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Upasana is like solving the sums of multiplication . And Jyan ( Divine or Self-Knowledge ) is like mastering the principle of the process of multiplication , through the study of Algebra .

Upasana is the means , and Jyan is the ultimate end . In Upasana , you have to make efforts to see Brahma with within you and outside you . Jyan makes you realize your own Self in every atom of the Universe that , " Thou are That " , and annihilate any feeling of differentiation .

As a matter of fact , this Jyan ( Knowledge of Self ) is the real " renunciation " .

A Sanskrit couplet says :—

" To give up the diversity of this world through realization of Self is renunciation . It gives immediate salvation . As such , it is respected by all learned persons " .

The Vedas have also ordained renunciation . They have directed that all attachment should be completely destroyed .

In the Ishavasya Upanishad it has been ordained that

" Whatsoever is in the world , is nothing but GOD . "

The external renunciations are only the means to attain the real renunciation . To develop GOD-realisation with efforts , through renunciation , is Upasana .

Now the question is whether this renunciation in respect of Upasana is also optional like other forms of renunciation and charity ? Does it also depend on one's own free will to donate or not to donate in charity ?

Those who consider it as optional are mistaken . Renunciation in Upasana is a " must " , because without it , you cannot get peace and divine ecstasy anywhere else .

You cannot have one-pointed concentration so long as you cherish one worldly hope or the other in your heart .

Only that one can have peace whose mind is not distracted by any thought of duty or want .

These desires will not leave you of their own . You will have to get rid of them . Therefore , it is very necessary for you to give up all hopes and expectations .

You have to be lost in GOD-ecstasy .

You must know that one day or the other you have got to leave this body . Why not consider yourself to have left it today ? Why not jump into the ocean of GOD-realization here and now without any doubt or hesitation ?

But when we give up our hopes and desires , they are fulfilled automatically .

The great royal saint Bhartari Hari in Vairagya Satak ( 98 ) has said :—

" Shall I ever have such good days , when the old deers will rub with impunity their bodies against mine , while I will be wholly absorbed in meditation of Brahma ( GOD ) , sitting on a Himalayan slab in Baddha Padamasan ( a tight-lotus-posture ) by the side of the sacred Ganga ? "

To the one who has renunciation and knowledge and who has developed peace of mind by constant reflection and observation , this material world , which hides the Reality due to the veil of ignorance , turns into a perpetual flow of Divine vision ( Darshan Dhara ) .

Let the believers in dualism and non-dualism quarrel in heated discussions , because , at this egotistic stage , it may not be wholly improper to have such an intellectual analysis and scrutiny .

But when we go deeper than the intellectual level and when the subjective mind or the ganglionic consciousness is enlightened , all the differences are smoothly ironed out .

So long as one does not realise GOD from one's innermost conscience , one will never be able to enjoy Upasana , Jyan , or understand the interpretation of the Vedas or the Upanishads .

A Hindi poet says :—

" Just as food is for the hungry , water for the thirsty and a lover for the love-lorn , so is GOD loved with the same intensity by a real devotee . "

The beloved talked through a telephone , and so the telephone became dear to us . So long as our beloved is away from us , we have a great need for the telephone .

But when our beloved is with us , we have nothing to do with the telephone . These friends , relatives , the rulers , this wealth etc are like telephones , through which Rama ( GOD ) used to talk .

" So long as I had not met my Beloved , I could not do without these telephones . But now , when our Rama , GOD , is with me , I would like my friends to leave me alone . I would not mind if my relatives forsake me or my wealth is looted away .

Get you gone . Respectability , Prestige and Status ! I do not need you . O ruler , turn me out of your rulerdom , if you so like . I have nothing to say , if you keep back your world with you . I am too happy and contented with my Beloved Rama , my GOD , to care for me . "

A Hindi poetess says :—

" If the ruler is annoyed with me , the ruler may not let me enter the Rulerdom . Now that my Beloved is with me , I will do every thing within my means to please my Beloved . I will burn away all my desires and good or bad qualities , and offer it as incense to the Beloved . I will sacrifice my very life to be with the Beloved , and will so embrace the Beloved as to be one with the Beloved . "

Without " Shivoham " mentality ( monistic outlook ) there can be no complete purity .



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