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NON-DUALITY | 5.03 | PT006 TO PT010

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|| NON-DUALITY | 5.03 | PT006 TO PT010 ||

|| 03 | NON-DUALITY | NDL | PART 006 ||

Oh ! You , the advocate of morality , how long will you act as the guard of humanity with your cautions ?

How long will you repeat , " who comes there ? "

How long will you terrorize people with the agony of hell and sufferings of torturing jails ? How long will your blackmailing continue ?

Even in spite of your strenuous efforts , if the darkness of ignorance is not removed , the evils of pilferage , fraudulent practices , gambling and drinking shall not be eradicated .

" Deeds of darkness cannot be avoided in the dark . "

Let the sun of true Knowledge rise in full glory , and lo ! the sins and evils vanish along with the darkness .

Aristotle has rightly said , " knowledge is virtue " .

This means that the path of Truth alone is to be treaded . In the face of the sun's light , the light of ordinary lamps cannot be perceptible .

An enlightened one , in whom the sun of Truth shines in full glory , can never be attracted towards the feeble lamp of sensual pleasures .


|| 03 | NON-DUALITY | NDL | PART 007 ||

The sweet but deceptive voice of Siren can have no comparison with the Divine music of Orpheus .

" What Beauty will you find ,
Though of this Age the wonder and the fame ,
On whom One's leisure will vouchsafe an eye ,
Of fond desire ?

How would one look from Majestic brow ,
Seated as on the top of Virtue's hill ,
Discountenance it despised , and put to rout ,
All the array . "

( Milton )

The light shed by a colored candle will brighten even the black iron plate . Similarly the eyes of the lover falling on the physical form of the beloved shall make the beloved effulgent .

" A thing giveth but little delight ,
That never can be mine . "

( Wordsworth )

Says a Persian Poet :

" The fact is that the wine gets intoxicated through Me , and not that the wine intoxicates Me . Likewise the tune in the flute and fragrance of flowers have their origin in Me . "

One of Divine Knowledge , who has realized the eternal beauty and grandeur of the Self is the Light of lights . How can the fireflies of sensuousness stand in the face of The Divine effulgence ?

O Dear one , the sun is your own self . Open your eyes and it is before you . Why do you close your eyes and live in the darkness of ignorance ?


|| 03 | NON-DUALITY | NDL | PART 008 ||

Here is a dialogue based on the following quotation from Lilashuk —

Krishna — Parent ! Parent !

Yashoda — Yes my child what is it ?

Krishna — Give me a cup , quick !

Yashoda —  What will you do with it ? Cup is not a thing of play . Here are the toys — play with them .

Krishna — I do not ask for it to play with . I wish to drink milk .

Yashoda — My darling — No milk is available . Nor is it time for it . In the absence of milk , what will you do with the cup ?

Krishna — ( In a mood of annoyance ) — Oh , Oh , when shall I get milk ?

Yashoda — Presently you have butter — let night come and then you may have fresh milk to your fill .

Krishna — ( Tightening the lips ) — Oh , when will the night come ?

Yashoda — When it is dark .

Upon this Krishna instantly shut the eyes and started saying loudly with extended hands ,

" Let me have milk . It is now dark , give me milk . It is night now . "

Seeing the cleverness of the child , the parent was at wit's end , then bursting into laughter and lost in joy , pressing the child to bosom , and caressing .


|| 03 | NON-DUALITY | NDL | PART 009 ||

The same Lord Krishna , the Soul of the Universe , who played the trick of making day into night by shutting the eyes and also the Lord of the ocean of milk ( prosperity and affluence ) who cried and begged for a cup of milk , is constantly permeating your head , eyes and heart and making all the frolicsome sports .

That head of the thieves ( as Krishna is known for quietly stealing and overpowering the hearts of others by charming divine looks ) seated in your mind and inner recesses of your consciousness is constantly guiding your senses .

That Krishna is the Master of your soul . In fact Krishna is your own self .

Please realize it and give up the mockery of making day into night by closing your eyes like a child .

Says an Urdu Poet :

" O blooming flower , this mockery
With me does not become thee . "

Why this fun of laughter ? O , Lord Shiva , Your indifference has encouraged the passions " in the form of Lust " ( Kama-dev ) which is making you the target of its arrows . Open your third eye ( of Divine knowledge ) and destroy the god of lust outright .

" Had you killed and reduced to dust your carnal desires , it would have been transformed into elixir of life . O , Alchemist , it cannot be called an extraordinary deed , if you have transmuted mercury into gold . "


|| 03 | NON-DUALITY | NDL | PART 010 ||

You are the Sun of suns . Do not let the clouds of ignorance cover and conceal your light . Why do you not shed effulgent light all round .

O seeker of Truth , the forest of the world should get saturated with your ecstatic fragrance .

There should be peace on earth and the entire world should get perfumed with your good will and purity .

Like a candle you should spread the pleasant light all around .

The lusty passions in people and the impulses of jealousy and revenge should automatically be dispelled by your mere presence . The glimpse of Dattatreya from a distance changed the life of a prostitute , transforming the prostitute into a pure one . The very sight of the saint produced a soothing and peaceful effect on the heart of the fallen one , as if a violent tornado had subsided and the dust storm of inner conflict had settled down .

Says a Hindi Poet :

" The lamp of Divine Knowledge is forever lighted in the minds of the wise . Whenever indolence creeps into their hearts , the light of the Divine knowledge keeps the darkness of ignorance away from them .

The moths of carnal desire are burnt by the flame of Divine knowledge . The selfless deeds are the flames of the Divine lamp . The oil of love keeps that lamp burning . Such a lamp lighted only in the hearts of the most fortunate . "

A Persian Poet says  :

" O , you bright pearl of the ocean of purity , bear in mind that you are both hidden and manifest . It is nothing but you . "