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WHO IS ALIVE ? | 5.05 | PT001 TO PT006

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|| WHO IS ALIVE ? | 5.05 | PT001 TO PT006 ||

|| 05 | WHO IS ALIVE ? | WIA | PART 001 ||

You may ask : " Why have I drawn these puzzles , the circles within circles ? Whom do I want to catch in this net ? "

Dear friend ! These circles have been drawn to free you from your imprisonment of ignorance . These are like mirrors put up before you to make you realise your own real Self .

When a cat approaches a pigeon to catch it , poor bird pigeon closes its eyes , as if the cat has disappeared from its sight and it has now no fear .

Though the cat may not be visible to the pigeon , but the pigeon is quite visible to the cat . It sees it alright . It will surely make it a prey .

So , too , if you ignore your miserable conditions and shut your eyes , you would not be free from your miseries .

Contrary to this , one can save oneself from the clutches of a lion or a tiger , if one can outstare it ( the lion ) .

Similarly , you can find a solution to your troubles , if you concentrate on self-introspection .

Today , my friend , you will have to ponder over your present condition and its cause , if you have intense desire to be free from your miseries .


|| 05 | WHO IS ALIVE ? | WIA | PART 002 ||

You may say , " Why should anybody waste time and energy in this complicated subject ?

You are a Vedantin . You are said to be All in all . Why do you not write and also read it by yourself , because there is none else beside you . This will further establish your monistic philosophy of Vedanta . "

Most certainly , you are right . The guide of this complicated path is in the complication itself .

" I am myself the pot , the potmaker , and also the clay out of which the pot has been made . I am the pupil as also the preceptor . "

There is no differentiation in the underlying unity of the Self . Seemingly , there may be millions of people to read this article , but there is only one RAMA who is pervading : It is Self alone who is connected with all . Self writes Itself and also reads Itself .

According to Yajurveda :

" How wonderful ! I am the object of enjoyment as also the enjoyer of the objects , the subject . I combine both the object and the subject . I am the knowledge , the knower , and the known . " ( Taitriya Upanishad )


|| 05 | WHO IS ALIVE ? | WIA | PART 003 ||

" Alif " in Arabic means , " thousand " , but " Alif " ( A Persian Alphabet equivalent to " A " in English ) is only one .

There are thousands of waves in ocean , but the ocean is only one .

Well , dear critic ! Have you discovered any way to get out of the imprisonment of the world miseries ?

If not , why do you hesitate to go through this article , howsoever complicated , puzzling , round-about or circuitous it may be ? It is for your own good .

Why are you afraid of these circles ?

Your eyes are round , the sky is round , the sun , the moon , the earth and the stars are all spherical . Even the so-called straight line is a part of a very big circle , the centre of which is situated far-far away .

According to Saint Augustine ,

" GOD is like a circle whose centre is everywhere but whose circumference nowhere . "

Monsoon and trade winds blow towards the equator , get heated and , being rarefied , go up , and then again come back as anti-monsoon or anti-trade winds . Then , when they are cooled down , they again go to the direction of the equator .

In this way , they are always , so to say , moving in circles .

Similarly , the sea streams also flow in cycles , as is clear from the Gulf Stream and anti-Gulf Stream .

So the rivers are also completing their cycles . They come down the hills , pass through the plains and are ultimately discharged into the sea .

Then , from there they are vapourized to form the clouds . They rain on the mountains and again flow out in the form of the rivers , completing their cycles .


|| 05 | WHO IS ALIVE ? | WIA | PART 004 ||

The hands of the clock or a watch , start from XII , make a complete round , and then again come back to XII . All these are bound to continue their life in the cyclic order .

Similarly , the morning , the noon , the evening and the night form the cycle of time . Spring , summer , winter , and autumn are completing their rounds like a flywheel .

The horses of the Yugas ( Periods ) Satya , Treta , Dwapar and Kaliyuga are steadily running round the circle of existence .

Even the Earth is rotating and revolving . The moon , as you see , is pale , as if , by continuous encircling the Earth . Also the stars are moving in circle . The pole star is rotating like a point at the end of the axis of the spinning wheel of Nature .

The sea is roaring and making hullabaloo on account of the various revolutionary movements . The air is breathing cold with languishment .

According to the Muslim belief , the sorrow-afflicted persons blame the sky for their sufferings . The same sky is looking wildly all-around with its starry eyes in disappointment , due to the continuous revolution of this Universe .

In short , the effects of this revolving Universe are innumerable .

This human life itself is a whirlpool in the ocean of existence . It creates a pleasant whirl , though for a while only , on the surface of the river , noumenon , and then it disappears .

If , however , you want your release from the vicious circle of transmigration , then you must study this article of " circles within circles " , with care and concentration .

Quietly discuss it , and then with patience and perseverance cross the hurdles of its difficult portions .

Ultimately , you will solve this puzzle of circles and see the light of the straight line .

You will , thereafter , realise the real Truth .

But mind you . Never allow yourself to be entangled in the loops of the circles , else you are doomed .


|| 05 | WHO IS ALIVE ? | WIA | PART 005 ||

So long as you keep your eyes on the phenomena ( name and form ) of the circles , you will never be emancipated from worldly sufferings , and you will never get peace .

If you really want to free yourself from distractions and worries , you have to turn to the centre , the noumenon .

You must study Upanishads which destroy all differences and the duality .

The worldly knowledge is like the light of lantern , the sphere of which is very small . It may throw light on the articles within its limited sphere , but this itself is surrounded by a very big sphere of darkness .

No sooner the light of worldly knowledge advances than the darkness of ignorance of other subjects appears before you .

Previously the Grecians accepted water as an element . But , according to the modern science , water has been proved to be a compound of two elements , hydrogen and oxygen . Previously only water was investigable but now both oxygen and hydrogen are investigable .

The field of knowledge has , no doubt , increased , but , the field of the unknown remains enormous and widespread .

Your worldly knowledge will , no doubt , be increased by the researches of Newton and other scientists , but the scope of research on the investigable subjects will never be diminished and you will have to concede that the present investigations can only be treated as similar to the picking up of shells at the seashore .

Empirical sciences can be compared to the efforts of Duhshasan and the Reality to Draupadi of Mahabharata , an Indian epic . Duhshasan wanted to uncover Draupadi by taking away the garments .

Empirical science is similarly an attempt to uncover the mysteries of Nature and find out the Reality . But , when one secret is revealed , others ever remain to be unmasked .

Just as Draupadi could not be undressed , the Reality too can never be unmasked .

There were so many layers after layers of Draupadi's garment , that poor Duhshasan got tired and had to admit that

" veils after veils are removed , yet there remains veils upon veils behind " .

So is the case with the empirical sciences . You may go on making researches , but you will find that there is no end to them . Nature is limitless like Draupadi's garment .


|| 05 | WHO IS ALIVE ? | WIA | PART 006 ||

Once Isaac Newton installed a fan in the room , arranging the levers and the pulleys in such a way that the fan could be worked by the rats .

Near the end of a toothed wheel , Newton had put a few grains of wheat in such a way that they were not affected by the movement of the wheel .

When the rat jumped from one tooth to the other , the wheel was moved , causing the fan to work , but the grains of wheat remained , where they were .

The dupe would jump again and again in its efforts to get them , causing the wheel to continue to work the fan .

Poor rat was always in the hope of getting the grains at every jump , but , unfortunately it could never get them .

So , too , are worldly hopes and aspirations of the human . They are never fulfilled to satisfaction .

As the rat never reached the grains , so too , the human , engrossed in desires , would ever be far from Truth , and the worldly fan would continue to work incessantly .

There are black lines in the spectrum of the Sun . At the time of solar eclipse , these lines look white .

Similarly , these modern inventions etc , look grand and sparkling . These are innovative .

But , when ignorance ( of the Reality ) is removed , these so-called progressive inventions look as insignificant .

" What shall it profit one , if one should gain the whole world , but lose one's own soul ? "

There is no doubt that the scientific investigators are like the guiding stars in the firmament of fame and reputation . They do guide persons straying in the dark night of gross ignorance , and with the help of their light , they do keep the passengers away from muddy and marshy ground .

That is true , but when the Sun of Divine Knowledge rises , the stars lose their light , disappear in the sky and lose all value .

O my friend ! You have already learnt how to illuminate your dark rooms with artificial light and chandeliers .

But unfortunately , why do you hesitate to make use of your own Sun , the Divine Knowledge — Brahma Vidya ?

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