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Archimedes used to say , " I can move the whole world if I can get a fixed point " , but never found the fixed point .

RAMA राम

According to Vedanta , the whole world is nothing else but GOD , the whole world is perfect , the whole world is Divinity , is my own Self , the whole world is one .

In that case , if I take up a method of reform , if I see that you are downtrodden , if I see that you are miserable and wretched through petty desires , that very moment I am deforming you , because I look upon you as something different from myself .

So Vedanta says , " O reformers , who take up this role , you look upon the world as sinners , you look upon the world as deformed and abuse them . " Why should the world be so poor as to ask help of you ?

Christ came and did all to raise , to enlighten the people , but the world was not reformed . Krishna came and did what could be done . Buddha came , all the many philosophers came , but there is still the same pain , suffering and trouble , the world we find the same . Are people any happier today ?

Have your railways , your cars , your telegraphs , your telephones , your great ships , all your great scientific productions make people happier ? It is just like a fraction whose numerator and denominator have both been increased ; the fraction seems different , it seems to be increased , but it is in reality the same fraction increased proportionately . If your incomes or possessions have increased , your desires have also increased .

It is like the tail of a dog ; if you hold it out straight , it is straight ; but the moment you let it go , it curls up as it was before .

So those people who stand up or start with a desire of reforming , those who make noise in this way in the universe , are self-deluded . Young people , remember , you make a great mistake by starting something in the world .

Throw not your centre of gravity outside yourself . Feel , feel your real GODhead , and the moment you are filled with Divinity , that very moment spontaneously , permanently will flow life , energy and power .

That is the way to spread the Truth .

Archimedes used to say , " I can move the whole world if I can get a fixed point " , but never found the fixed point .

The fixed point is within you ; get hold of it , feel it , feel it , realize it , realize that you are Divinity , that you are the Lord of lords , the Arbiter of all justice , the Source of all beauty , all force , all power , realize that you are the Ruler of the whole world : you are that and this realization of your true Self will of itself conquer the whole world , will give the world life , will set it agoing .

The Sun does all work according to or on the principles of Vedanta . The Sun is the origin , the source of life and energy of the whole world .

The Sun is a Vedantin and acts upon the advice given to you by Rama . The Sun does that . The Sun gives all life , all energy to the world , but does it impersonally . There is no egoism , there is no selfish nature , no little self-aggrandizement in it : the Sun fills itself with energy , is all force , all energy , all light and activity .

So when you get up and the Sun comes , does it make any special announcement of its coming , does it write a book or a pamphlet about it , does it make any noise about it ?

O , no , but you see all this earth , this world of yours is vivified , this earth of yours is brought into life ; O , how slowly , how gradually , how slowly but surely Nature wakes up ; rivers wake up ; you know at night they are frozen , but the Sun comes up , warms them , gives them life , and they flow . Roses and flowers on the banks of the lakes and streams are blown up by the warm , loving rays of the Sun .

Again the lotuses of the eyes of humans are blown up , or in other words , they also wake up and are filled with life and activity ; the air is set in motion , the air is full of life and action , because the Sun has life and action , and through it flow light and activity to the whole world .

The Sun thinks not of taking any credit for vivifying the world , for waking you up , or making the birds sing , or for making the flowers bloom . Everything comes to pass through it , because it depends upon itself , because it lives that life within it .

This is the principle — Live that life within you , live that Atman within you , feel that you are the Light of lights , the Lord of lords , the Arbiter of all justice , vigour and beauty , and that all existence is due to you ; feel that , feel that !

Try these spiritual experience , and then see !



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