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Here are our scientists , philosophers , Huxleys and Spencers . All lay immense stress upon the reality of the wakeful world . How can their experience show the unreality of the world ?

Just reflect . Will you believe them at their best or at their worst ? You will not take into consideration their remarks made when they are asleep or snoring . In what state are these great writers at their best ? They are at their best and worthy of all credit and reverence when knowledge is , as it were , issuing forth and springing from them .

When in that highest state , go to them and see if every pore of their body , every hair on their skin is not lecturing , as it were , as to the non-reality of the world and proclaiming non-duality . In that state there is no meum teum ( " mine " " yours " ) , no duality , no plurality , no personality , no world . All phenomenon is melted down to nothing .

The thinker is in a state of concentration , a state of abstraction , a perfect state , a state where all knowledge is naturally oozing forth from one , a state where all knowledge naturally comes from one as does light from the sun . Being in that state one does not talk ; talk comes when one is just emerging from that plane ; discoveries and sublime thoughts are emanating from one .

Thus the actual experience of all great thinkers when at their highest , testifies to the non-reality of the world . This may be made more clear . What do we do when we think ?

When you think you proceed by dwelling upon a topic . You take up one point excluding all other subjects ; you concentrate on it with your whole mind ; all your energies and powers are brought to bear upon that particular point . The mind becomes saturated with that idea . The result is that the idea disappears and absolute super-consciousness results , absolute consciousness which is the fountainhead of all knowledge .

According to a well-established Law of Psychology , in order to be conscious of one thing we must have something different beside it . When there is no duality in the mind , then all object-consciousness is at rest and thus the point of inspiration is reached .

When Tennyson is beyond all idea of Lord Tennyson , then alone is there the poet Tennyson . When Berkeley is no proprietary , copyrighting Bishop , then alone is there the thinker Berkeley . When Hume is above personality which the biographer proclaims , then alone is there the philosopher Hume . When Huxley is not the historian's Huxley and is the all , as it were , then is there the scientist Huxley .

When some grand and wonderful work is done through us , it is folly to take the credit for it , because when it was being done , the credit-seeking ego was entirety absent , else the beauty of the deed should have been marred .

The consciousness of " I am doing " was altogether absent . The thing came from GOD of its own accord . Thus we see that these people , thinkers or great writers whoever they may be , if we take their judgment , their opinion when at their best , they are found lecturing and preaching by their acts , nay , through every pore of their body , that the world is unreal .

" Acts speak louder than words . "

In battle we see great warriors and great heroes ; being at their best they go on fighting ; bullets fly thick and fast all about them , here is a bullet , there is a wound , blood gushes from their bodies , their bodies are torn to pieces , still they press on and on ; in such a state pain is no pain . Why ? Because practically the body is no body and the outside world no world . In the language of energy one is giving a lie to the world and body .

Thus your Napoleon , your Washington , your Wellington and all others tell you through their acts , in spite of the belittling intellect they tell you that when the real Self , which is all energy , asserts itself , the world is naught .

The real Self , which is Knowledge Absolute and Power Absolute , is the only stern Reality before which the apparent reality of the world melts away .

What makes the arms of the warrior strong ? It is coming into unison with the stern , hard and fast reality of the true Self .

What causes so many discoveries and inventions to be suggested to the mind ? Simply the intellect or mind’s absorption for a short time in the hard , stern reality of the real Atman , GOD .

That you are , You are that Reality , You are the Light of the universe , the Lord of lords , the Holy of holies , the Highest of the high .



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