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All desire is Love , and Love is GOD , and that GOD you are .

RAMA राम

OBJECTION III : We say we want life , we want life , we dont want inactivity .

ANSWER ( Excerpt ) : Vedanta says , " Be not inactive , go on desiring , do not stop . " Truth is very paradoxical ; both sides must be taken into consideration .

Those who think that Vedanta teaches pessimism are mistaken .

Vedanta teaches you the right way of conducting yourself , in the way to keep the whole world under your control .

We will take up the question of Desire .

Vedanta does not mean that you shall live a life of inactivity , never ; always a life of activity . One's desires according to Vedanta are alright , but we must make the right use of them .

What is desire ? Desire is nothing else but Love . Usually the word " love " means intense desire for an object . If love is intense desire for an object , then all desire is nothing else but love , and they say that GOD is love , therefore all desires are GOD .

That being true , how happy is one who realizes one's own life to be one with all Desire and then feels that unity oneself , one's own true Atman , is contained in the whole world in the form of Desire and is governing and ruling it .

How happy does one become who realizes one's unity with the all-ruling force of desire , who feels that

" I am the source of all desire " ; " All desire is due to me " ,

the parent , the origin , the fountainhead , the spirit of all desire in this world , that am I ; thus I rule the whole world by the reins of desire . The reins are in my hands , I am that who holds these reins and rules these bodies . All hatred , all animosity stops the very moment you reach that point . The desires of friends or foes are my desires .

I am the Infinite power which governs or rules those desires . The yearnings and cravings of this person or that are mine . O happy I , the true Atman , the Governor of the whole Universe .

People make a wrong use of desires ; they turn things topsy-turvy . If desire is love and love is GOD , Vedanta requires you to realize that you are all desire ; but do not make a wrong use of it , do not make a mistake by calling one desire yours and all other desires someone else's .

Desires are pernicious when one works against another . All desires are like waves , ripples , eddies , in the one ocean of Love .

The whole universe is made up of one Infinite Ocean of Love , what you might call Love . The stars are held together by Gravitation . Gravitation is attraction , and that is love . All chemical combinations take place through the force of chemical affinity . That is love between atom and atom . Love between atom and atom is called Affinity . Love between one planet and another is called Gravitation . Love between molecules is called affinity . This book is held together by the force of Cohesion . Cohesion is Love .

The whole world is like the waves and ripples in one great Ocean of Love , and Science has shown , Lord Kelvin and others have shown , that " all matter is nothing else but force " . Now force in this world is manifested chiefly as Gravitation , Cohesion , Chemical Affinity , Electricity , Magnetism , Light , Heat , etc .

Magnetism and Electricity , what is there in them ? You find attraction . Heat seems to disunite apparently , to separate particles , but Science proves by looking at matter from another standpoint , that , that which is dissolution or separation from one standpoint , is love and attraction from another standpoint .

The whole world is simply the eddies and the ripples in the Ocean of Force . That power , that energy of force is , according to Vedanta , your real Self , the same you are . Realize that . That same power and energy of force is called Love .

The theory propounded by Darwin and other Evolutionists , as based upon struggle for existence , is supplemented or complemented by thinkers like Drummond ; they show that Evolution takes place not only through struggle and war , but mostly through love , character , and attraction .

All desire is Love , and Love is GOD , and that GOD you are .



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