this bloody struggle is not at the root of their Evolution .

Accordingly to the Aryan Philosophy , humans , being rational , are more free to act independently than other creatures . It is because of this freedom to act that humans are held responsible for their actions and deeds .

In humans , the inner Power is to expand ( evolve ) . The opposition to this power represents animalism ( irrationalism ) which is still present in humans .

The wars and bloody struggles are the result of their irrationalism and ignorance . But the cause of their Evolution is their inner Power already latent in them .

Thus , you will please see that it is wrong to conclude that the process of Evolution is through struggle including bloody wars and unhealthy competition .

History proves the above statement . In the age-old war between the sheep and the wolves , the victory was always with the peace loving sheep . You can see it for yourself . The species of the wolves is getting extinct , while the sheep are still growing in number .

There was a time , when the world was trembling with horror at the rise of the Greek invaders . But today only the stories of Alexander the Great and Selucus are heard .

At one time the flag of the Roman Empire was fluttering in Europe and the middle east . Today one finds only the cobwebs in the palaces , where they were once enthroned .

Once the huge armies of Afrasiab , Faredun and Kaikos , the Emperors of Persia , were terror to the rulers of the neighbouring countries , but today things have changed altogether .


|| 08 | PEACE OR WAR | POW | PART 006 ||

Similarly , the moon of the powerful Mughals also faded into nothingness , after exhibiting its transitory flash of glory . Many other mighty sovereignties were effaced and obliterated soon after their rise , like waves in the sea .

So , too , the present prosperous nations , ruthlessly ruling others , are bound to go into oblivion one day .

But the Indian nation , which was the source of light of civilization to so many countries , including the mighty Greeks during hoary past is still retaining its moral hold and will continue to live and prosper in future as well .

Why ? Because here the day begins with OM Anand ( GOD's name ) and ends with Shanti , Shanti , Shanti ( Peace , Peace , Peace ) .

Its inhabitants prefer peace , dispassion and renunciation to wars and bloody struggles .

Their ideal is to control their own selves , instead of conquering other countries .

It is this nation which has been helping the Muslims to construct the mosques and the Christians to open churches , schools etc in India — their own land .


Every country has a particular duty to perform . India has got the duty to be the Priest of Nature .

Today , some countries are either suffering from worldly temptation to exploit others or are overpowered with anxiety of extreme selfishness to dominate the rest .

But the Hindus are enamoured only of GOD . A true Indian is one who is singing the following lines and practising its thoughts in day-to-day life :

" I may have to pass my life naked
But I will sacrifice my life for Bharat .
I may have to eat dry grams
But I will help my siblings to my utmost .
I may have to eat bread without butter
But ( in interest of country ) I will not care for anything .
I may have to suffer abuses and insults
But I will be happy ( if my country's cause is served ) .
I may have to be hanged
But I will preach unity and GODhood to all . " — RAMA

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