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The love for Upasana or Devotion begins from Yajna ( Self-sacrifice , good action and charity .

When we give away something in Yajna , or help someone on other similar occasions , we feel a sort of inner satisfaction . We are thus inspired to enjoy this feeling again and again . By our repeated charity or help to others , we develop a tendency of gradually losing ourselves in Divinity .

In this way , we continue to enjoy the pleasure of Upasana or meditation . Thus , what we consider to be a loss in charity is , in fact , a clear gain to us .

Real Devotion or Upasana is that liberal stage wherein we sacrifice all our egoism and our selfishness at the altar of Atma or GOD .

The real pleasure of Upasana can never be enjoyed by a narrow-minded person . The one who does not possess large heartedness of a ruler is incapable of appreciating the heavenly bliss of Upasana .

And , who is the ruler ? As a matter of fact , only that one can be called a monarch or an emperor who possesses a detached view and is not attached even to the loin cloth or " langoti " .

One is liberal , generous and open-hearted .

Why do you weep , if your wealth has been stolen away by thieves ? O Friends ! Weep on your own foolishness . There is none else to take away any thing , except The One who wants to capture your heart in various ways . The Gopikas of Brindaban were fortunate that the child Krishna used to take away their butter .

They are really blessed who lose their all , the heart , mind and everything to GOD , who is the Master-Thief of all the thieves .

According to a prayer in Sh . Yaj . San . ( 16 , 20 ) ,

" We bow to the Master-Thief . We bow to the Master-Spy . We also bow to the Master Dacoit or robber who openly robs with impunity . "

It has been mentioned in the Purush Sukta of both Riga and Yajur Vedas that , when the Rishis and the gods sacrificed the Virat-Purush , ( attachment to the Universe ) , all their desires were automatically fulfilled . In the beginning of Brahdaranyak Upanishad , they have beautifully described the sacrifice of the horse-like vagrant affairs of this world . All praise for it .

So long as we do not rise above name and form of this universe and sacrifice them ( name and form ) like an offering in the Yajna , we have no right to get even a little taste of Divine immortality .

Unless we totally destroy our attachment and desire for the worldly objects in the fire of sacred knowledge of

" Sarvam Khalvidam Brahma " , ( the entire universe is Brahma or GOD ) ,

we cannot enter the sovereignty of Heaven or attain GODhood .

The Ruler Bali could renounce all the three * worlds in the name of GOD , and  was only an Asur ** . But it is a pity that you are not able to compete even with an Asur .

You must not consider this world to be real . Merge this idea into Brahma because Brahma alone is real and all else is unreal .

Then only you can be free from worry , anxiety or anguish . You will then be in a position to give GODhood even to GOD and to govern the sun , the moon and the entire universe .

People say that they are not able to concentrate their mind on meditation . How can they do so ? Due to their narrow mindedness and covetousness , they are not willing to give up , like a monkey , the pleasure of sense objects . On the other hand , they aspire to have GOD within their reach .

No , it is not possible .

They cannot burn the candle at both ends . They can have only one , either the worldly pleasures , or GOD . But GOD is not so foolish as to be easy at hand , in this way .

According to a Hindi poet :—

" Only that one can reach GOD who has no worldly desires . And the one who entertains worldly desires cannot reach GOD . "

GOD meets only those who , like Hanuman , throw away even the diamonds .

" What shall I do with this reward of diamonds and precious stones , if GOD's name is not in them . "

In Sabha Tarang , it has been mentioned

" If Mukund , my Beloved , is not in the bower , ( Kunj ) , it is worth being burnt . "

At the time of meditation , all sorts of thoughts creep in the mind , thoughts of food , nourishment , insult , love , hatred , etc connected with our life .

But one does not understand that these thoughts are not to be entertained .

The only thought should be about GOD and GOD alone .

In Geeta ( 6 , 25 ) it has been said :—

" While concentrating on Atma , one should not think of anything else . "

When GOD is encamped in your heart , all desires will be automatically fulfilled . So long as you believe in the reality of the sense objects , and so long as you set your heart on them , you will never get them , whatsoever you may do . They will never give you any real comfort .

But when you give up your craving , the desired objects will present themselves before you . This is the Law .

The great Himalayas may bounce like a ball with the force of wind , but this Law shall never fail .

It has been mentioned in Brihdaranyak Upanishad , ( 2 , 4 , 6 ) that :—

" Brahmanism keeps one away who regards Brahmanism away from Atma . Kshatriasm keeps one away who regards Kshatriasm away from Atma .

The worlds keep one away who regards these worlds something different from Atma . The gods keep one away who regards gods to be something other than Atma .

The Vedas keep one away who regards the Vedas to be away from Atma . The people humiliate one who considers people to be different from Atma .

Everything keeps one away who regards any thing to be away from Atma . This Brahmanism , Kshatriasm , the worlds , the gods , the people , the Vedas and in fact every thing is the same as the Atma . "

Rama tells you in every possible way that " only GOD exists and not the world " . If the things of the world are there , they are only the existence of GOD .

Dear ! Absorption in GOD ( Samadhi ) or the concentration in meditation will be achieved , only when you have nothing else to think of — when you drown your worry for treasure , wealth , house , spouse , children , enemies , friends and others in the only thought of GOD alone .

The tornado of GOD-concentration should be so powerful that any other idea of the world may be swept away .

According to Upanishad :—

" At this stage , parent is no parent , world is no world , gods are no gods , Vedas are no Vedas , thief is no thief , murderer is no murderer , Chandal is no Chandal , poulkas is no poulkas , beggar is no beggar and ascetic is no ascetic . "

To one who has attained such a higher stage , every thing is Atma and nothing but Atma .

When there is nothing but Atma , the mind too , has got to be absorbed in Atma itself . Where else can the poor thing go ?

A Hindi poet says :—

" A crow on the ship in the mid-sea cannot go anywhere else . It has got to come back to the ship after all . "

Another Hindi poet says :—

" I became blind in Shravan ( Rainy season ) . I , therefore , see only green verdure and nothing else . "

( * This world and the worlds above and below this . ** A member of the community opposed to Gods , ie Demons . )



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