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|| < : WHAT A VISION ! WHAT A TRUTH ! : > ||

All anxiety , all suffering , all pain lies in yourself , never outside . Suppose somebody calls you names , or rebukes you ; such a person prepares for you the food which , if taken into your mouth , will hurt you .

Thus , nothing can enrage or excite you , unless you take it up and appropriate it to yourself .

Rama never takes things unto oneself ; people often pass unfavourable remarks as Rama passes along the streets , but such words have no effect unless they are taken up and believed to be true .

According to Vedanta , a person of realization is one who never takes the trouble of taking up or appropriating in the least any poisonous feasts ; such a person never suffers oneself to be rebuffed or disturbed .

Be your true Self , be your Divinity .

Take pity on those people who are blaming or defaming others . Never think yourself to be maltreated , downtrodden , or fallen .

Feel , feel your Divinity , live in your Divinity ; all else is darkness , all else is ignorance ; it is darkness within you which creates a hell for you . To get rid of this darkness , you may try all sorts of methods but they will avail nothing .

If three hundred and thirty-three billions of Christs appear in the world , it will do no good , unless you yourself undertake to remove the darkness within . Depend not on others .

All these processes of joining this Church or that , this society or that society , worshipping this Christ or that Krishna , this fetish or that , will avail nothing . Do all that you like , but it will avail you nothing .

The only remedy is Light , and Light is living knowledge , living faith in your Divinity . That is the remedy , there is no other .

O Divinity in the form of people ! O my true Self in the form of everybody ! O my own beloved Real Self in the form of all these bodies ! O blessed parent in the form of all these bodies ! O blessed Atman in the form of all these bodies ! Light simply means the realization of Truth to such a degree that all the apparent bodies and forms may dwindle into nothingness .

Light , or the true realization of Truth , would make all these bodies transparent , would make all personalities evanescent . Whatever a person appears , one of realization never sees the little ego , the apparent body , but only the Divinity . To one of realization , the apparent form or body is an illusion ; it is darkness , ignorance .

The removal of ignorance means seeing GOD , seeing the real Self , seeing only Truth , realizing Divinity only , and being exempt from all fears and all anxiety .

O Divinity ! Divinity !! O my own beloved , dear , dear GOD in all these bodies !! People who in the eyes of others are called enemies , are all my own true Self ; those who in the eyes of others are called friends , are all my own true Self .

See not the outside personality , see not the little ego ; seeing the Divinity not only in all bodies , but in your own body also is light , which makes you see Divinity one and the same as yourself . Divinity is the synonym of my true Self .

That I , the true Self , is everywhere . Realize that , feel that , live that , and all walls , all difficulties , all bars , all barriers vanish . What a vision ! What a truth !! What a grand fact !!

It is a pity it cannot be described ; no words can reach it , no language can portray it . It is a fact . If you simply want it , if you crave for it , it must come to you .