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Japa , chanting , and meditation on OM are the most important portions of the Vedantic Sadhana . . .

The state of turiya , Brahman , the atman and OM are one . OM is an embodiment of the essence of the whole of the Vedas . . .

The whole essence of the Vedas is compressed in the symbol of OM . This symbol is endowed with occult powers of the highest character . Aspirants who tread the path of Vedanta always repeat OM mentally and enjoy supreme bliss from this mystic practice . . .

Live and move in OM . . .

Utter OM in each and every breath . Be ever wakeful in the bliss of OM . Melt the dream of this illusive world in the wakefulness of OM . Sink the pains and miseries of samsara in the bliss of OM , the bliss of the Eternal , the abode of peace , bliss , and joy . . .

Meditation on OM leads to the realization of Brahma Jnana . . .

Think of nothing other than OM . May OM be the solace of your life . May OM be the solace of your past , present , and future . May you ever live immersed in the ecstasy of the Pranava .

OM is the Name of Brahman . Through proper understanding of OM and its right significance , you can find out the way to approach and realize Brahman .

May you all enter the soundless OM by transcending the sounds of the letters . May you all meditate on OM and attain the goal of life , the Ultimate Reality , Satchitananda Parabrahman . May the OM guide you . May this OM be your center , ideal , and goal .


Parabrahman , that Eternal Highest Being , the abiding place of all that lives and moves , is beyond name and definition . The Vedas have ventured to give a name to It , in order that the human may recognize and call It . A new-born child has no name , but on receiving one , will answer to it . People who are troubled by the afflictions of this world run to the Deity for refuge , and call It by the name . When Brahman is invoked through the name , that which is hidden is revealed to the aspirant .

Brahman is the highest of all . OM is Its name . So OM is to be adored . OM is everything . OM is the name or symbol of GOD , Ishwara , or Brahman . OM is your real name .

OM covers all the threefold experience of the human . OM stands for all phenomenal words . From OM this sense-universe has been projected . The world exists in OM and dissolves in OM . OM is formed by combining the letters A , U , and M .

A represents the physical plane , U represents the mental and the astral planes , the world of spirits , all heavens , and M represents all the deep sleep state and all that is unknown and beyond the reach of the intellect even in your waking .

OM therefore represents all . OM is the basis of your life , thought and intelligence . All words that denote objects are centered in OM . Hence the whole world has come from OM , rests in OM and dissolves in OM . . . All the letters of the alphabets of all languages are contained in this mysterious , sacred monosyllable OM . Therefore , it is quite proper to regard OM as the symbol or name of Brahman . . . OM only is the solid reality . OM is the soul of your breath .

OM gives peace , calmness , tranquility and serenity . This symbol brings the entire universe and all it contains in its span . . . OM includes everything we can imagine and something more , too . As such it is a fit symbol to be meditated upon . No other symbol can span so much in its embrace .

The sound produced in the flowing Ganga , the sound that is heard at a distance and that which proceeds from the bustle of a market , the sound that is produced when the fly wheel of an engine is set in motion , the sound that is caused when it rains , the sound that is produced when there is a conflagration of fire , when there is thunder , it is all OM only . You split any word , you find OM is there . OM is all-pervading like akasha ( ether ) , like Brahman .

OM is the symbol of Brahman . It is the word of power . It is the sacred monosyllable . It is the essence of all the Vedas . It is the boat to take you to the other shore of fearlessness and immortality . Meditate on OM with bhava and meaning . When you think or meditate on OM , you will have to think of Brahman , the thing signified by the symbol .

The word OM is the most appropriate name of Brahman , the Supreme Spirit . It is emblematic of Brahman , as images are of material objects . When You hear the sound " tree " , you at once understand that it has a root , stem , branches , leaves , flowers , fruits , etc .

Similarly when you hear the sound OM it denotes Satchidananda Brahman , Existence Absolute , Knowledge Absolute , Bliss Absolute . All collections of speech or words terminate in one sound : OM . All objects are denoted by sound and all sounds merge in Omkara . The whole universe comes out of OM and is absorbed in OM . Hence OM is very important . It should be worshipped . It should be chanted loudly . It should be repeated mentally with meaning and feeling . It should be meditated upon .

Why is OM taken as the symbol of Brahman ? Can we not have any other word besides OM to represent Brahman , the solid Reality , the living Truth ? OM is a mysterious and sacred syllable .

Chant OM for one hour . Chant any other word also for one hour . You will yourself feel the difference .

There is a real connection between OM , the symbol and Brahman , the thing signified by the symbol OM . Thought and word are inseparable . OM and Brahman are inseparable . When you think of the image of OM , the image will bring to your memory Brahman the thing signified . There is intimate relationship between the symbol OM and Brahman the thing signified .

OM is the common symbol . It will represent all the symbols of GOD . The common symbol OM , the basis of all sounds and all languages , represents all names and becomes the head of all names of GOD . . . Therefore worship OM . Live in OM . Meditate on OM . Merge in OM . Rejoice in OM .


The vibration produced by chanting OM in the physical universe corresponds to the original vibration that first arose from the mouth of Hiranyagarbha , the Creator . Hence OM is very important .

You will find in the Bible : " In the beginning was the word , and the word was with GOD and the word was GOD " .

This is OM , the word of power . No one can exhaust the subject of this sacred Mantra OM even if they have the water of the oceans as ink and all the trees of the world as pens . Volumes have been written in the Sanskrit language on the significance of OM , the sacred and the mysterious monosyllable . . . All Vedas , all Vedanta , all the sacred scriptures of the Hindus are contained in OM .

OM is the womb for everything . This world has come out of OM , exists in OM , and dissolves in OM during the cosmic Pralaya . The creation itself is set in motion by the vibration of OM .

All colors are centered in the eye ; all tastes are centered in the tongue ; all touches are centered in the skin ; all sounds are centered in the ear ; all scents are centered in the nose ; all senses are centered in the mind ; all minds are centered in OM or Brahman , the Supreme Self , the Support for everything .

One who chants or repeats OM really repeats the sacred books of the whole world . OM is the source or the womb for all religions and scriptures of different parts of the world . OM represents the Truth , Brahman , the one Existence .

There is no worship without OM . OM is both Saguna and Nirguna ( with attributes and without attributes ) , Sakara and Nirakara ( with form and without form ) .

Pranava or OM is the greatest of all mantras . It bestows liberation directly . . . The greatness of the Omkara cannot be described by anybody . Even great sages have failed to fully describe the greatness of Pranava . There is OM in every sound .

OM is an auspicious trademark of sannyasins and Vedantins who deal with the trade of dissemination of spiritual knowledge to the world at large . It is written on the front wall of every ashram of a sannyasin . OM is used in the form of invocation or addressing in prayer or supplication . OM is the formula of imperative prayer which transmits a certain grace or virtue to the person over whom it is pronounced . Votaries of OM write OM first before they begin a letter .


Rishis and sages of yore who have attained self-realization have experienced the mysterious effects of repetition or chanting of OM . Having made long researches and experiments on OM and its vibrations , they meditated on OM for a considerable period and then gave to the world OM as the right symbol of Brahman . This is not a hocus-pocus work or a juggler's trick . This is authoritative assertion of the seers . OM served as a beacon light or light-house or a safe boat for them when they sailed in the turbulent and deep unnavigable waters of this ocean of Samsara . Through OM they ascended safely to the summit of the hill of nirvikalpa samadhi , the knowledge of the Self , Brahma Jnana . You can safely rely on their teachings .

There is a mysterious inscrutable force in OM . This force tears the veils , destroys desires , cravings , and egoism and takes the aspirant to Brahman . It raises the Brahmakara Vritti ( the thought of Brahman that excludes all other thoughts ) within the sattwic mind , annihilates the mula-ajnana ( root ignorance ) and helps the meditator to rest in one's own Satchidananda swarupa ( form ) .

OM or Pranava is a sparkling ferryboat for those who have fallen into the neverending ocean of mundane life . Many have crossed this ocean of Samsara with the help of this ferryboat . You can also do so if you will . Meditate constantly on OM with bhava and meaning and realize the Self .

OM is the ladder which takes the aspirant to the loftier levels of superconsciousness and spiritual heights of splendor and glory . Meditation on OM will reveal to you the laws of the higher planes and the spiritual laws . Meditation on OM will give you liberation , immortality , courage , inner spiritual strength , supreme peace , penetrative insight , and change your very being .

You already know that in a single second radio waves travel seven times around the whole world . Mysterious indeed ! Have you ever thought of this ? Have you ever thought of the efficacy of this mysterious chanting of OM vibrations ? If this scientific fact be true , what I believe is , that the vibrations of OM chanting have travelled throughout the world .

What does Lord Krishna teach by holding the flute in Krishna's hands ? What is the symbolic philosophy of the flute ? The flute is the symbol of OM . Krishna says :

" Empty your egoism . I will play in your body-flute . You will become one with My will . Take refuge in OM . Meditate on OM . You will enter into My Being . Hear the inner soul-stirring music of the soul , music of OM , and rest in everlasting peace " .

An adept in Yoga who contemplates on OM is not affected by karmic influences or even by tens of crores ( hundreds of millions ) of sins . Whoever does japa of this mantra destroys sins . Whosoever recites OM becomes free from all sins , however sinful one may be , derives the good effects of the recitation of all the Vedas , and is freed from all the five great sins also . Such is the greatness and glory of OM , the name or symbol of Brahman . If you put unshakable faith in the glory of the name you will be freed from the bondage . If you perform any action with the utterance of OM in the beginning , middle , and end , you will attain perfection and success in the action .

|| WHAT IS OM ? ||

OM is the all-pervading sound that has come out of GOD . OM sound is the beginning of creation . OM has emanated from the cosmic vibration . OM is all in all . OM is the mystic word of power . OM is the magic word of marvellous potency . OM is the comforter and prop of all .

OM represents all names of GOD , because OM is the substratum or the matrix or the basis of all sounds or names . In OM all names or sounds or words are included . OM is the greatest of all sounds or words . OM is the ocean into which all rivers of sounds , names , and words flow .

OM is the voice of all creation . OM is guru's voice . OM is the voice of Hiranyagarbha . OM is the voice of the Vedas . OM is the basis of all sounds . OM is the cosmic sound . OM is the primal sound of the universe . OM is the priceless treasure of a student in the path of jnana yoga . OM is the password of Vedantins . OM is the passport of those who are sailing in the boat of knowledge of the Self to reach the other shore of fearlessness and immortality , Brahman .

OM is the Soul of souls . OM is the Light of lights . OM is the panacea for the destruction of sins and the dire disease of death . OM is the celestial ambrosia that confers immortality . OM is the sacred Triveni in the Trikuti . Meditate on OM . Plunge in OM . Have a dip in OM . This is the most sacred bath that will quench the fire of samsara .

OM represents the canvas or the background . The forms of this universe represent the pictures in the canvas . The canvas is real , but the picture in the canvas is unreal , because fire in the canvas cannot bum your fingers , the knife in the canvas cannot cut your fingers , the tiger in the canvas cannot bite you .

Even so , OM or Brahman is the only solid reality . The names and forms are unreal like the pictures in the canvas .

OM , the real atman , is the substratum for all the sounds , languages , body , mind , prana and senses , the karana-sharira ( subtle causal body ) and the five sheaths ( bodies ) , and this universe . Just as the substratum is an under-stratum or layer , a fundamental element , the substance in which qualities exist , so also OM is the substratum or the underlying reality in which all objects appear as waves in the ocean ( of existence ) . The waves are mere appearances . So also the forms are mere appearances . The forms are unreal . Forms are unreal in the sense that they are only relatively real , that they are changing and impermanent . In the example of the ocean and wave , the ocean alone is real .

Even so , OM or Brahman alone is real .

OM is a single syllable and of the nature of the atman . All words are simplified ( reduced or distilled ) into the one Pranava , the OM , to describe Brahman . OM is Taraka Mantra — the mantra that helps the human to cross the ocean of samsara , the mundane existence . Taraka is Brahman alone . Taraka or OM alone should be worshipped .

OM is the essence of Vedanta . OM is the highest flower of the tree of the Upanishads . OM is the root of the entire universe . OM is Akshara-Brahman . OM is the source of all words , articulations , and languages . OM is the real name of Brahman . OM is the symbolic representation of Brahman , the Immortal Self . OM is the Word of Power . OM is the Pranava . OM is the sacred monosyllable of the Vedas . OM is Udgitha . Each of the component letters of OM is a symbol of each of the aspects in which Brahman is known .

OM is the spirit , substratum , or essence . OM is the immortal Soul ( of souls ) . OM is the Holy Ghost . OM is the inner music of the Soul . OM is the music of the Silence . OM is the cream of the Upanishads . OM is the supreme pinnacle of the magnificent peak of Vedanta .

That wherein there is neither hunger nor thirst , neither sorrow nor pain , neither " you " nor " me " , neither " this " nor " that " , neither " here " nor " there " , neither yesterday nor tomorrow , neither east nor west , neither sound nor colour , neither light nor darkness , neither seer nor seen , is OM .

That imperishable Brahmic seat or ineffable splendor , that indefinable , inexhaustible , illimitable Essence which pervades the whole universe , that which is called the continuum or the residuum or the noumenon by the Western philosophers , that place where all speech stops , all thoughts cease , where the function of the intellect and all organs stop , is OM .

" OM is This " ;

" OM is the Support " ;

" One of pure desires should concentrate one's mind upon the atman through OM which is the atman " ;

" OM is Brahman " ;

" The word OM is All "

— these and a number of other texts of the Srutis ( scriptures ) clearly point out the usefulness of OM in the process of realizing Brahman , the Immortal Self . They declare that OM , Brahman , and the Atman are one and the same .

OM is the symbol and natural name of Brahman . Chanting of OM , japa of OM , singing of OM and meditation on OM , purify the mind , remove the tossing of the mind , destroy the veil of ignorance and help the aspirant to merge in Brahman .

All mantras begin with OM . All Upanishads begin with OM . All religious ideas are centered in OM . The breath sings always OM , the song of infinity and immortality . Thought of OM elevates the minds of all . The Christians and the Hebrews end their prayers with " Amen " which is a modification of OM . The Muslims end their prayers with " Amin " , also a modification of OM . The Mandukya Upanishad , Mundaka Upanishad , Chandogya Upanishad , Prashna Upanishad , Katha Upanishad , the Gita and Brahma Sutras sing the glory of OM .

OM is your very life . OM is your very breath . OM is the life of the Vedas . OM is the life of all mantras . OM is the basis of this world . OM is everything . OM is a common ( ie , universal ) mantra . OM is the common property of all . All the various significances are centered in OM . OM represents the Deity or the Soul of all religions and faiths , cults and schools . It should be accepted by everyone .

Just as the rope is the substratum of the snake and just as Brahman is the substratum of prana , mind , senses , and the body , so also OM is the substratum or cause of the whole . Therefore all is OM .


OM is called Pranava , because it runs through Prana or the vital force and pervades life .

The rhythm of repetition of OM causes stillness in the mind . Chanting of OM , silent Japa of OM and meditation on OM set up harmonious vibrations in the mind or subtle body , elevate the mind to magnanimous heights of divine splendor and eventually raise the consciousness to the state of turiya wherein the meditator loses one's individual consciousness and merges oneself into the Supreme Soul , the all-pervading Brahmic Consciousness .

That which is OM is the imperishable , immutable noumenon , the Supreme Brahman . OM includes the experiences of the human in the three states , viz , waking state , dreaming state and deep sleep state . OM stands for all the manifested and unmanifested planes .

It signifies the one Self beyond names and forms , That which is , was and will be for ever .

The primary meaning of Pranava is the Supreme One which is known to be of the nature of undivided Existence-knowledge-bliss Absolute ( Satchidananda ) . This enables now to get over to the other shore of the ocean of Samsara . . . Meditation on this Pranava in the form of muttered prayer ( japa ) is useful for attaining krama-mukti ( progressive emancipation ) . This is subordinate . But the abstract meditation on this is the best . The meanings of other names used by devotees are included in the meaning of Pranava .


OM is your best companion in life because it gives you immortality and eternal Bliss . OM is your Sadguru . OM is your guide and preceptor . Therefore , keep company or constant satsanga with OM by practising japa of OM , chanting of OM , smarana ( remembrance ) of OM , chintana ( reflection ) of OM , manana ( continual thinking ) of OM , vichara ( inquiry into the nature ) of OM , and meditation of OM .

Japa of OM is constant repetition of OM either verbally , mentally , or in a humming manner . Chanting of OM is loud repetition . Smarana of OM is remembrance of OM or Brahman . Chintana of OM is thinking of OM . Manana is reflection on OM . Vichara of OM is enquiry into the nature of Brahman . Meditation of OM is nididhyasana ( profound and deep meditation ) on the invisible , immortal Self with advaita ( non-dual ) bhava or feeling :

" I am pure consciousness " .

This feeling should go deep into the very core of your heart . Every cell , every pore of your body , every atom , every molecule , every nerve , every fibre , every drop of blood , every artery , every vein should powerfully vibrate or pulsate with this sacred , soul-elevating , sublime feeling . When you chant OM or meditate on OM or sing OM , feel that you are one with the supreme Self . Transcend the world of names and forms and identify yourself with the all-pervading pure Consciousness .


Chant OM from the very bottom of your heart with profound feeling . When chanting OM , knowing its omniscience , omnipotence and omnipresence , feel that OM gushes forth with its true colour , from every nerve , every vein , every cell , every atom , every molecule , every electron and the very blood corpuscles of your body . Pour forth OM vibrations into the world with mighty vigor , speed , force and strength . Get ready now for recharging . Now roar like a lion of Vedanta and chant OM .

The mysterious vibrations produced by the chanting of OM will produce one-pointedness of mind and harmony in the annamaya , pranamaya and manomaya Koshas ( food sheath , vital sheath , and mental sheath ) and make the mind in tune with the Infinite .

Drive away evil thoughts by chanting OM . Draw inspiration , power , and strength by singing OM . Get one-pointedness of mind by doing japa of OM . Melt the mind in Brahman by meditating on OM and rest in your own Satchidananda Swarupa . May that OM guide you , protect you , elevate you , take you to the goal , and free you .

Whenever you feel depressed , whenever you get a little headache , take a brisk walk and chant OM while walking . While chanting OM feel that your entire being is filled with divine energy . Chanting of OM is a potent , easily available tonic and specific for all diseases . OM is a panacea or sovereign remedy for all ailments . Try this prescription yourself and feel the miraculous effects of this divine medicine . Just as you take medicine , take recourse to the chanting of OM . Brahman , the Atman , is one with OM . Chanting of OM means going near to the source and tapping the cosmic energy which is inexhaustible .

When you chant OM feel : " All health I am " . All pathogenic or disease-causing germs are destroyed or burnt by the vibrations of OM . You can chant OM while sitting on any comfortable asana in your room for the purpose of regaining , maintaining or improving your health .


Meditation on OM with feeling and meaning leads to realization of Self . This is the Vedantic Sadhana . This is Jnana Yoga .

Meditation is the keeping up of the continuous flow of one idea of Brahman in the mind like the flow of oil from one vessel to another vessel .

When you chant or sing OM , melt the mind in the Immortal Self .

One who meditates on OM becomes a spiritual dynamo . One radiates joy , peace , and power to those who come in contact . One fills the world with spiritual vibrations ; becomes a channel for the inflow of spiritual force or divine energy ; knows the relationship between the universe and the human , between humans , between the human and Brahman ; and beholds the Self in all beings and all beings in the Self eventually . The whole mystery of creation and the riddle of this universe are revealed unto one , like amalaka fruit in the hand . One becomes a spiritual hero in the adhyatmic battlefield who has won the laurels of knowledge of Self by gaining victory over the mind and senses , the enemies of knowledge and peace .

The goal can only be attained through meditation on this mystic symbol , OM . Meditation on OM is the only real , royal road to the attainment of salvation . Meditation kills all pains , sufferings and sorrows . Meditation destroys all causes of sorrow . Meditation give vision of unity . Meditation induces sense of oneness . Meditation is a balloon or parachute or the airplane that helps the aspirant to soar high into the realms of eternal bliss , everlasting peace and undying joy .

It is to attain the different samadhis that this Pranava is useful . . . The Sannyasins , are ordained to meditate on the Pranava for this very reason . They have already reached a high stage and meditation on OM raises them further and ultimately they become Paramahansas .

Thou art OM . Rest in OM . Live in OM . Become that OM . OM is thy sweet immortal abode , the original home of indescribable effulgence or lustre .

Meditate on OM as silence , an embodiment of peace . This is abstract or subtle meditation ( sukshma dhyana ) .

Meditate on OM with the feeling : " I am an embodiment of silence or peace " .

This is Vedantic Nirguna meditation or Ahamgraha Upasana ( meditation on identity with the Self ) . Meditate on OM as an embodiment of bliss or ananda . This is also abstract meditation .

Meditate on OM with the bhava : " I am an embodiment of bliss " . This is Ahamgraha Upasana .

May the Divine Flame ( of OM ) grow brighter in you all ! May the Divine Light ( of OM ) lighten the spiritual path . May ( the ) Divine Glory ( of OM ) shine on you for ever . May peace and harmony fill your hearts , minds and the cells of your very being !


OM , the Pranava , the Omkara , is the only symbol of Brahman , the Absolute .

The sacred monosyllable OM is the only name of Brahman , the Supreme Soul . Brahman is nameless but in the relative plane a name is necessary for giving instructions to the aspirants . Even the highest Brahman is realized by means of a name only .

" OM is this " ;

" OM is the support " ;

" OM is Brahman " ;

" OM is the Akshara , the Immortal " ;

" OM is the Atman " ;

" OM is pure Chaitanya Consciousness " ;

" The word OM is all "

" One should , with purity of heart , fix one's mind on the Atman through OM which is the Atman "

— these texts of the Upanishads declare that OM and Brahma are one and the same .

The famous Mantra of Sri Guru Nanak begins with :

" Sat Nam Ek Omkar " , ie , " The True Name is the One : OM " .

Brahman willed . There was Brahma-sankalpa : " May I become many " .

There was a spanda , vibration . Then creation began . This original vibration or sound-symbol is OM . This OM is the most universal , all-inclusive sound . All names are not different from OM , because OM is the basis or matrix for all sounds , words and names . Therefore , it is proper to say that all this is indeed OM .

OM is the right symbol of Brahman . Through OM alone you will have to approach Brahman . Just as heat is inseparable from fire , just as fragrance is inseparable from the flower , so also OM is inseparable from Brahman . OM is a means to the knowledge of Brahman . OM is the means by which the Immortal Self , denoted by OM , is realized . OM is very intimately related to Brahman . OM is very near to Brahman . OM is in the vicinity of Brahman . If you know OM , you know Brahman also .

Therefore it is very necessary to have a comprehensive understanding of OM . A clear explanation of OM is very essential . A very lucid and elaborate explanation is given in this Upanishad . The method of approach to Brahman through the sacred monosyllable OM is very clearly enunciated in this remarkable Upanishad which is an abridgment or a short summary of all the one hundred and eight Upanishads .

Just as an object is known through its names , so also Brahman , the Supreme Self , is known through OM alone . If anyone utters the words , " that is a mango tree " , you at once know all about the mango tree , its leaves , flowers , fruits , nature of the fruits , benefits of the fruits , etc , through the name " mango tree " . Just as you know all about mango through the name " mango " , so also you can know all about Brahman through OM alone . Therefore , Brahman is indeed OM . Brahman , the Atman , Chaitanya , Purushottama , Swarupa , Supreme Self , and OM are identical .

The sacred monosyllable OM denotes the all-pervading immortal , indivisible , self-luminous , unchanging Brahman , the Supreme Self of which it is a name .

All that is subject to the threefold time such as past , present and future ( manifold ) is verily OM or Brahman . All that is beyond the triple conceptions of time and yet present in Consciousness through its effects , is also verily OM , is not apart from OM . Brahman is denoted by the word OM . Brahman is above the three periods of time . Therefore , OM also is beyond the three periods of time . That which is beyond three periods of time , is OM alone . OM means literally that by which everything is pervaded . This word OM is woven in Brahman like warp and woof and , therefore , denotes Brahman . That which enters into everything is OM .

Brahman is one with OM . The Atman is one with OM .

OM is of the same nature as the higher Brahman without attributes as well as the lower Brahman with attributes .

This Atman called OM is Para ( higher ) Brahman as well as Apara ( lower ) Brahman .

In this first mantra ( verse of the Upanishad ) , it is said that OM the word is all this . In this mantra it is said " All this is verily Brahman " . This clearly denotes that OM is Brahman .

All this is verily Brahman : All — the manifested and the unmanifested world comprised in the word " All " — is Brahman . All that has been declared to consist of OM in the above mantra is Brahman . In the previous text the whole of the objective manifestation has been said to be of the form of OM or Brahman .

Meditation on OM helps the aspirant in the attainment of self-realization or the final realization of Brahman . Just as the rope is realized when the illusion of snake vanishes , so also Brahman Who is OM is realized when the illusion of duality or avidya ( ignorance ) disappears through the attainment of knowledge of the Self .


" The Yogis always meditate upon Omkara which has an anusvara ( bindu ) on it ( and is therefore pronounced OM ) . This Omkara is the bestower of all desires and salvation . We bow down to the Supreme Omkara . "


1 . The Supreme Brahman is attained by the devoted contemplation , hearing , japa , and sankirtan of OM at all times .

2 . By the mere thought ( smaran , remembrance ) of OM one attains the highest Brahma Jnana ( Knowledge of GOD ) , the state of final Liberation and Immortality .

3 . One who meditates on the Pranava in a continuous stream of thought like that of oil poured from one vessel to another or the continuous sound ( resonance ) of a bell , such a person should be considered as the knower of the Vedas .

4 . By the long repetition of OM the knower of the Supreme Reality , whose refuge is solitude , overcomes the wandering of the mind due to the taint in the intellect .

5 . Concentrating on the tip of the nose with hands and feet controlled , the mind withdrawn from all activities , one should meditate on Omkara , the Pranava .

6 . By the meditation on the monosyllable OM , Vishnu attains the status of Vishnu ; Brahma attains Brahmanhood and Shiva becomes Shiva .

( The contents of this booklet are excerpted from Swami Sivananda's full-length book MEDITATION ON OM ) | )




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