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Well , the third principle of success is love , harmony with the universe , adaptation to circumstances .

What does Love mean ?

Love means practically realizing your oneness and identity with your neighbours , with all those who come in contact with you .

If you are a shopkeeper , unless you realize the interests of your customers to be one with your own , you will make no progress , your work will suffer .

If the hand want to be selfish and assert itself as different from the other members of the body and begin to argue this way ,

" Look here , I am the right hand , I do all sorts of labour , why should the whole body partake of what is earned by my sweating drudgery ? Should the food earned by my toil be given to the stomach and thence to all other organs ?

No , no , I will have everything to myself . "

Then in order to carry into effect this selfish idea , there is no other way for the hand but to take that food and inoculate or inject it into skin .

Will that be beneficial to the hand ? Will the hand succeed that way ? Impossible ! Never !

Oh yes ; one way the hand can become very fat , can exclusively prosper to the envy of all other members of the body ; the hand can take a wasp or bee , and get itself stung . Thus the hand will become very fat , very big .

Thus and thus alone can the selfishness of the hand be gratified , thus can the selfish philosophy of the hand be carried out . But how undesirable is that ! We do not wish that kind of gratification or that kind of success . That is disease .

Similarly remember that all the world is one body .

Your body is simply like the hand , one organ simply like the finger or nail . In order that you may succeed , you should not look upon yourself as separate and distinct from the Self of the whole world .

In order that the hand may prosper , it must realize that its interests are identical with those of the whole . In other words , the hand must feel and realize that its Self is not confined within the small area beyond the wrist , but must practically feel itself as identical and one with the Self of the whole system . Feeding the Self of the whole is feeding the Self of the hand .

Unless you realize this fact , live this truth that you are one with the universe , that you and GOD are one , you cannot succeed .

Deprived of ease , afflicted by disease you are when you stagnate in the slough of separation and division .

You are perfect and whole when you realize yourself to be the Whole and the All .

By feeling this oneness you practically live Vedanta .

Infringe upon this divine and sublime truth , break this sacred law in practice and you are bound to suffer for your sacrilege like the silly , selfish hand .

Coleridge in the " Ancient Mariner " , very beautifully brings out this truth . So does Byron in the " Prisoner of Chillon " . It is proved in these poems that whenever one falls out of harmony with Nature one suffers ; the very moment you realize your unity with all beings , all prosperity is yours :

One prayeth best who loveth best ,
Both human and bird , and beast .
One prayeth well who loveth well ,
All things both great and small .

A ruler went into a forest on a hunting expedition . In the heat of chase the ruler became separated from the companions .

Under the scorching rays of the burning Sun , the ruler felt very thirsty . The ruler found in the woods a small garden , and entered it . Since the ruler was in sportsperson's dress , the village gardener could not recognize , having not seen the ruler's person before .

The ruler asked the gardener to bring something to drink , feeling so very thirsty . The gardener went straight into the garden , took some pomegranates , squeezed out the juice and brought a big cup full of it .

The ruler gulped it down but it did not quench the parching thirst entirely . The ruler asked for another cup of the pomegranate juice . The gardener went for it .

When the gardener had left the ruler's presence , the latter began to reflect within ,

" This garden seems to be very rich ; in a few minutes the person could bring me a large cup full of the fresh juice ; a heavy income-tax ought to be levied on the owner of such a flourishing concern , etc , etc . "

On the other hand the gardener delayed and delayed , did not return to the ruler even in an hour . The ruler began to wonder ,

" How is it that when I first asked the gardener to bring me something to drink , that pomegranate juice was brought in only a few minutes , and now the gardener has been squeezing out the juice of pomegranates for about an hour and the cup is not full yet ? How is that ? "

After one hour the cup was brought , but not brimful . The ruler asked the reason why the cup was somewhat empty , whereas the cup was filled so soon at first .

The gardener who was a sage replied :

" Our ruler had very good intentions when I went out to bring you the first cup of pomegranate juice but when I went out to bring you the second cup , our ruler's kind , benevolent nature must have changed .

I can give no other explanation for such a sudden change in the rich nature of my pomegranates . "

The ruler reflected within and lo ! the statement was perfectly right .

When first stepping into the garden , the ruler was very charitably disposed to and full of love for the people there , thinking in the mind that they were very poor and needed help but when the old person had brought one cup of pomegranate juice in so short a time , the ruler's mind had changed and the views altered .

The falling out of tune with Nature on the ruler's part affected the pomegranates in the garden . The moment the Law of Love was violated , that very moment the trees held back the juice .

The story may be true or false . We have nothing to do with it . But truth is undeniable that so long as you are in perfect harmony with Nature , so long as your mind is in tune with the universe and you are feeling and realizing your oneness with each and all , all the circumstances and surroundings , even winds and waves , will be in your favour .

The very moment you are at discord with the All , that very moment our friends and relatives will turn against you , that very moment you will make the whole world stand up in arms against you .

Understand this divine Law of Love and practise it .

Love is a vital principle of success .

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