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The person of knowledge is one who has been awakened by the god Shruti ( Vedas or Upanishads ) saying " Thou art That " " Thou art That " .

There is no subject or object . There is nothing separate . Everything has merged into One . Both the subject and the object have disappeared . It is only such a saint who can be called " FREE " .

The one of Knowledge is all Light . The fire of Divine Knowledge , " I am Brahman " , is all the time burning within . One is ever absorbed with firm conviction in the Divine meditation .

If there ever crops up any thought of duality , it is immediately destroyed by offering it as oblation in the sacred fire of monism .

One allows full freedom to the mind ( the horse ) * to roam about anywhere , but at the same time , as safeguard , one deputes one's army commander , ( discrimination ) to follow the mind ( horse ) to protect it ( horse ) against being captured by worldly temptations .

If the mind remains unattached and is not charmed or captivated anywhere by any temptation or desire , it means that the worldly area of that temptation or desire has been conquered .

If , however , the mind gets involved in some sort of desire ( ie , if the horse has been caught somewhere ) , it would be conquered back by using infallible arrows of " Tatvamasi " , " Thou are That " .

At all places where the mind ( the horse ) remained unattached , there was nothing but one's own Self .

It means that no duality was experienced there . Each thing or each living being was realized to be one's own Self .

Nothing remained separate . Every thing melted into oneness with all , the All .

In this way , gradually the whole Universe is conquered . All is in One and One is experienced to be in all . All are ourselves . Thus all the desires are automatically destroyed .

According to a Sanskrit quotation ,

" Wherever the mind goes , there is complete absorption ( Samadhi ) .

Persian couplet says :

" Seeing your miracles everywhere , I am attracted towards you — The whole world teaches the lesson that you are here , there and everywhere . "

In this way , after conquering all the regions , when the horse ( mind ) and the commander-in-chief ( discrimination ) return home , the fully convinced Purusha gladly offers the unique horse as an oblation to the sacrificial fire of " I am Brahman " .

This is the manner in which one sacrifices the mind ( horse ) — the enjoyer of the worldly desires in the fire of Divine Knowledge .

The one who performs such a Yajna ( ritual ) can conquer not only the Rulers of this world but also win all the gods ( elements of Nature ) of the Universe in one's favour .

It has been said in Manusmriti :

" The one , who has successfully performed the Yajna to see everything in one and oneself in everything , wears the crown of the Emperor of the Universe . "

O dear friends , if you take the world as something real , you cannot weigh GOD in the same balance in which you weigh the worldly objects .

Unlimited GOD cannot be judged by limited intelligence . It is impossible .

Have firm faith in the words of the GOD-realized saints .

It has been declared by the scientists that the earth revolves round the sun on its own axis . The school children cannot see it revolving , yet they have to believe this fact . When they grow wiser , they would themselves realize this truth and be fully convinced of this fact .

It is never in the interest of justice and equity to spread wrong ideas .

( Note : * The reference to Ashwamedh Yajna , in which a horse is let loose by a Ruler . Whoever captures the horse is challenged by the Ruler's army and destroyed . This ritual is performed to proclaim the absolute monarchy of that Ruler who performs the Yajna . )



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