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|| ETERNAL BLISS OR ANAND | 5.04 | PT006 TO PT010 ||



It is noon at the moment . Our hero , who has been blessed with a child , is busy in the office .

Being too hot , the coat and turban are taken off . The fan is running . A bottle of lemonade has been opened and finished . In spite of this , the thirst has not been properly quenched . Everybody is complaining about the scorching heat of the midday sun .

All the office assistants and others are quietly busy in this work . In the presence of our hero , who is the head of the office , nobody can dare raise a head .

" Ton , Ton , Ton , Ton " , rings the telephone . The boss shouts out :

" Rama ( the peon ) , please listen to the telephone . What is the news ? " , thus ordering the servant .

But , then , nobody knows why , the boss leaves work and attends to the telephone personally . On hearing the news , starts beating the breast and crying . Why ? What is the news ?

Is it something so baneful or sorrowful that , on hearing it , the face turns pale , the lips go dry and one is awfully nervous , as if no energy is left .

The boss immediately closes the files and tries to keep all the papers in the box , but is so nervous that the hands are shaking , wanting to lock it , but the fingers are not under control .

The more attempt at haste , the more there is delay .

Somehow the turban and coat are put on , and the boss runs out of the office , without even taking leave of anybody , without informing anybody . They are all surprised at the nervousness . The alarming news of the telephone produces the same forgetfulness and nervousness of the boss , who is in disarray .

The office peon submits that the coachperson has been ordered to bring the phaeton for the boss ; but there is no waiting . The boss runs out of the office and begins shouting :

" Burnt , burnt ; Everything burnt ; Fire , fire . "



So saying , our hero runs through the market , quite oblivious of status and position .

The gentleperson raises the hands to stop a running tram car and hurriedly gets in , and being so agitated , repeatedly orders the tram driver to drive faster and faster , as if it were a private vehicle .

The governor's car passes by . The dignitaries in India felt elated , if they ever got a chance to pay their respects to the Governor . They would describe the incident for years amongst their friends and relatives with pride in ordinary course of life .

This is the same Governor whom the gentleperson cherished to meet , but there is not even notice of the Governor , let alone paying any respects .

To the right in the tram is seated someone who in a sweet voice enquires the reason of the worry and anxiety .

" Why ? What is the matter ? Why are you so melancholy , dejected and despondent ? For GOD's sake , please do open your heart to me . "

Do you know who it is ? The same beautiful one who was once dearly loved by the hero who always entertained a keen desire to meet , but was ever disappointed . The dear one's charming figure had once a deep impression on the hero's heart .

Today everything has totally changed ; the same sweet person is sitting so close and talking . But , the request has fallen on deaf ears .

The gentleperson has no heart to pay any attention to the former dear one or to anybody else , because all thoughts are , for the moment , concentrated on how to reach home at the earliest and extinguish the fire .



Well ! Have you ever cared to know that your house is burning in fire . Are you really anxious to extinguish that fire of your own house ?

All your property is being burnt away .

Your inner self is burning .

The capital of your inner self ( Rome ) is being reduced to ashes .

Your conscience is getting dead .

Your peace of mind is gone .

The knowledge of Self is extinct .

But , have you any anxiety to extinguish this all-consuming fire ? How long will you waste your time and energy in complacency to enjoy the company of vagrants and to throw into the sensuous fire your prestige and respect like Nero .

According to a poet :—

" The harm , I have done to myself , will not be done even by a fool . I have lost the owner of the house ( conscience ) inside my own house . "

How long will you waste yourself in this world ?




Before alighting from the tram , the gentleperson sees at a distance the smoke rising towards the sky ; then advancing towards the house , loud cries , noise , confusion and bewailing are heard . There is a huge crowd near the house . Police officers , constables , firefighters and thousand others are present .

Fire is blazing all round . Flames are rising towards the sky on every side . The wooden beams are falling , the pillars are coming down . The sound of the bursting fire is being heard all through . Thousands of water bags are being emptied on the fire , but alas ! inspite of it , the fire is only further infuriated .

Only a year back was this mansion constructed . At that time , the opening ceremony of the newly constructed mansion was celebrated with great pomp and show . Brahmins were fed . Food was distributed to the poor and the needy . Havan rituals were performed with great devotion . And today , it looks , as if , the whole house itself is an offering to the Havan ( fire ritual ) .

Only in place of the recital of Vedic hymns , they are weeping and bewailing . When the completion of the mansion was celebrated , a huge crowd was present . So , too , the crowd is present today when it is being consumed by fire .

An Indian poet says :

" O adviser ! Why should I build a house in this wild world ? When the labourers and the masons come , I am reminded of the grave diggers . I have not , therefore , built any ( house for myself ) . "

How transitory is life in this world and how foolish are people to be enamoured of it !

Where are those in charge of the house ? Where are the servants ? Why is not the dear child to be seen ? Where is the child ? All are anxious about the baby . Every body is outside the house .

But alas ! The child has been left inside the burning house .

Our hero , the gentleperson , is already sad enough , but upon hearing this unfortunate news , that the baby has been left in the burning house , the heart is totally broken , and with intense grief starts weeping and crying :

" Is there none to save my darling ? My child is dying and smarting , in the burning heat of the fire . There is still time to save . Please save my child or my child will be burnt to ashes . I offer one thousand rupees as reward . If anybody can save my child , I will be that one's slave for the whole of my life . Save my child , save my child . For GOD's sake ! save my child . "

The other parent of the child is offering all the golden ornaments to anybody who may save the child .

" Take them , but somehow save my dear child . "

The grandparent is beating the chest .

" I wish I could die . Somehow save my little grandchild . My child ! My dear little child . "

The servants are also weeping . They forget the loss of the mansion and the burning of the property worth lakhs of rupees , in the face of the burning of the child . No doubt the child is much more valuable than crores of rupees . Wealth has no meaning , when compared to the loving child .

Certainly , the child is dearer than any other thing in this world . But , is there anything more dear than the child itself ?

You may also please mark that they are prepared to sacrifice their all , their property and everything else , to save the child .

But , as a matter of fact , they are sacrificing the child for something else . What is it ?

It is one's own Self .

Thousands of rupees may be spent . The gold ornaments may be thrown away . Even the lives of those persons who try to save the child from the burning fire may be risked , but the parents do not risk their own lives by jumping into the fire to save their own child !

This incident reminds of the occasion , when the child , Lord Krishna , had jumped into the river Yamuna in the presence of playmates and others . But none could dare save Lord Krishna . Even the parents , Nanda and Yashoda , did not jump into the river , although they did swoon and faint , due to the shock . But they did not dare risk their own lives .

Look here ! The life of the child is gone , but the life of the parents is saved . They saw with their own eyes their dearest child being burnt in the fire , but they did not hazard their own lives .

It is said that " when the soles of the monkey burn , it keeps its baby underfoot " .

Please listen to this sound . It is the god of fire preaching :—

" The offspring is not dear to the parent because of being the offspring " ; but the offspring is dear on account of one's own self . "

See how the wind is whistling . It has brought the message of Vedas and is preaching it loudly to all :—

" Parent is no parent , the worlds are no worlds , deities are no deities and Vedas are no Vedas . "



According to a story in a poem :

" There was a cage made of mirrors and a fresh rose was hanging in its centre . Its image was seen on all sides .

A nightingale was imprisoned in that cage . As is well known , the nightingale is a great lover of the roses .

It flew towards one of the images of the rose and hit its head against the mirror . The images of the rose were to the right , left , in front , behind , above and below . The nightingale flew to all sides of the images , but , all the time , it was badly hurt .

At last , when it looked towards the centre , it came face to face with the real rose . With some hesitation it flew towards it , and nothing , neither the image in the mirror nor the cage itself , could prevent it from meeting its beloved , the real rose . And , then , it became happy to the extreme .

O Human ! So is the case with thee . Thou art wandering from door to door in search of peace , but that peace is centred within thee . "

A poet says the same thing :

" O thee , the musk deer , the whole forest is fragrant with thy musk . Why dost thou wander far and near ? The musk is within thee . "

Another poet says :

" Your child is in your own lap . Why are you searching the child in the city ? So , too , GOD is nearest to you . Why do you roam about in GOD's search in the jungles ? "

Yet another poet says :

" I was on GOD's lookout everywhere . But I was unaware that GOD was hidden within my own eyes . "

Reality is Reality . You cannot find it in transitory and worldly things .

Happiness you cannot enjoy till you know the Real Source .

The fact is that you cannot enjoy real happiness , unless you consume , in a way , all your worldly connections , and desires in the fire of ( knowledge ) , unless all are reduced to ashes . Parents , relations and all worldly connections must vanish .

Nothing but RAMA ( GOD ) must remain in one's view .

Just as the word OM immediately reveals its real meaning to one of of Divine knowledge , so , too , all the sense objects must disappear from view and only GOD be seen , instead .

Then and then alone , you can enjoy real happiness .

According to Yajur Veda BrahadAryanak Upanishad :

" When one is enjoying true happiness , Atma , being free from all connections , is established in its own self . Under such a condition , parents are no parents , world is no world and God is no God . There remains only Atma and nothing else . "

A Hindi poet says :

" The seat of my Beloved is on the cross of crucifixion . "

It means that unless you leave all behind , you cannot reach up to the Beloved .

Another poet says :

" Only after my death , when cups will be made out of the soil of my grave , I will be in a position to kiss the lips of my Beloved . "

When we meet our true love , we feel happy . Does happiness reside in the flesh and bones of the true love ?

No ! No ! Not at all ! Happiness lies in controlling the vagrancy of the mind . It lies in single pointed concentration .

A Sanskrit Shloka says :

" Whenever we feel Happiness or Anand , the image of BRAHMAN is in our heart . "

That means , one cannot enjoy real Happiness , unless one is completely merged in one's own self . This is done , only when our energies are introvert or , say , the mind is not vagrant .

When we do away with our selfishness ( mine and thine ) , when we are free from hopes and expectations and when we rise above our body-consciousness , then and then alone , we can enjoy true happiness .

When the wrong idea that " I am body " is destroyed , happiness appears .

The moment the clouds of doubts are dispersed , the moon of happiness shines . This moon ( Happiness ) is our Atma .

Do away with " Dualism " and enjoy happiness .

A poet says:

" You yourself are your own curtain . Run away from behind the curtain . How long are you to stay behind the curtain ? How long are the clouds to cover the sun ?

You have yourself created this darkness of ignorance ( sorrow ) , by keeping your eyes closed . You are all Light . It is you who bestows light ( Happiness ) on all . "

Another poet says :

" Thou art sun . Thou art sun . It is Thy brightness which enlightens the particles of the Universe . "

According to Kathopnishad :

" Neither the sun shines there ( in the Atma ) nor the moon , nor the lightning nor the flames of fire . The fact is that it is self-effulgent . It is Atma , the Light of lights , which gives light to all the Universe and which enlightens all the names and forms . "

A Punjabi poet Bhulla Shah says :

" You are the moon of the whole Universe . It is on account of you that all the business of the world goes on . You are the light of all the eyes , and , yet you say that you see darkness only . How strange it is ! You have seen a number of times all the three — waking , dreaming and the deep sleep states .

O Bhulla Shah exclaims : You are all Light . "

The baby is ever happy and carefree because the baby does not consider itself to be body , mind or intellect . No duality or differentiation has developed .

" The baby new to earth and sky
What time its tender palm is present
Against the circles of breast
Has never thought that this is I . "




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