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|| UNIVERSAL UNITY | 5.02 | PT001 TO PT005 ||

|| 02 | UNIVERSAL UNITY | UNI | PART 001 ||

Dear Atman , ( Own Self ) ,

The tongue is the organ of speech while the ears those of hearing . But from where does the tongue get the power to speak or the ears to hear ?

It is only one original Power which moves the tongue to speak and the ears to hear . The same power is working on both the sides . The same power , which moves the tongue to speak and the ears to hear , is at work in the speaker as well as in the hearer .

" I sing to hear my own song ,
I do not mind , if anybody understands it or not ."

This is not a lecture for you . It is Rama who is thinking aloud and lecturing to Rama's ownself . Please join Rama in this lecturing . Feel one with Rama and merge yourself in the idea that there is only one Force , pervading all these bodies . You can call it GOD , Allah , Atma , Parmatma or Nature .

There is One and only One Omnipotence , interpenetrating all the bodies , like a thread passing through the beads of a rosary . In fact it is IT and IT alone and nothing else .

For long we have been hearing and reading in the books about Unity and Universal Oneness . But we can draw the real benefit from it , only when we actually realize it and adopt it in our practical life . This unity is observed , understood and appreciated through the Laws of Nature which are universal .

This " Unity " is intrinsically the Soul of the Universe .


|| 02 | UNIVERSAL UNITY | UNI | PART 002 ||

The nations which have realised this Universal Unity in actual practice have made wonderful researches in Science and made tremendous progress and achieved new heights in various spheres .

Like such a nation , an individual , who practises this unity in one's own life , is bound to advance and move forward . The one who violates this Law of Unity is punished in the same way as the one who ignores the Law of Gravitation .

If you touch the fire , you are bound to burn your fingers . If you jump from the roof of a high building , you are sure to fracture your limbs . There is no escape .

Similarly , if you ignore the Law of Unity , you are sure to be segregated and harm yourself and face sufferings .

It is said in the epic Ramayana that , when Sita went out of Ayodhya , it became a deserted and desolated city . The entire monarchy was plunged into sorrowful adversity . The ruler died , the rulers spouses were widowed and the whole city was , as if , cursed and engulfed in misfortune . The throne remained unoccupied for fourteen years .

But , when Rama decided to bring back Sita ( from the imprisonment of Ravana ) , all the forces of Nature came forward to help . The animals of the forests and the primitive monkey and bear tribes offered their services and extended all help to Rama .

Even the stones changed their property of heaviness and became light , so as to float on water to help Rama bridge the sea gulf . Air , water and all the elements of nature were ready to help .

The small squirrels did not lag behind and helped the cause , by bringing particles of sand in their little mouths in the humble effort to fill up the sea in their own way .

The gods were also helping Rama to bring back Sita . The whole world became Rama's ally . The monkeys , who are known for their vagrant nature , acted in an organized way to form the army of Rama .

Dear Friends , by " Sita " is meant Brahma-Vidya , the Unity , the oneness not only with your countrypersons but with one and all . Your Sita or Brahma-Vidya , the Divine Knowledge , has left your country .

Your Sita or Brahma-Vidya is now in other developed countries . That is why , your country is steeped in slavery and is suffering from misery , poverty and wants .

If you bring back your Sita , ie , acquire Divine Knowledge and practise it in your daily life , your original glory and prosperity are sure to be restored .

Wherever the Law of Unity or Oneness has been broken , sufferings spread in the shape of disasters , poverty , calamity and adversity .

Wherever the Law of Unity is realised and practised , all the gods and natural elements stand to help one to accelerate the prosperity and progress . The gods offer oblation to one who realises and observes unity with all , the All . One is happy , prosperous and progressive .


|| 02 | UNIVERSAL UNITY | UNI | PART 003 ||

You might enquire , " What is this Unity ? "

Rama will not answer this question with the old arguments but will try to explain it scientifically , though in a simple language , yet in a modern way of thinking .

Rama will lay before you the bare facts and appeal to your inquiring capabilities to make efforts for searching the Truth . Please keep aside , for the present , the talk about soul and GOD . It smacks of orthodoxy .

Hence take up the question of universal unity . It will be explained to you that there does exist a Unity in all the different bodies , minds and the intellects . There is oneness in all both in matter and spirit . In fact this Unity is all-pervading .

The Indian philosophers divide the human covers in five categories

( 1 ) Annamayee Kosh or Physical cover ,
( 2 ) Pranmayee Kosh or Vital cover ,
( 3 ) Manomayee Kosh or Mental cover ,
( 4 ) Vigyanmayee Kosh or Knowledge cover ,
( 5 ) Anandmayee Kosh or Blissful cover .

The gross cover grows and is sustained by taking material food or nourishment . This is also called Sthool Sharir in Sanskrit and Jisme Kasif in Persian . In English you can call it the " Gross Body " .

With the help of this gross-body we transact business in our life in this world . Its manifestation is more evident in waking state . The vital cover is maintained through our breathing which produces vitality in us to maintain the life .

The " mental cover " , and the " cover of Knowledge " or consciousness are concerned with our feeling and thinking faculties .

The Pranmayee Kosh , the Manomayee Kosh and the Vgyanmayee Kosh combine to form the " Subtle Body " or Sukshama Sharir , as we call it in Sanskrit . In Persian they call it Jisme Latif or Alame Makut . It is concerned with our dreaming state .

The Anandmayee Kosh or the Blissful Cover is called " Karan Sharir " in Sanskrit and Jisme Illati in Persian . In English it may be called the " Seed " or " Causal Body " . Its manifestation is more evident in deep sleep state .

But your Atma or the Soul is not , attached to any of these covers . The outermost cover , the gross body , is like an overcoat . The subtle body is like an undercoat . The seed or the causal body is like your underwear .

The Atma pervades equally in all these covers ; there is no change in it ; the Atma is found everywhere throughout , in your own body and in all other bodies .


|| 02 | UNIVERSAL UNITY | UNI | PART 004 ||

Of these bodies , the Gross-body is the grossest of all . The Subtle-body , as its name indicates , is subtler than the Gross-body . It is subtler than even Hydrogen or Ether . The Causal body is subtler still .

As you know , the greater the grossness or the density of a body , the smaller the place it would occupy . Its reverse is also true . The subtler the body , the greater the space it occupies . According to this law , a subtle body occupies much greater space than a gross body . And , since the causal body is the subtlest of all the bodies , it is much more pervasive than any two of the other bodies , the gross or the subtle body .

But the Atma is neither any body nor any form of matter . It is the subtlest in the Universe . It , therefore , pervades the entire Universe and is all-embracing .

It is because of its this nature that it is not limited to any one body , but pervades all the bodies of different names and forms in this Universe . It is the same , throughout , in all the different bodies , and other things .

Under the influence of the Atma , the whole Universe is working according to the set Laws governed by it . The earth , the sun , the moon , the planets , the stars , the elements etc , all follow the Laws quietly and submissively . None can dare oppose or break these Laws .

It is the Atma which is called Allah , GOD or Brahman . The Atma is the Soul of Universe . Being the subtlest , it is all-pervading and interpenetrating . Nothing is beyond Atma or Brahman . It is on account of the all-pervasiveness of the Atma that the inner Unity is maintained in the innumerable diversities of the entire Universe . It is this fundamental unity , due to Atma , which is expressed in various ways throughout .

Rama will not say any more today , as Rama had already explained Atma in detail yesterday . Rama will , however , explain this unity , as seen in different lights in this Universe .


|| 02 | UNIVERSAL UNITY | UNI | PART 005 ||

Even if we consider only the gross-bodies , we will find that there is underlying unity in all of them .

Our gross-bodies are closely related with one another , like the different waves of the same ocean . Some waves are small , some big , some low , some high , but though these waves appear differently , yet they are one with the ocean . After all , the different waves are nothing but the sea water .

Similarly , the vicious or the virtuous , the rich or the poor are all one , like the waves , in which only one Atma or Nature is permeating . They may appear different by virtue of their different names and forms , but they are in essence all one , because they are nothing but the inseparable parts of the same , like the waves of the sea water , which is common to all .

Let us look at it more carefully and attentively .

You eat fruits , vegetables , cereals or meat to build your body . Then you excrete them and , in their excreted form , they may be used as manure for the vegetables , fruits etc . The same matter of your body reappears in the form of vegetables , fruits or cereals to be taken up again by you and others .

Thus you see that the same gross matter , which was once yours , becomes that of others in no time . It is rather a continuous process showing our physical unity with others .

Then again , doctors say that the body of a human is entirely changed after every seven years . Every particle of the body is replaced by a new one . The body which I call mine at this moment does not remain there as such after some time .

The body of Rama of seven years ago has changed and now constitutes the parts of the body or bodies of others . The body , which you are calling yours , belongs virtually to each and all . Thus , you see that even on the physical plane , there is a continuity of unity .

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