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The aids to Peace are :

01 . Solitude
02 . Live alone ; do not mix
03 . Keep 4 clothes , 1 blanket , 1 lota
04 . Eat 2 or 3 things only — Dhall-Rottle or Dhall , rice and vegetables
05 . Observe Mouna ( Silence )
06 . Asana Pranayama
07 . Japa and Meditation
08 . Study of Yoga Vasistha , the Gita , the Upanishads , the Avadhuta Gita and the Viveka Chudamani
09 . Satsanga
10 . Santosha or Sattvic contentment
11 . Do not plan
12 . Do not hope or expect
13 . Destroy Desires — Nishkama
14 . Destroy Anger — Akrodha
15 . Destroy Hatred — Nirvaira
16 . Have equal vision — Samata
17 . Have constant Vichara
18 . Develop strong patience
19 . Have Kshama ( forgiveness ) , Titiksha ( endurance ) , Tolerance , Daya ( mercy ) , Karuna ( compassion ) , Udarata ( magnanimity ; generosity ) , Benevolence , Universal Love .

You will find Mouna , solitude and non-mixing as great helpers in the achievement of Peace . Development of virtues like Daya , Love , Karuna will remove the cruel nature of the heart .

Pranayama , Meditation and Vichara will check restless nature , will destroy emotions and passions . You will rest in Peace . What is wanted is steady Abhyasa . You must not be hasty . Peace comes gradually , slowly , stage by stage , step by step . Wait patiently .

Whosoever forsaketh all desires and goeth onwards free from yearnings , selfless and without egoism — one goeth to Peace . ( Gita II . 71 )

One who is full of faith obtaineth wisdom , and one also who hath mastery over the senses ; and having obtained wisdom one goeth swiftly to the supreme Peace . ( Gita IV . 39 )

The Yogi ever united thus with the Self , with the mind controlled , goeth to Peace , to the Supreme Bliss , that abideth in Me . ( Gita VI . 15 )

Contentment is real wealth . Contentment is natural wealth because it gives peace of mind . Contentment is a sentinel on the domain of Moksha . If you keep company with it , befriend it , you will be introduced to its friends , the other three sentinels , viz , Satsanga , Atma-Vichara and Santi . You can then very easily enter the illimitable sovereignty of Moksha .

If you are earning one hundred rupees per month , do not compare yourself with someone who is earning five hundred rupees , per month . If you so compare , you will get discontentment . This will disturb the peace of mind .

Compare yourself with someone who is earning rupees twenty-five only per month . Thank GOD for having given you this present state . There is no end for your desires . Contentment alone can calm your restless mind . There is no wealth greater than contentment .

Worldly ambitions are useless .

Aim High . Aim at attaining BRAHMAN . Have this Highest Spiritual ambition .

This will annihilate all vain worldly ambitions . Worldly ambitions will land you in pain , sorrow and disappointment .

If you earn money by the sweat of your brow , you can never grow rich . Wealth cannot be acquired without committing sin . It will not be of any use to you after your death . Artha ( wealth ) is Anartha ( evil ) . To earn money is painful . To preserve it is painful . To lose it is painful . If it decreases , it is also painful . Wealth is the source for all sorts of pains .

Insure your life with GOD . Depend upon GOD alone .

All other insurance companies will fail but this Divine Company will never fail . You need not pay premium to this Divine Company .

You will have to LOVE GOD ONLY .
You will have to give GOD your heart only .

This physical body comes , stays and goes . It is a combination of the five elements . It is insentient . It has a beginning and an end . This pure Atman or the Self neither comes nor goes . Why do you then mourn for it ? My child , thou art Pure Intelligence Itself .

Understand the true nature of Atman or the Highest Self .

It is untouched by Karmas , pain , afflictions and sin . It is one , eternal , bodiless , All pervading , independent , unchanging , self-luminous , self-existent , self-contained .

Atman has no connection with Karma . It is not an Anga or Karana . Atman is not an effect or product or modification . It is neither a thing to be attained nor a thing to be refined . It is neither a doer nor an enjoyer . It is always the Silent Witness or Sakshi .

Self-Realization will remove Avidya or ignorance , the root cause of human sufferings , and produce in you the knowledge of oneness of the Self , which is the means for eradicating grief , delusion , the dire malady of birth and death , the concomitants of Samsara or world's process .

Give up the delusion of agency , ownership of objects and the differentiation of this person or that , " I " , " You " , " They " , etc . You will soon attain Jnana .

Desires arise through non-discrimination ( Aviveka ) . Desires will become extinct with the dawn of discrimination . Learn to discriminate between the real and unreal . May you journey on quickly in the domain of eternal bliss of Moksha .

Stand firm on the rock of TRUTH or BRAHMAN .

Have a firm grip of your Reality , the self-luminous , Immortal Atman or Soul . Look upon this Universe as your All-Full form .

Only when knowledge of the Self dawns in your heart , you can free yourself . . . and become identical with the Supreme Self .

Equip yourself with the four means . Hear the Srutis ( Scriptures ) , reflect , meditate and realize . May you become a sage !

Within you is a vast magazine of power ; within you is the ocean of knowledge ; within you is the fountain of bliss . All faculties are latent in you .

The inner one is the Immortal Soul .
You are identical with the Supreme Self.

Realize this and be free .

Unfold your latent faculties through meditation . Tap the source . Dive deep within and bring up the pearl of the Atman . Be bold , be cheerful . May you become superhuman !

The performance of rituals cannot remove Avidya or ignorance , which is the root cause of Samsara ; but it can purify the heart done with Nishkamya Bhava .

Knowledge of Atman alone is the means of uprooting ignorance and its effects .

Knowledge of the Self can be attained only by the Grace . . .

The knower of BRAHMAN becomes BRAHMAN Itself .

Having become BRAHMAN while yet alive , one is freed from the round of birth and death . Knowledge of BRAHMAN alone is the means of emancipation or Moksha .

The destruction of Vasanas ( Vasanakshaya ) produces destruction of the mind ( Manonasa ) . When the mind is annihilated all residual impressions ( Samskaras ) are also destroyed . Then one attains Jivanmukti or the final release .

Great Rishis and sages of yore like Yajnavalkya , Uddalaka , etc , acquired the knowledge of the Self which is a means to secure the highest consummation through deep and intense meditation .

Self-Realization does not come by arguing or studying many books .

Sit alone . Peep within . Sit quietly and look within . You will attain Self-Realization .

Bhakti culminates in Jnana . Para Bhakti and Jnana are one . Bhakti begins with two and ends in one .

Bhakti Yoga only is most suitable for the vast majority of persons . Cultivate this Bhakti through Japa , Kirtan , Satsanga , service of Bhaktas . There is no name greater than RAM-NAM . Take refuge in this name , obtain the grace of RAMA and enjoy the eternal bliss .

Moksha is freedom from birth and death . It is the attainment of eternal bliss . It has neither space nor time in itself ; nor is there in it any state , external or internal .

You are bound to attain Moksha or the final emancipation . Moksha is your goal .

Kill this little " I " or egoism through enquiry of " Who am I ? "

You will attain Moksha and shine as Emperor of this world .

May you attain Moksha



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