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|| < : PART 4 | DREAM STATE : > ||

We come to the dream state . In the dreamland we come , as it were , from the glaciers to the lower mountains . You are still on the mountains , asleep .

Here the subtle body , the dreaming self , finds itself in a fantastic land , in a poetic region ; the dreaming self of yours is now a bird , is now a sovereign . Immediately it becomes a beggar .

It is now a person who has lost the way on the Himalayan mountains and then it becomes the citizen of a big city like London . It is now in this city and then in that city .

How changeable ! Just as the streams in the mountains are changeable , meandering , fickle , taking different turns every now and then , such is the state of your dreaming self .

In your dreaming state , you are quick about everything , just as the streams are so quick when in the mountains , the rivulets , the brooklets are so quick and so rapid , so gushing , and so playful . So is your dreaming self so playful and rapid . You live in a land of imagination .

There the dead becomes alive and those people who are living , you find sometimes dead — strange land , the land of fantasy and the land of poetry !

Is it not quite like the stream in its subtle body on the mountains where it is in the land of poetry and fantasy ?

After the dreaming experience , passing through the mountains , as it were , in your second stage , you come down to the plains , you wake up .

In your wakeful state you make up the gross body , just as the river acquires a gross body when descending upon the plains .

You see the deep sleep state is called the seed body , and the body of your dreamland is called the subtle body , and the body of your wakeful state is called the gross body .

You know when the rivers come down from the mountains and enter upon the plains , their subtle body remains just the same , but it puts upon itself a red or muddy mantle . You know the water comes from the mountains . That fresh , pure water remains hidden in mud and in the clay and soil of the plains .

There the subtle body of the river , as it was seen in the mountains , has not changed , but it is simply wearing a new clothing , it has put on a new costume , and thus when the subtle body of the river has descended to the plains and put on a new muddy costume , we say , the river is in its gross body .

It was not so when the subtle body came from the seed body ; then the seed body had to melt down and produce the subtle body , and now in the wakeful state , subtle body had not to melt or change , it had simply to put on new garments , new costumes . That is what actually happens .

In your wakeful state , the subtle body , that is to say , the mind , the intellect , which was working in the dreamland does not disappear , that remains the same , but these material elements , material head and material all that , these are put on , as it were , like costumes ; and when you have to go to sleep , this material gross body is simply taken down , as it were , hung upon that post , and the subtle body is divested of it .

Just as when going to bed , people take off their clothes , so you take it off and only the subtle body works in your dreams .

Now what is the subtle body ? It will be shown that that is also material . The relation of the subtle to the gross and the gross to the subtle will be pointed out .

You know the rivers in the winter season ( the winter season is like the night ) , usually put off their gross body , strip themselves of their gross body and keep only the subtle body with them , that is , in the winter season rivers are reduced in size , and the mud and clay and the red muddy vesture that they have , they put off . They go to sleep , as it were .

Just as the rivers put off their gross body and keep the subtle body only , similarly everyday when you go to bed at night ( your winter ) you put off the gross body and keep only the subtle body .

But the Sun which was shining upon the seed body , the same Sun shines equally upon the subtle body of the river ; and the same Sun which shines upon the seed body and subtle body of the river , shines equally upon the gross body of the river .

The true Atman or real Self , which was seen shining upon the deep sleep state's body shines also upon your dreamland and upon your wakeful state — upon the gross body , as it were , but where lies the difference ?

The difference lies in the reflection of the Sun . When the Sun was shining upon the seed body of the river , upon the glaciers , the image of the Sun was not seen there . The action of the Sun was intense upon the glaciers , but the reflection or image of the Sun was not seen ; but when the Sun began to shine upon the subtle body of the river , the Sun is reflected .

When the Sun was shining upon the subtle body of the river , there the Sun's image was seen . No image of the Sun was seen upon the snow-capped peaks or upon the glaciers ; but in the subtle body of the river , in the mountains , in the rivulets , is the image of the Sun seen .

What does this image imply ? This image in origin is the real Self , the true Atman , the Unchangeable , the Immutable in you , the true Divinity , Atman or GOD . The same GOD is present in you when you are in the deep sleep state , that GOD shines upon your seed body , but examine , in the deep sleep state , no egoism is present , you have no idea of

" I am asleep " , " I grow " , " I digest the food " , " I do this " ;

that is , there is no ego ; the real Self is there , but no ego is there . This false apparent ego which is looked upon as the self by people is not there .

In the dreaming state it becomes apparent . The dreaming state is like the second state of the river , the subtle body of the river . There it becomes apparent , and it becomes apparent also in the wakeful state .

You know , your wakeful state is like the state of the river when it is upon the plains , the gross body of the river .

There the Sun shines clearly ; it was shining clearly upon the glaciers , but it reflects its image only in the stream ; in the muddy river is the image of the Sun seen ; so in your wakeful state , the image of the Sun is also seen . This egoism —

" I do this " , " I do this " , " I am this " , " I am that " ,

all this egoism — this selfish apparent self makes its appearance in the wakeful state also .

But you see there is a difference in the ego of your dreamland and the ego of your wakeful state .

In your dreamland the ego which has been to you as the reflection or shadow of the true Atman or GOD , is fickle , changeable , vague , unsettled , hazy ; exactly as the reflection of the Sun in the stream when it is upon the mountains is vague , meandering , changeable ; and in your wakeful state this ego is definite , permanent , as in slow stream , slow river , when it is flowing upon the plains .

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