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RAMABITES | PART 02 | BITE00101 | RAMA राम

Feel yourself to be the all-pervading Supreme , the Sun of suns ; above causation , above phenomena ; and one with the all bliss , the free Rama ( GOD ) .

RAMABITES | PART 02 | BITE00102 | RAMA राम

Chant OM and sing OM in any tune or tunes that naturally and spontaneously occur to you .

Thus will all causes of complaints and maladies leave your presence of themselves .

RAMABITES | PART 02 | BITE00103 | RAMA राम

The world and your surroundings are exactly what you think them to be .

Let not the world lay heavy upon your heart .

Every day and night meditate upon the truth that all the opinions and society of the world is simply your own idea and that you are the real power whose breath or mere shadow the whole world is .

RAMABITES | PART 02 | BITE00104 | RAMA राम

The reason why you do not attain to the height of health is that you are more courteous and polite to the fickle , unsettled , hazy judgment of others than to your own nearest neighbor , The Real Self Supreme .

Live on your own account , not for the opinions of others .

Be free . Try to please the One Lord , the Self , the One without a second , the real spouse , owner , master , your own inner GOD .

RAMABITES | PART 02 | BITE00105 | RAMA राम

You will not in any case be able to satisfy the many , the public , the majority , and you are under no obligations to satisfy the hydra-headed mob .

You are your own architect . Sing to yourself as if you were all alone and no listeners were by .

When your own Self is pleased , the public must be satisfied .

That is The Law .

RAMABITES | PART 02 | BITE00106 | RAMA राम

Though thought should gird you about , you need not be tied to it , as one takes off a coat when hot ; and as a skillful worker lays down a tool when done with it .

RAMABITES | PART 02 | BITE00107 | RAMA राम

Dear ones , if you want to set your heart on anything other than GOD , pray , do not do so .

All the worldly objects are ephemeral and perishable .

RAMABITES | PART 02 | BITE00108 | RAMA राम

You must love GOD , Who is immortal , the same yesterday , today , and forever , Who is your best wellwisher for all times ; and Who is , as a matter of fact , your own real Self .

RAMABITES | PART 02 | BITE00109 | RAMA राम

You need not be afraid of anything .
No harm can be expected of GOD .

GOD is Bliss incarnate .

How can there be any pain or suffering in GOD ?
GOD is all Light . There is no darkness in GOD .

RAMABITES | PART 02 | BITE00110 | RAMA राम

Be fully convinced that GOD , being your own Self , is ever kind to you .

It is simply unjust of you to see any badness in GOD . In fact , GOD is ever merciful .

Whatever GOD does is for our welfare , even though we may not be aware of it in the beginning .

RAMABITES | PART 02 | BITE00111 | RAMA राम

If philosophers come out and say that out of nothing something can never come out , Vedanta says that this which we have called nothing is in reality not nothing .

RAMABITES | PART 02 | BITE00112 | RAMA राम

The same GOD is present in you when you are in the deep sleep state , that GOD shines upon your seed body , but examine , in the deep sleep state , no egoism is present , you have no idea of " I am asleep , I grow , I digest the food , I do this " ; that is , there is no ego ; the real Self is there , but no ego is there .

RAMABITES | PART 02 | BITE00113 | RAMA राम

This false apparent ego which is looked upon as the self by people is not there . In the dreaming state it becomes apparent .

This egoism — " I do this , I do this , I am this , I am that " , all this egoism — this selfish apparent self makes its appearance in the wakeful state also .

But you see there is a difference in the ego of your dreamland and the ego of your wakeful state .

RAMABITES | PART 02 | BITE00114 | RAMA राम

The real Self which was compared to the Sun , the real Atman , shines upon the three bodies

< : causal ( seed ) | subtle | gross : >

in the same way that the Sun shines upon the 3 bodies

< : mountain summit glaciers | mountain rivulets-brooklets | plains streams : >

of the river , that Atman is immutable , unchangeable .

RAMABITES | PART 02 | BITE00115 | RAMA राम

That Atman or Sun shines upon the glacier of your deep sleep state ; by your Atman or Sun is the deep sleep state illumined ; and by that Atman or Sun is your wakeful experience illumined .

And you see again that the Sun shines not only upon the three bodies of one river , but the same Sun shines upon the three bodies of all the rivers in this world in exactly the same way .

RAMABITES | PART 02 | BITE00116 | RAMA राम

Similarly what if the river of this body is different from the river of that body ?

What if this river of life flows in a different way from the river of life in that case ?

But all these rivers of life , all these streams of existence have the same Eternal , Immutable , Constant Atman , or the Sun of suns the Light of lights shining over them at all times , under all circumstances , unchangeable , immutable .

RAMABITES | PART 02 | BITE00117 | RAMA राम

That you are , That you are .

That is the real Self , and your real Self is the real Self of your friend , is the real Self of each and all .

Your real Self is not only present with you in the wakeful state , it is equally present in the deep sleep state .

Your real Self is equally present under all changes and circumstances .

RAMABITES | PART 02 | BITE00118 | RAMA राम

Realize that real Self stands above all anxiety , above all fear , stands above all tribulation and trouble .

Nobody can harm you , no one can injure you .

RAMABITES | PART 02 | BITE00119 | RAMA राम

GOD remains the same , and is only one , only one , only one , no duality , no plurality . O , what wonder of wonders !

What joy ! Bisect this body , cut this body and < I > die not .

The Real SELF , the Real < ME > the True < I > dies not .

Burn this body alive , do anything you like , no harm is done to < ME > .

RAMABITES | PART 02 | BITE00120 | RAMA राम

Realize , realize that you are the Infinity within . Know that .

RAMABITES | PART 02 | BITE00121 | RAMA राम

The very moment that one knows oneself to be that , the very moment that one realizes one's true nature , one is free , above all danger , above all difficulty , above all suffering , above all tribulation and pain .

Know that , be yourself !

RAMABITES | PART 02 | BITE00122 | RAMA राम

Oh , what wonder of wonders that it is one Infinite power that shows itself in all bodies , in all the apparent personalities , in all the apparent figures .

RAMABITES | PART 02 | BITE00123 | RAMA राम

Oh , it is the < I > , the < I > , the Infinite One , that is manifesting itself in the bodies of the greatest orators , in the bodies of the greatest humans , in the bodies of the most wretched creatures !

Oh , what joy ! < I > am the Infinite One and not this body .

Realize that and you are free .

RAMABITES | PART 02 | BITE00124 | RAMA राम

These are not mere words ; this is not mere imaginary talk , this is the Truest Reality .

Realize the Truest Reality , the real power , that you are ; Infinite you are , above all danger and difficulty , you rise instantaneously .

RAMABITES | PART 02 | BITE00125 | RAMA राम

Through ignorance you call yourself the body you are not .

You are the Infinite power , the Divinity , the constant , immutable , unchangeable One .

That you are ; know that and you find yourself inhabiting the whole world , inhabiting the whole Universe .

RAMABITES | PART 02 | BITE00126 | RAMA राम

Vedanta requires you to get rid of this lower nature , this ignorance .

Burn this ignorance , burn this lower egoism , burn this lower selfish nature which makes a hell of your body and let in the fire of knowledge .

RAMABITES | PART 02 | BITE00127 | RAMA राम

Knowledge is always represented as fire by the Hindus .

Let in the knowledge of fire , and let all this chaff and all this dirt and dust be consumed .

Come out as all ablaze , as all fire , heavenly fire , that is the meaning of the colour .

RAMABITES | PART 02 | BITE00128 | RAMA राम

The greatest sadhu , the greatest Indian monk , the greatest swami in this world is the Sun , the rising Sun .

The rising Sun comes to you everyday dressed in the apparel , in the costume of a Vedantic monk .

This Sun will represent to you the Immutable with reference to the changeable bodies .

We shall take the Sun , the swami , the sadhu , the red-apparelled Sun , symbol of the true Atman , the real Self , which is unchangeable , which is immutable , the same today , yesterday and forever .

RAMABITES | PART 02 | BITE00129 | RAMA राम

With reference to the Sun we shall point out the changeable , the variable things , which stand for the changeable bodies in Humans .

Humans have got the changeable things in them ; and there is in Humans the Immutable , the Unchangeable , the Eternal Real Atman .

RAMABITES | PART 02 | BITE00130 | RAMA राम

The real Atman is like the Sun , and the changeable elements are the three bodies , the gross body , the subtle body and the seed body .

In Sanskrit they are sthula , sukshma and karana sharir ; and Rama translates them as the gross body , the subtle body , the seed body .

RAMABITES | PART 02 | BITE00131 | RAMA राम

Your Self is the Immutable , the Unchangeable .

The Truth has such a glorious beauty that in order that it may enter deep into your hearts , it is necessary only to see it clearly .

RAMABITES | PART 02 | BITE00132 | RAMA राम


1. Tolerance
2. Forgiveness
3. Control of desires , passions and emotions
4. Honesty
5. Purity of Heart & Mind
6. Real Knowledge of Oneness with the All
7. Truthfulness
8. Moulding of life according to the Laws of Nature
9. Maintaining Serenity and Tranquility in all circumstances

RAMABITES | PART 02 | BITE00133 | RAMA राम

Reading or studying is of different kinds .

Some people study only through the tongue , like parrots ; some study through the hands , as shipwrights or artists .

Rama does not mean to say that all artists are not scientists ; but we have seen artists who are not scientists .

RAMABITES | PART 02 | BITE00134 | RAMA राम

There are people who can swim across a bay , but who know nothing of Hydrostatics .

There are people who can navigate the air but know nothing of Aeronautics , the science of the air .

The manufacturers of medicinal articles often know nothing of Chemistry .

Now those people who study with their hands are welcome .

RAMABITES | PART 02 | BITE00135 | RAMA राम

There are some people who study only with the heart . They are the blessed people of the world .

Those who can feel , those who can realize a thing at one glance , those who are clairvoyant , see everything ; they are welcome too .

But if they study through their hearts alone , their training is of no benefit .

They must have intense desire , and at the same time be well cultured , in order that their knowledge , their true education may be imparted to others .

They are one-sided if they follow only the heart .

RAMABITES | PART 02 | BITE00136 | RAMA राम

The people who are of the greatest use in this world are those who act through three edges : who have the head , the heart , the hand and tongue , well trained . These are the highly educated , the really cultivated .

RAMABITES | PART 02 | BITE00137 | RAMA राम

Similarly , Rama wishes you to study and learn the Vedanta , through all the avenues :


Let it tingle through your blood ,
Let it course through your veins and arteries ,
Let it permeate and penetrate your heart ,
Let your brain be steeped with it ,
Let all your being be soaked in it .

Then you will raise yourself , you will be free from every point of view .

Then you will realize your Supreme GODhead , your true nature ; then you will be perfectly free from every standpoint .

RAMABITES | PART 02 | BITE00138 | RAMA राम

The one of freedom is one whose inner illumination casts a halo of beauty on all around one and from one radiates nothing but divine love .

RAMABITES | PART 02 | BITE00139 | RAMA राम

Why is it that the entire world is under the grip of some kind of trouble , trial or tribulation ?

The root cause of all these sufferings is that they do not follow Truth in reality .

RAMABITES | PART 02 | BITE00140 | RAMA राम

The one , who cares to follow Truth , does not mind the adversity of circumstances , but faces it boldly with firm faith in GOD .

Such a person feels happiness and gratification within oneself and remains carefree , contented and at ease .

RAMABITES | PART 02 | BITE00141 | RAMA राम

One who is righteous and truthful can fearlessly stand on one's own legs .

RAMABITES | PART 02 | BITE00142 | RAMA राम

There is a saying : " Follow Truth , be just and you can roam about anywhere fearlessly and with ease . "

In other words , one who follows Truth , becomes fearless , is not afraid of anything , even death .

While the one who does not instill and imbibe Truth in life , will , without fail , remain worried and come to grief .

This is the infallible and unerring Law of Nature .

RAMABITES | PART 02 | BITE00143 | RAMA राम

In North India there is a custom to occasionally arrange for the Pooja of Satya Narain ( Worship of Truth GOD ) .

But hardly a few grasp the true significance of this glorified service .

People attend it as a mere customary ritual .

RAMABITES | PART 02 | BITE00144 | RAMA राम

O , my dear ones , GOD is Truth and Truth is GOD .

RAMABITES | PART 02 | BITE00145 | RAMA राम

To follow Truth in one's daily life is the real service to GOD .

RAMABITES | PART 02 | BITE00146 | RAMA राम

The usual pledge taken on the occasion of the Pooja of Satya Narain , Truth GOD , is to follow the path of Truth .

Whosoever implements Truth in one's life has all troubles and tribulations , woes and worries destroyed , and one leads a laudable life of peace , plenty and prosperity .

This is the Prasad or the blessings , which one is granted by Truth GOD , Satya Narain .

RAMABITES | PART 02 | BITE00147 | RAMA राम

Truth is Eternal . Truth is the only Reality .

RAMABITES | PART 02 | BITE00148 | RAMA राम

Only Truth is the real Religion , which one should adopt in one's daily life .

Truth does away with all your weaknesses and makes you invincible .

It helps you advance successfully on the path of evolution , the Realization of Self .

RAMABITES | PART 02 | BITE00149 | RAMA राम

True self-respect is respect for the real Self , the GOD within .

Assert your GODhead , fling into utter oblivion the little self as if it had never existed .

RAMABITES | PART 02 | BITE00150 | RAMA राम


01 . To compare or contrast one person with another in the mind
02 . To compare oneself with anybody else mentally
03 . To compare the present with the past and brood over the memory of past mistakes
04 . To dwell upon future plans and fear anything
05 . To set our heart on anything but the one Supreme Reality
06 . To depend on outward appearances and not to practically believe in the inner Harmony that rules over everything
07 . To jump up to the conclusions from the words , or seeming conduct of people ,
and not to rest thoroughly satisfied with faith in the Spiritual Law
08 . To be led astray too far in conversation with the people
09 . To have a feeling of love for or hatred against any worldly object
10 . To calculate the worldly loss or gain
11 . To differentiate between high and low
12 . To consider physical health to be a great achievement
13 . To take one as my own and the other as an alien
14 . To regard something of the present or future as the Reality
15 . To identify myself with my body mind or intellect
16 . To forget my real Universal Self and see things with a feeling of differentiation

RAMABITES | PART 02 | BITE00151 | RAMA राम

Bhakti or Devotion means unselfish Love for GOD .

You cannot Love anybody , unless you feel oneness with the object of your Love .

This is the infallible Law of Nature .

RAMABITES | PART 02 | BITE00152 | RAMA राम

The devotee's Love for GOD means one's feeling of oneness with GOD .

GOD is not a confined body , being Infinite and Limitless , the Love for GOD means Love for All , the entire Universe .

Without Loving All , you cannot truly Love GOD , the All-pervading Being .

RAMABITES | PART 02 | BITE00153 | RAMA राम

According to the immutable Law of Nature , you must feel your practical unity of oneness with all , the All .

This feeling of unity with GOD , the All , is the quintessence of Gyan Marga , the Vedanta , or Non-Dualism .

RAMABITES | PART 02 | BITE00154 | RAMA राम

Rama wonders as to why some people think that the Bhakti Marga , the path of Devotion is something different from the Gyan Marga , the path of Divine Knowledge or Vedanta .

As a matter of fact , there is no difference whatsoever .

RAMABITES | PART 02 | BITE00155 | RAMA राम

Upasana is to fix attention on the real and blissful aspect of the worldly objects , rising above their names and forms .

It is like paying attention to the meaning of the sentences , rising above the names and forms of the letters or the words .

It is to forget the names and forms of the worldly objects , as seen through our physical eyes , and to be absorbed in the Divine vision .

RAMABITES | PART 02 | BITE00156 | RAMA राम

Vedanta says , all this is a mere play on words .
What is the use of fighting over words ?

There is in reality ONLY THE ONE SELF WHICH WE ARE , NOTHING BESIDES IT , and since there is nothing besides the SELF , YOU CANNOT CONSISTENTLY SAY THAT YOU ARE A PART , but it must follow that YOU ARE THE SELF ENTIRE .


OM ! OM ! OM !

RAMABITES | PART 02 | BITE00157 | RAMA राम

Vedantic Religion may be summed up in the single commandment :

Keep yourself perfectly happy and at rest , no matter what happens — sickness , death , hunger , calumny , or anything .

Be cheerful and at peace on the ground of your GODhood to which thou shalt ever be True .

RAMABITES | PART 02 | BITE00158 | RAMA राम

Let the body become as if it never existed .

RAMABITES | PART 02 | BITE00159 | RAMA राम

One of liberation , a free person , is one who lives in Divinity , in GODhead , in such a way that the body was never born .

RAMABITES | PART 02 | BITE00160 | RAMA राम

Let the body , the desires perish , and live in GOD-Consciousness to such a degree that for you there is no day on which you were born , as if there was never anybody , as if the body had never been born .

RAMABITES | PART 02 | BITE00161 | RAMA राम

Woe unto science if it goes against the truth connected with the efficacy of the Sacred Syllable OM .

RAMABITES | PART 02 | BITE00162 | RAMA राम

Not the body , not the mind , not this little , false , craving ego , but Divinity I am . Feel , O ! feel that ! Realize it .

Realize that you are GOD . This is the one thing needful .

RAMABITES | PART 02 | BITE00163 | RAMA राम

What care Rama or what care you or what care anybody if this body is in a dingy hut .

Keep this GOD-Consciousness , and wherever you are that place is converted into heaven .

Let GOD-Consciousness be with you and all the treasures of the world are yours , all the treasures of the Universe are yours .

RAMABITES | PART 02 | BITE00164 | RAMA राम

Have only this ( GOD-Consciousness ) and throw away everything else .

RAMABITES | PART 02 | BITE00165 | RAMA राम

Trifles and frivolities , these unreal phenomena , have no interest for me .

My Truth , my Divinity , my Joy , my Atman is enough to keep me busy .

These vain talks , these frivolous , worldly things do not concern me .

RAMABITES | PART 02 | BITE00166 | RAMA राम

When that crucifixion is attained , then the True Life in you will manifest itself in ways like that .

RAMABITES | PART 02 | BITE00167 | RAMA राम

Feel the Divinity within you , feel GOD that you are . Feel that and rise above all temptation , fear , and anxiety .

You are Infinite , GOD Almighty you are , Infinite GOD you are . Believe that . What an inspiring truth !

Believe in the outside and you fail . That is the Law .

RAMABITES | PART 02 | BITE00168 | RAMA राम

As you think , so will you become . Think yourselves to be GOD and GOD you are . Think yourselves to be free and free you are this moment .

Think yourself to be Divinity , have a living faith in your Divinity and nothing can harm you , nobody can injure you .

RAMABITES | PART 02 | BITE00169 | RAMA राम

Have a living faith in the Truth , a right knowledge of things around you , take all your circumstances at their own worth and realize the Spirit to such a degree that this world becomes unreal to you .

Can this earth be anything in contrast with the Supreme Infinite Power , the Atman ?

Realize that , feel that . The Light of lights you are , all glory is yours . Feel that .

RAMABITES | PART 02 | BITE00170 | RAMA राम

Feel that and realize it to such a degree that this earth and name and fame , the earthly relations , and popularity and unpopularity worldly honour and disgrace , criticism of your foes and flattery of your friends may become meaningless to you .

RAMABITES | PART 02 | BITE00171 | RAMA राम

Have a strong hold of the Truth . Believe more in the Truth than in outside objects .

The law of Nature is that whenever one believes practically in the outside objects and wealth one must fail .

That is the Law .

RAMABITES | PART 02 | BITE00172 | RAMA राम

Trust in the Divinity and you are safe . Be not dupes of senses .

Rise above hypnotism and suggestions of your neighbours . All your worldly ties and connections hypnotize you into misery and anxiety .

Rise above that . Believe in the Truth , realize your oneness with the Divinity , and saved you are ; nay , Salvation itself ye are .

RAMABITES | PART 02 | BITE00173 | RAMA राम

Far be it from you to regard the world more seriously than the real Self .

RAMABITES | PART 02 | BITE00174 | RAMA राम

Do not keep yourself a sensitive , pitiable , limited ego . Let nothing pique you .

Work in the spirit of an unaffected witness , free from all entanglements . Remain immune .

RAMABITES | PART 02 | BITE00175 | RAMA राम

Do not dictate your will to GOD . Let GOD's will be done regarding bodily wants .

In earthly requirements , let GOD's will become your will .

Feel , feel that you are the very Power Supreme , whose will has shaped the circumstances in the forms they have .

RAMABITES | PART 02 | BITE00176 | RAMA राम

Make all your work sacred .

RAMABITES | PART 02 | BITE00177 | RAMA राम

If you find yourself led astray by the flesh and caught in the quagmire of carnality there is the occasion to assert and exert strenuously your giant will to secure and retain GOD-consciousness .

RAMABITES | PART 02 | BITE00178 | RAMA राम

Keep your thoughts always at home , centred in the real Self , and never mind the circumstances .

Let not the thought of doing good to humanity vex you ; why should the world be so poor as to be constantly begging your attention ?

RAMABITES | PART 02 | BITE00179 | RAMA राम

Ignorant folk keep vainly yearning and praying for light . Why should you desire even that ? The craving for the light keeps you in the dark .

Cast overboard all desire ; chant OM ; no attachment , no repulsion , perfect poise , and there your whole being is Light personified .

RAMABITES | PART 02 | BITE00180 | RAMA राम

Attachment to one object detaches you from the All .

RAMABITES | PART 02 | BITE00181 | RAMA राम

True self-respect is respect for the real Self , the GOD within .

RAMABITES | PART 02 | BITE00182 | RAMA राम

Believe not in the applause or censure of humanity . All that simply misleads and deceives you . Your Heaven is within you .

RAMABITES | PART 02 | BITE00183 | RAMA राम

Your GODhead is not a thing to be accomplished .
Realization is not a thing to be achieved .

You have simply to undo what you have already done
in the way of forming dark cocoons of desires around you .

RAMABITES | PART 02 | BITE00184 | RAMA राम

Assert your GODhead , fling into utter oblivion the little self as if it had never existed .

When the little bubble bursts , it finds itself the whole Ocean .

You are the Whole , the Infinite , the All .
Shine in your pristine glory .

RAMABITES | PART 02 | BITE00185 | RAMA राम

You have emanated from GOD . GOD is your primordial cause and your original source .

Though you live and are preserved by GOD , yet you feel that you are something separate from GOD .

RAMABITES | PART 02 | BITE00186 | RAMA राम

As such , you must first know your real Self to give up this animalism in you , before you can be a perfect person .

Then , step by step , you can further evolve to be angelic and finally be merged in GOD which you really are .

Keep in your mind the light of Truth ever ablaze , no devil of fear or temptation will approach you .

Believe in the Law Divine .

RAMABITES | PART 02 | BITE00187 | RAMA राम

A true Sanatani , therefore , never worships an idol , taking it to be a mere stone . One meditates upon the pervasiveness and the Omnipresence of GOD , taking the idol to be a mere symbol .

RAMABITES | PART 02 | BITE00188 | RAMA राम

Rama literally means the All-pervading , interpenetrating omnipresent , One without a second .

RAMABITES | PART 02 | BITE00189 | RAMA राम

My dear ones , please do not be deluded that GOD is limited . Every thing is included in the limitlessness and Omnipresence of GOD .

RAMABITES | PART 02 | BITE00190 | RAMA राम

Wake up from the dream of forms .

Shake off the illusion of personalities and body consciousness , even as Rama has shaken off dyspepsia by a life of Law .

Burn up sense-attachments by focussing the scorching light of Self on them .

Give no quarters to worldly impressions in your heart , keeping it all the time brimful of the Real Rama .

RAMABITES | PART 02 | BITE00191 | RAMA राम

This wide world is My miracle , the same am I , whose workership this whole universe is .

What is miracle-working ? What is all that ? If this body worked all the miracles in the world , that would not add an iota to My GODhead .

Christ worked miracles and was not believed in . Christ was persecuted , nailed to the cross . Can miracles make you believe ? Not at all .

RAMABITES | PART 02 | BITE00192 | RAMA राम

Feel no responsibility , ask for no reward . All authority should be subservient to you . You are your own authority .

You are the master of your own destiny . Know that and rejoice , be cheerful .

Remember that all duty is after all imposed on you by yourself . Ultimately you are your own master .

Shine in the glory and majesty of your Self .

RAMABITES | PART 02 | BITE00193 | RAMA राम

Berkeley has proved the external objects to be nothing , while Hume has proved everything within to be non-existent .

Then , what remains ?

Nothing at all , except GOD who is the pivot of the universal show and the centre of macrocosm .

We should never be out of this centre .

RAMABITES | PART 02 | BITE00194 | RAMA राम

As one thinks , so one becomes .
Thought is very important in producing an effect .

RAMABITES | PART 02 | BITE00195 | RAMA राम

Once a person saturated the mind with an auto-suggestion that one was a log of wood , and put the head on one table and legs on an other table , placed at a distance .

The idea of being a log was so strong in the mind that the body became so stiff that it did not bend , even when very heavy things were piled on it ; the person did not even feel the weight of the heavy load .

RAMABITES | PART 02 | BITE00196 | RAMA राम

This is hypnotic auto-suggestion . Such a state can be induced by hypnotic hetro-suggestion also . This is a common practice for those who have developed a strong will-force .

RAMABITES | PART 02 | BITE00197 | RAMA राम

When a person can act like a log of wood , through thought-force , either by auto-suggestion or hetro-suggestion , why should one not behave like or become GOD Itself by saturating the mind with the idea of GODhood ?

The law is the same .

RAMABITES | PART 02 | BITE00198 | RAMA राम

When the machine is in the centre , ie , when it is in proper working order , it must work .

But when it is away from the centre , it will stop working .

Our body or mind is like a machine . Its centre is GOD .

Unless this machine is GOD-centred , it is no good . It cannot function properly .

RAMABITES | PART 02 | BITE00199 | RAMA राम

There is some Truth in every Religion . Rama is , therefore , not only a Hindu , but also a Muslim , a Christian and a Buddhist .

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