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In Sanatana Dharma , one of the names of GOD is VISHNU which means Omnipresent or all-pervading . Sanatana Dharma is also called Vaishnava Dharma . By the mere mention of the name VISHNU , one is reminded that GOD is Omnipresent and all-pervading .

The word RAMA is another name of GOD . It also means the same . RAMA also means all-pervading and interpenetrating .

The Sanatana Dharmites repeatedly use the word RAMA on the beads of the rosary to hammer in the subjective mind the Omnipresence of GOD who is the only Reality in the Universe .

This helps the devotee not to develop any feelings of jealousy , rivalry , or antagonism against anybody . One , thus , visualizes everywhere GOD and GOD alone .

You might have also noticed that when the Sanatana Dharmites wish anybody , they say RAMA RAMA . It means that they remind one another not to forget that this entire Universe is nothing but RAMA or GOD , who is infinite and limitless .

In other words , they remind one another of the eternal maxim , " Eko BRAHMA Dwitiyo Nasti " . It means that there is GOD and GOD alone and that there is no duality .

When they take a dead body to the cremation ground , they repeatedly chant RAMA NAM SATYA HAI . It also means that GOD alone is SATYA or ETERNAL , while all other objects of the world are mutable and perishable . It is only GOD who is immortal .

SATYA means immortal TRUTH which remains the same yesterday , today and forever .

The word OM also indicates the Omnipresence of GOD .

It will be interesting to know that the words Omnipresent and Omnipotent have been derived from the universal word OM .

It is because of this that the Sanatana Dharmites use in their religious functions , the word OM which is the most natural name of Omnipresent GOD .

The words VISHNU , RAMA , OM , AGNI ( fire or energy ) etc , are all used in Sanatana Dharma to indicate the Omnipresent GOD , who is limitless and infinite .

O , dear ones ! When GOD is present in the minutest fraction of any particle , can anything ever exist besides IT ? IT is all GOD in everything just as iron is in every particle of the sword .

At the root of the knowledge of the Omnipresence of GOD is the all-pervasiveness of AGNI GOD ( energy ) , as described in the first mantram of the Riga Veda .

Therefore , the Sanatana Dharmites , taking fire as the visible symbol of GOD , offer their ego as oblation in the Yajna , so as to destroy any feeling of selfishness or separatism .

My own selves ! When GOD ITSELF is through and through present in the minutest particle of this Universe in the form of energy ( fire-GOD ) , where is the scope for anything else to be there ?

The diversity in the Universe which we see is only seeming and unreal .

In fact Reality is ONE .