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The last but not the least point which guarantees success is Purity .

It is true that — " Thought is another name for fate " ; what one thinks that one becomes .

But if you begin to think impure thoughts and harbour debasing immorality , with the fulfilment of selfish desire , heart-breaking affliction , excruciating suffering and distracting sorrow shall be forced upon you in bargain . Grief shall prey upon your soul .

The fool thinks one enjoys sensuous pleasures , but knows not that in an impure thought or deed , one's very vitality is bought , sold and consumed .

The Law of Karma ( action ) retaliates and baffles you when you want to abuse it for selfish ends .

Do not dictate your will to GOD . Let GOD's will be done regarding bodily wants .

In earthly requirements , let GOD's will become your will .

Feel , feel that you are the very Power Supreme , whose will has shaped the circumstances in the forms they have .

Enjoy your poverty as your own work .

But if you find yourself led astray by the flesh and caught in the quagmire of carnality , there is the occasion to assert and exert strenuously your giant will to secure and retain GOD-Consciousness .

In this country , cupidity is glazed under the holy name of Love . What a mockery !

People dont live whole . Abnormal affections and inordinate passions cut and divide their days into patches .

It is very seldom that an entire young person speaks .

It is always a disabled proper fraction , more correctly , a most improper portion of one that appears in public . One part lies with one's sweetheart , another with some other object .

Love your labour , keep your heart where you hand is . While the feet and hands are warm and working , let your head be cool and collected .

Keep your thoughts always at home , centred in the real Self , and never mind the circumstances .

Let not the thought of doing good to humanity vex you ; why should the world be so poor as to be constantly begging your attention ?

Let the body go on working for your own Salvation's sake .

Ignorant folk keep vainly yearning and praying for light . Why should you desire even that ? The craving for the light keeps you in the dark .

For one minute , cast overboard all desire ; chant OM ; no attachment , no repulsion , perfect poise , and there your whole being is Light personified .

Banish all worldly motives of work . Cast off , exorcise the demons of desires . Make all your work sacred . Rid yourself of the disease of attachment or clinging .

Attachment to one object detaches you from the All .

It is the selfish swinish motives that make your business and life secular .

Attend your labour to taste renunciation , it unconsciously entails your work because work keeps you with GOD , above the body or little self . Work minus desire is a synonym for the highest renunciation or worship . Why should you have any motive for work ?

Ignorant wretches believe that objects accomplished bring more happiness than the work itself . The blind knows not that no result can bring more happiness than the work itself . Happiness lives clothed in the garb of work . You can have your success always with you .

This way does the wide world become your holy temple and your whole life one continuous hymn !

What care have you for the effect ? Far be it from you to worry about salary or pay . If you get no proud position , let not glaring vanity prevent you from sweeping the streets . Hesitate not to do the duty that lies next to your hand . It is no self-respect to shun the work not sanctioned by fashion .

True self-respect is respect for the real Self , the GOD within .

Body-respect is the opposite pole of virtue , the shortest cut to perdition .

When you are ready to extend your hands to any labour , the noblest offices and the most respectable occupations will stretch their hands to receive you cordially . That is the Law .

If you do not shrink and curl up from GOD indwelling in labour , GOD will not be outdone in courtesy .

Light will shine through you despite yourself .

Believe not in the applause or censure of humanity .

All that simply misleads and deceives you .

Your Heaven is within you .

You play the part of an impure , unchaste adulterer when you stoop down to indulge in so-called outside objects of pleasure . Tell to the external enjoyments ,

" Get behind me , Satan , I will take nothing at thy hands " .

Are you not really the source of all joy ?

For one in vain the envious seasons roll ,
Who bears eternal summer in one's soul .

Perch the Indian dove or the nightingale on the top of a pine tree and delicious songs naturally flow from it .

Let your mind be seated at home and the sweetest melodies spring from it naturally , spontaneously , without effort .

Your GODhead is not a thing to be accomplished .

Realization is not a thing to be achieved , you have not to do anything to gain GODvision , you have simply to undo what you have already done in the way of forming dark cocoons of desires around you .

Fear not , you are free . Even your seeming bondage is imposed by your freedom .

To you no harm can accrue unless you invite it . No sword can cut unless you think that it cuts . No need of loving your shackles and chains as ornaments . Shake off vain fancies , burn up all crookedness , and what power is there under the Sun which will not be only too thankful to get the privilege of unloosing your shoes ?

Assert your GODhead , fling into utter oblivion the little self as if it had never existed . When the little bubble bursts , it finds itself the whole Ocean . You are the Whole , the Infinite , the All . Shine in your pristine glory .

For you , O perfect One , there is no duty , no action , nothing to be done , all Nature waits on you with bated breath .

The world thanks the stars to have the good fortune of paying you homage , adoring you . Please , would you mind the Powers of Nature kneeling and bowing before you !

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