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Another person came and said , " Well , if you are GOD , if you are like Christ , Christ did this and that ; Christ worked this miracle ; please do this miracle for us , then we will believe in you " .

Rama says , " Friend , Friend , Christ worked miracles and was not believed in . Christ was persecuted , nailed to the cross . Can miracles make you believe ? Not at all " .

What is miracle-working ? What is all that ? If this body worked all the miracles in the world , that would not add an iota to My GODhead .

I am not this body ; I am your own Self . What , if this body works miracles ? That body is not working miracles , but I am that also . If this body works miracles , you will make a GOD of this body , which is the worst part of it ; you should not do this .

Rama wants you to make a GOD of your own Self .

Do not make a GOD of this body . Rama does not wish to take away your freedom by working miracles and imposing this particular personality on you . Rama should not enslave you and take away your independence , as was done by the previous prophets .

You want this body to work miracles , but this body I am not ; I am the same GOD that has already brought out this whole miracle of the world ; the same am I .

This wide world is my miracle , the same am I , whose workership this whole universe is .

There was a body who used to serve in the house in which this body used to live in India .

That child remaining all the while in contact with Rama , was one day walking on the top of the high mansion and was shouting aloud ,

" I am GOD , I am GOD , I am GOD " .

There were some people in the other houses next door to the house , on the top of which the child was shouting . They spoke ,

" What are you raving , what are you saying ? Do you say , you are GOD ? If you are GOD , do jump down from the roof and let us see whether you are hurt .

If you are not hurt , then we shall believe in you as GOD ; if you are hurt , we shall kill you ; we shall persecute you .

Why are you speaking that way ? This profane language you have no right to employ " .

The body full of Divine madness spoke out ,

" O my own Self , I am ready to jump down ; I am ready to take a leap into any abyss that you may point out ; I am ready to jump into any ocean that you may indicate , but kindly let me know the place where I am not present already , because in order to jump down , we ought to have some spot where we can jump down and where we are not present already .

Let me know the place which is void of me , where I am not present already . I am the GOD of gods . Do point out to me the place where I am not present already and I will jump . How can One jump who already permeates the whole ? One alone can jump , who is limited , who is present here and not there " .

Then the person who had asked the child to jump down said ,

" Oh , are you that GOD ? Are you that GOD ? You are the body " .

The child said ,

" This body is made by your own imagination ; this body I am not . Your questions and objections cannot reach me ; they reach only your imagination " .

Similarly how can one jump , or how can one do such things , who is already all-permeating ? There is not a single spot where One is not present already . The same am I . The same am I .

If I be present only in this body and not in that , then of course I ought to work worldly miracles through this body in order to make good my claim to GODhead .

All the bodies are Mine ; ready-made they are Mine .

I have simply to take possession ; I have to make nothing , everything is made by Me .



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