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|| 6 | RIVALRY | 7 | SENSUALITY | 8 | ANGER ||

|| 6 | RIVALRY ||

How is it that everybody in this world wants to have no rival ? Everybody wants to be the supreme ruler —

I am monarch of all I survey ,
My right there is none to dispute .

This is what everybody wants to feel . What is the cause of the universality of this ?

Explain this fact , this hard , stern reality , explain it .

Vedanta says , " The real cause is that in you , O human , is the true Atman which is one without a second , which is rivalless , matchless ; and by ignorance , by mistake , is the oneness and the glory of the Atman being attributed to the body , and there is the tendency to have no rivals of the body . "

|| 7 | SENSUALITY ||

Sensuality is nothing but gratifying the senses , wanting all beauty . This too is universal and can be treated just as other sins .

" We are all beauty , the unchangeable Self is all beauty now and for ever " and the realization of this will show us that what we are trying to get for the physical body belongs to , or is the real Self .

|| 8 | ANGER ||

How is it that anger or rebellion is universal ?

It is because of our real Self which is free now and for ever , that we are not satisfied to be limited in any way . We see rebellion in the small child it must have its way ; we see rebellion in sects , they must have their way ; we see rebellion in nations and we see the country washed with the blood , shed in the cause of freedom .

All this is because the Self is not realized . The real Self is free , how could it be anything else ! It was never born , will never die , remains the same for ever . Free it must be .

If it were true that you were bound , you never could be free . But the truth is that we , by our inner nature , are free , and the knowledge of the truth reveals our Self in true colour .

We will not enter into other sins . Other sins are also explained in the same way by Vedanta .

All the possible deadly sins are explained , and the way to remove all these sins is simply to remove the universal ignorance which makes you confound the two .

A person was suffering from two diseases — a disease of the eyes and a disease of the stomach — and came to a doctor to ask for treatment . The doctor gave to this patient two kinds of medicines , two kinds of powders .

One of the powders was to be applied to the eyes . It contained antimony or lead sulphide , and if taken internally , it is a poison . It can be applied externally to the eyes and the people in India use this powder for the eyes . So the doctor gave the powder for the eyes containing antimony or lead sulphide .

Another powder was given to be taken orally . This powder contained pepper and chillies ; chillies which have a very cold name , but which are very hot . The doctor gave one powder containing chillies to be taken .

This person being in a state of confusion just interchanged the two powders . The powder which was to be taken orally was applied to the eyes , and the antimony and other things , which were poisons , was eaten . Here were the eyes blinded and the stomach worsted .

That is what is being done by the people , and that is the cause of all the so-called sins in this world .

Here is the Atman , the Light of lights within you and here is the body , the stomach , so to say .

What is to be done to the body is being done to the Atman, and the respect and honour and glory of the Atman are being paid unto the body ; everything mixed up ; everything put into a state of confusion .

That causes this phenomenon of so-called sins in this world . Get things right and right you are , you prosper materially , you are GOD of gods spiritually .

Similarly in you is everything , but by the misplacement of things GOD is put down below and the body is placed above it , and the highest heaven is turned into the direct hell .

Place them in the right order and you will see that even this dire and abominable phenomenon of sins speaks of your GODliness , of your purity .

Get the right vision and you are the greatest GOD .



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