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They tried to intimidate Prophet Mohammad ( pbu ) and did their utmost to terrify and overawe , so as to make Mohammad desist from preaching the new religion .

But nothing could deviate Mohammad ( pbu ) from the GODly path of righteousness .

Mohammad ( pbu ) had developed a true and unflinching faith in GOD , because the heart was pure and there was firm conviction in the eternal Truth that

" There is nothing but Allah , and that all the alluring temptations of this world and the world itself are nothing but transitory and illusory and that Allah is all alone with no duality in Allah " .

Mohammad ( pbu ) boldly declared that

" Even if the sun on my right side and the moon on my left side order me to desist , l will not . "

Such was the firmness of conviction in GOD .

This is exactly what the Vedas said thousands of years back .

" Have firm faith in GOD , the One without a second , and do not deviate from the path of Truth , even though the whole world may be against you .

Keep your heart pure , free from desires , passions , emotions , and , on the pedestal of your heart , install Sachchidanand , the Absolute Truth , the Absolute Knowledge and the Absolute Bliss . "

Please mark that , when the Prophet Mohammad ( pbu ) developed such a firm faith in GOD , the teachings rapidly spread not only in Arabia , but also in the neighbouring countries . None of the followers , anticipated this roaring success .

It was Mohammad's ( pbu ) faith in GOD which was strong and steady . The result was that the religion continued to make great strides . And within hundred years , the Islam spread in Europe , in Africa and in Asia . This is , in itself , a very great achievement .

What is the secret of this miracle ?

It is nothing but the firm faith in GOD , which bestowed unbelievable strength upon the Islamic armies to win this grand success .

We should , therefore , depend upon GOD only . One alone lives who lives in GOD . Do not entertain any doubt about GOD .

The doubt is like tuberculosis , which will kill you .

You are to be pitied , if you do not put your faith in GOD .

Your scriptures also decree that without this faith you cannot be free from worries and anxieties . This Faith is very necessary for your peace of mind .

This world is like a stage and all of us are its actors . Even while acting on the stage , no one forgets one's real identity . Similarly , while acting on the stage of this world , you should always remember your true Self , Sachchidanand which you really are . If you do so , you shall develop self-confidence and undisturbed peace of mind .

A new religion is said to have started in Persia ( Iran ) . Its founder is Suleman Khan .

It is said that the opponents put great pressure on Suleman to desist from propagating the teachings , but there was no yielding to their wishes .

Then , they forced Suleman to stand on a high wall and , after piercing holes in the arms , thrust burning candles in them and said ,

" You will be spared all this , if you only agree not to spread your new religion " .

But Suleman was a person of strong determination . Suleman did not at all care for their cruel inflictions , and started dancing happily on the wall , saying ,

" It is better to die a hero than to live a coward " .

Suleman was burnt to death , but did not compromise .

Socrates willingly drank the cup of poison and died , but refused to give up the principles .

These are the real heroes .

Our Puranas are full of incidents of firm faith in GOD .

Take the case of Prahlad , who was thrown from high mountains , drowned in deep rivers , burnt in fire and subjected to inhuman tortures .

But , since Prahlad had absolute faith in GOD , even Nature changed its nature in face of the firm and unflinching faith in GOD .

One who has unwavering faith in GOD , has nothing to worry .



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