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Now listen attentively . I do not demand anything from you . I have no axe to grind . Why should I , then , say it in a round-about way ? You may take it ill or not , you may like it or not , but I must say the truth .

Rama says it at the top of the voice from the highest point of the mountain . Please listen attentively .

If you take this world to be real , you are grossly mistaken .

You will die inch by inch with burns in the smoldering fire of straw . Why this penance at this age ? You will not gain anything , rest assured . If you simply forget your real Self and suffer from body-consciousness , you will sink in the swamp and melt away into nothingness .

By forgetting Brahma ( GOD ) , you invite sorrow and suffering and you induce bombs to fall on your head . O friends ! You will surely be burnt to death .

Why do you suffer humiliation by rejecting Truth and believing in the so-called reality of name and form of the worldly objects ?

What you take it to be palatable butter , which is nothing but a ball of unslaked quick-lime . If you eat it , your intestines will be corroded .

Rama speaks the truth . Believe it . All the objects of the world are unreal . GOD alone is Real .

It is said in " Yog Vasistha " — a treatise on Vedanta — that when , in the hot scorching sun of May-June , saint Manki took shelter in a village , Manki met the great Rishi Vasishtha who said ,

" Verily , it is better to die here in this boiling heat a thousand times than to die in the doomed oven of body-consciousness . Here , only your physical body will burn , but there , due to violent heat of ignorance , you will be burnt away in entirety . "

A Sanskrit couplet says :—

" It may be good to some extent to be a snake of the dark den , to be a worm of a stone slab or to be a limping deer in a hot desert . But it is never good to be in the company of ignorant persons . "

Whatever Rama says , Rama says both from personal experience and that of the world . It is the hard truth .

Whenever , even though it may be unconsciously , I

< : 1 : > have a feeling of love for or hatred against any worldly object ,
< : 2 : > calculate the worldly loss or gain ,
< : 3 : > differentiate between high and low ,
< : 4 : > consider physical health to be a great achievement ,
< : 5 : > take one as my own and the other as an alien ,
< : 6 : > regard something of the present or future as the reality ,
< : 7 : > identify myself with my body , mind or intellect ,

or , in other words , whenever I

< : 8 : > forget my real Universal Self and see things with a feeling of differentiation ,

then , believe me , I am doomed to be afflicted with one or the other of the three sufferings * .

If the outlook is a little narrow , the suffering will increase . And if the outlook does not improve still , we are bound to suffer troubles and anguish , due to our mean thoughts and narrow-mindedness .

But , when we rise above body-consciousness and merge our dualistic view in oneness with All or in GOD-realisation , the elements of the universe obey our orders , as if they are own hands and feet which can be moved at our will . Nature , then , starts dancing to our tune . This is the Law .

Says a realized person , this very Law is also applicable in bringing good or evil to others . Those who do not know this Law are doomed .

But for GOD's sake do not consider this Law to be weak , like a raw cotton cord , spun by some unexperienced person .

It is an iron rope which binds even the gods . It is like that solid sea rock , which , if overlooked , cause shipwreck of rulers , learned persons , gods and devils alike . Countries after countries have been ruined by forgetting and reflecting this Law .

The python thought that it would eat away and digest Krishna ** . And lo ! It did swallow Krishna . But its abdomen burst , and it was blown away into splinters , as if a firework . But Krishna was unhurt , as if nothing had happened .

Can you afford to devour , suppress or hide this Law , the Truth ? No . You cannot . Truth is no respecter of persons .

As you know , Truth did not spare even the family members of Lord Krishna . But when it was thought to have been reduced to dust and crushed into powder , it grew again and destroyed Krishna , Krishna's kinspersons and all . Dwarika , the capital city of Yadavas too , was drown .

There is no use crying over the dead body with the slogan , ( Ram Ram Satya hai ) " GOD alone is Truth " . Why not realise this Truth here and now . If you do so , you shall never die .

Geeta will be of no avail at the time of your death . Change your very life into song celestial . The candle at your grave will give you no light .

Why not enlighten your heart just now with GOD-realisation , in this very life , and be blessed ?

A Sanskrit poet says :—

" O Lord Krishna ! may the swan of my mind be encaged in my devotion to your lotus feet just now because it would not be possible for me to remember you or repeat your name at the time of my death , due to brain fag and due to the choking of my throat with phlegm , on account of the aggravation of my troubles and death pangs .

Even an animal fallen in the well does its best to come out . But alas , my wretched self ! I do not have any desire to redeem myself from the ocean of involvement in this world . Cursed am I . Fie on me " .

There is a story of a poor weaver , who died from starvation . The parent smeared a little butter on the mouth and anus and showed it to others , saying ,

" See , my offspring did not die of starvation , but died eating and excreting butter " .

The showy salvation is like the butter of the weaver . When you can achieve real salvation in this very life , why not have it ?

( NOTE : * The three sufferings according to Hindu scriptures are Adhibhoutik , Adhidaivik and Adhyatmic , ie worldly troubles , GOD sent troubles and spiritual troubles .

** The reference is to the last days of Lord Krishna , as described in Bhagwat Purana — " Life of Lord Krishna " . )



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