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|| ❝ RAMA tells you that when you begin to feel this power , you will find a marked change in your life . ❞ ||

Early in the morning when you chant OM , make firm and strong resolutions to live it , to practise it .

In every act you undertake , before beginning to do it , be on your guard .

Just as when going to the river to bathe , you prepare yourself for swimming ; so when you begin a task , when you go to see somebody , when you are to meet some person , before that just prepare yourself for the way .

Just as when you go to the river to bathe , you strip yourselves ; just so must you strip yourselves of this false ego , this personality , this temple of GOD .

Strip yourselves of all vanity , feel GOD , and realize the true Self , and be determined to see GOD in everybody .

When you go to a friend , or when you go anywhere , go prepared , and when you are ready to do things , you will not fail ; you will keep your balance , you will lose nothing .

When a thing is done and you return from the friend's house , or from anybody whom you may have met , prepare yourself again .

If your hands are soiled , you wash them . If a genteel person sees a spot on the clothing , one begins at once to cleanse it .

Similarly after having passed in the company of those where your personality and egoism were made manifest , immediately after leaving them your first work is to wash your hands , then sit in your GODhead again .

Again when you are annoyed or distressed , when your balance is disturbed , what should you do ? Follow the very same process of balancing .

The doctor's balancing scales when exposed to the air are disturbed , they oscillate up and down , and what do they do to remedy it ? They keep them in a quiet place and the time comes when the balance will be perfect and the scales will be at rest .

Similarly when your mind is rued or annoyed , shut yourselves up in a room ; leave the company of your friends and return to solitude .

Time and solitude will make you strong ; chant OM and think Vedanta , think and realize your Divinity ; your GODhead , and you will be quickly restored , you will gain your balance and be at rest .

If you think that your soul is disturbed or annoyed , if you think that your mind is disturbed , if the thought of anger , hostility , anxiety or fear is in your mind , what must you do ?

O ! you have no right to show your face to anybody . A face pitted with smallpox should not be shown to anybody .

You should shut yourselves up in quarantine , you are cholera-struck , you are plague-stricken , you are infected with a contagious disease , and you have no right to appear in society ; heal yourself first and then come out .

Well , if the face or dress of genteel person be soiled , O ! that person will never appear in society .

Similarly if your soul is soiled , if you are stricken with a contagious disease so to say , if your real nature is suffering from cholera , never , never come out in society .

Sit alone , chant OM , feel GOD and when you think GOD , when you feel GOD , then come out .

Rama tells you that if you begin to feel this power , you will find a marked change in your life .

People want to eat fruit , but they want to cut down the tree that bears the fruit , they want to be happy and to enjoy themselves , but they do not want to live in the Truth .

Enjoyment and happiness come only when a person lives in GODhead , lives in the Divinity .



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