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( 2 ) When a person is badly engrossed in the worldly affairs , any spiritual law is broken , a sin has been committed , or GOD is forgotten , then , if we do Upasana ( pray ) with the idea of the following Mantras given below , with all humility and sincerity , with folded hands , bended knees , bowed head and a truly repentant heart , there is no sin which may not be washed away .

" O Lord Varuna ! May I not live in a mud hut , but may I live only in a beautiful house made of gold . You grant me such a comfort . O Lord of decorative wealth ! Have mercy on me . "

" O Lord Varuna of generous and pure nature ! On account of my weakness I have been acting against the dictates of Shruti and Smiriti ( the Vedas and the prescribed Laws ) , or , in other words , I have been behaving against the laws of Nature , and therefore , I have been punished by you . O Lord ! Grant me relief from my tortuous state of mind and discomfort . "

" I am thirsty in mid ocean . I cannot quench my thirst , because sea water is salty and undrinkable . O Lord ! Satisfy my thirst . "

" O Varuna , GOD of all the gods , we mortals are committing evil deeds and have forgotten the religious life , as ordained by you , due to our carelessness and ignorance . We pray unto You not to punish us for these sins . Have mercy on us . "

A Hindi poet says :—

" May I have a palace of gold and may not be entangled in the thorns of miseries . May I have diamonds and pearls , instead of mud . "

" Have mercy on me . Be kind to me , my Lord . I am sorry and I repent . I apologize and I bow unto you . Have pity on me . Excuse me , my Lord , and be generous to me . "

( 3 ) So long as we maintain our separate individuality or so long as we entertain any selfish desire , we shall pray with a dualistic idea .

When the intensity of love and devotion will be very much developed , Upasana will take the following form ,

According to Taitriya Upanishad :—

" O Brahma , the source of all , I enter into Thee . I offer myself as an oblation . O Om or Brahma , the original cause of all , mayest Thou enter into me ! I purify myself by entering and taking bath in Thee and Thy thousand forms . "

When the dualistic Upasana is developed to the highest stage , its form will be something like this ,

According Shu . , Yaj . , Sanhita , 23/19 .

" O Ganpati , may you protect and preserve your followers . We invoke You . May You protect and preserve Your devotees . We invoke You . May You protect and preserve our wealth and items of comfort . We invoke You .

O Baso ! O Prajapati ! May You be my protector and preserver because You are all pervading . You carry the whole universe , as if in Your womb . You are the root cause of this universe . You are the creator of all the material objects in this world .

I bow unto You . You carry within You the seed of all the elements of this world .

You are Omniscient , Omnipotent and Omnipresent . "

An Urdu poem of Rama explains :—

" I weep and quarrel with Thee in my love for Thee .
" May I be granted the good fortune
That my body and soul be guided by Thee .
" That my egoism may be destroyed by Thee .
" That I may have the joy to sacrifice myself to Thee .
" That I may have the taste of my eternal Unity with Thee .
" That there is love and affection between the friends
Only on account of Thee .
" That there is affection amongst the relatives
On account of Thee .
" That the treasure in the treasuries is due to Thee .
" That the halo and glory
Among the rich and the flourishing persons is due to Thee .
" That the philosophy among the philosophers is due to Thee .
" That the glamour , admiration and commendation
In this world is due to Thee . "

In other words O my Lord ! Thou are All in all .

In Samved Indra Prava :

" O club-wielding Indra ! I cannot part with Thee even for any price . I cannot part with Thee even for thousand or ten thousand coins . O , the wealthiest Indra ! I cannot part with Thee even for unlimited price . I am not prepared to give up your respect and worship even though I may get any amount of wealth . "

But , they are wrong who practice this sort of lower Upasana forever .

If , however , any prayer has been offered with all sincerity , the heart must change . If the mind has been raised to the still higher stage , there is no reason why we should stick to the lower state .

If , for any reason , our heart was not changed , it means that our prayer was not sincere and that it was only a useless verbal utterance .

Do you want to continue to use this useless prayer for ever , as a profession ?

The main purpose of the prayer is to change your heart , to turn you away from your body-consciousness and to take you towards the realization of the Atma or the Self .

When a true Upasak ( devotee ) remembers one's sins , one wants to run away from one's worldly self . One then surrenders oneself to GOD , and ultimately attains unity with Atma or the Self .

If such a concentration is achieved even once or twice , it will prove beneficial . There is nothing to be afraid of .

But those who daily repeat in their prayers ,

" I am a sinner , I am born of sin , etc , "

are really unfortunate . They not only do develop in them a tendency to confirm their ties with their body-consciousness , but also perpetuate the idea of sin in their sub-conscious mind .

One with pious thoughts and a sincere heart can never pray as if one is separate or away from GOD . One would pour all one's heart to be one with GOD in prayer .



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