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We come next to the fifth principle of success , fearlessness . What is fearlessness ? No faith in Maya , but a living knowledge and a true faith in the real Self .

Fear comes to us when we feel ourselves to be the abode of fear or the body ; the body is always liable to be eaten by worms of anguish ; it is vulnerable and pregnable to all kinds of suffering .

The very moment we rise above the little body , we are free from fear . Live as Divinity , live Vedanta , and who can harm you ? Who can inflict injury upon you ? Fearlessness and Vedanta are inseparable .

How is fearlessness essential to success ? This will be illustrated by a fact of personal experience .

There came five bears at one time in the Himalayan forests face to face with Rama , but they did not molest Rama at all . Why was it so ? Simply on account of fearlessness .

Rama was filled with that spirit ,

" I am not the body , I am not the mind ; the Supreme Divinity I am , I am GOD ; no fire can burn me ; no weapon can wound me . "

They were looked straight in the eyes and they ran away . At one time a wild wolf was outstared ; at another time a tiger likewise fled .

When a cat comes , pigeons close their eyes ; they think the cat does not see them because they do not see the cat , nevertheless the cat eats them up . If you are afraid , the cat will eat you up .

Have you not noticed that while walking in the suburban quarters , if we betray the least sign of fear , even dogs rush at us and molest ? Dogs even will tear us if we fear . But if we are fearless , we can overcome and tame lions and tigers .

When we are pouring liquid from one vessel into another , if our hands waver even so little , the liquid is sure to be spilt . Pour the fluid unhesitatingly , confidently , fearlessly into the receptacle , no drop will be lost .

It is by hesitation and fear that you bring yourself into sad plights . Let nothing disconcert you or take you by surprise .

You are the All . Dispel the fear inducing attachment to the body .

Is it not a pity that the noise of a trivial firecracker or even a small mouse , a rustling leaf , nay , a trembling shadow should startle a full hundred and fifty pounds avoirdupois of wool-clad flesh ?

No calamity is ever worse than the dread of the calamity . You would rather suffer death than harbour fear of death .

Some one says :

" No one ever found the walking fern who did not have the walking fern in the mind . "

If you have love in your mind , you will find love ; if you entertain hate , you will meet hate . If you are afraid of detectives and defrauders , you will not miss them . If you expect selfishness and deceit , you shall not be disappointed ; from all sides will selfishness and deceit confront you .

Fear not then ; have holiness and purity in you ; you will never come across anything unclean .

Life-success and spiritual success must go together . Deluded are they who divorce one from the other .

Thieves break into a house only when it is unguarded . If the house is kept lighted all the time , they dare not steal into it .

Keep in your mind the light of Truth ever ablaze , no devil of fear or temptation will approach you . Believe in the Law Divine .

Please make not your life wretched by hanging on worldly wisdom . Timid prudence makes a downright atheist out of you . Why allow the mists and fogs of circumstances to cloud you ?

Are you not the Sun of suns ? Are you not the Lord of the Universe ?

What vagaries of circumstances are there which you cannot disperse , dispel and evaporate ? Far be it from you to consider any menacing surroundings as real in the least .

Fearless , fearless , fearless you are .


The next point that Rama will urge upon your attention and will exhort you to verify by your own experience is fearlessness .

Lions may be tamed by a single glance , enemies may be pacified by a single look , victory may be won by a single dash of fearlessness .

Rama has roamed in dense valleys of the Himalayas . Rama has met tigers , bears , wolves and venomous animals . No harm was done to Rama . The wild beasts were looked straight in the face , glances met , the fierce animals were outstared and the so-called terrible creatures sulked away .

Thus it is , be fearless and none can harm you .

Perhaps you have seen how a pigeon in the sight of a cat shuts the eyes , perhaps thinking that the cat does not see it because it does not see the cat . What happens ? The cat pounces upon the pigeon and the pigeon is devoured up .

Even a tiger is tamed by fearlessness and even a cat eats one up who fears .

You might have seen how a trembling hand can never successfully pour a liquid from one vessel into another . It is sure to be spilt . But how easily the steady , fearless hand can handle the dear liquid without spilling a drop . There is Nature once again teaching you in unsurpassed eloquence .

Once a Punjabee sepoy was down with some fell disease on board of a ship , and the doctor passed the capital sentence of throwing the sepoy over board . Doctors ! these doctors sometimes pass capital sentences . The sepoy came to know of it . There are flashes of fearlessness even in ordinary beings when brought to bay .

The sepoy sprang up with unbounded energy , becoming fearless , and went straight to the doctor pointing a pistol , saying ,

" Am I ill ? Do you say so ? I will shoot you . "

The doctor immediately gave the sepoy a certificate of health . Despair is weakness , avoid it .

The whole strength comes from fearlessness . Mark the word fearlessness , be fearless .

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