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The majority of people wish to keep up their ties , their relations , to unite and perpetuate their connections .

Let it be cried out at the top of the voice , let it be proclaimed everywhere that it is a mad idea to wish to continue and perpetuate your worldly relations , your earthly connections .

You cannot , you cannot .

It is hoping against hope ; a forlorn hope .

You cannot perpetuate your earthly connections and worldly ties . You cannot continue anything worldly .

Cannot , cannot .

Let this Truth penetrate your hearts , let it sink deep into your souls that it is a mad idea to try to perpetuate any worldly ties or relations .

Rama repeats it , repeats it , that you cannot do so .

Nothing in this world is permanent ; nothing in this world is eternal .

The only thing permanent is the Divinity within you , the GOD that you are , the Reality that you are .

This body cannot be perpetuated , this little body cannot be made to last forever . Even if you live for five billions of years , still there is death . The Sun dies one day , the Earth dies , the stars die , that means change .

All these undergo a change , cannot be perpetuated , just as your body is undergoing a change every second . After seven years it is entirely renewed , it becomes a new body altogether .

Similarly your connections , your ties go on changing , they cannot be perpetuated .

Give up attachment in that direction if you have any .

Rivers may flow uphill , winds may blow downward . Fire may emit cold rays , the sun may shed darkness , but this Law of the Impermanence of worldly relations , worldly connections , cannot be frustrated or foiled .

That is the Law . If you think otherwise , you are mistaken .

Just as in a river , when logs of wood come floating on the surface , one log comes from one side , another from some other side . They meet for a moment , they remain in contact for a second , and then they part again . A strong wave comes and separates them . It may be that these logs of wood that are adrift on the river , may meet again , but they will have to separate again sometime .

Just as in your life , in your everyday life , parents , siblings live together , but every 24 hours they separate . Many a time they meet again for a few minutes ; then they separate into their separate rooms or offices .

Just as you observe on a smaller scale in every household , in every domestic circle , the same is the case on a larger scale with your connections and distant friends .

You cannot remain together forever and ever .

If it is the case , why play the child's part ?

Why not be more concerned with what lasts forever , what is permanent and eternal ? Why not care more for That than for the fleeting relationships ?

Why not think more of the eternal permanent Reality with which you cannot part , why not try to secure and realize That ?

Why try to sacrifice the permanent Reality , the real Eternity , why sacrifice That for the fleeting impermanent relations ?