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RAMABITES | PART 04 | BITE00300 | RAMA राम

Let all the great lecturers of the age come , let Christ or GOD Itself come and lecture , but lectures from others will be of no avail unless you are prepared to lecture to yourself .

One alone can raise oneself or make progress who lectures to oneself .

RAMABITES | PART 04 | BITE00301 | RAMA राम

The highest gift you can confer on a person is to offer knowledge .

You may feed a person today ; one will be just as hungry tomorrow . Teach the person an art , you enable one to earn a living all one's life .

RAMABITES | PART 04 | BITE00302 | RAMA राम

The sacred Scriptures of all the worlds should be taken in the same spirit as we study Chemistry , holding our own experience for ultimate authority .

RAMABITES | PART 04 | BITE00303 | RAMA राम

Blessed are those who do not read newspapers , for they shall see Nature and through Nature , GOD .

RAMABITES | PART 04 | BITE00304 | RAMA राम

Work in the spirit of an unaffected witness , free from all entanglements . Remain immune .

RAMABITES | PART 04 | BITE00305 | RAMA राम

Wherever you may be , work in the position of a giver and never in the position of a beggar , so that your work may be universal work , and not personal in the least .

RAMABITES | PART 04 | BITE00306 | RAMA राम

Rama speaks the truth . Believe it .
All the objects of the world are unreal .
GOD alone is Real .

RAMABITES | PART 04 | BITE00307 | RAMA राम

You must feel Shivoham from the very core of your heart so that it may consume , like a burning flame , all your inferiority complex .

If this is done , all your body consciousness , narrow-mindedness , fear , sorrow and sufferings will be destroyed . They will have no ground to germinate .

RAMABITES | PART 04 | BITE00308 | RAMA राम

One , who knows this secret of oneness with All , becomes fearless and generosity incarnate .

One becomes the source of power , strength and spiritual holiness .

RAMABITES | PART 04 | BITE00309 | RAMA राम

You cannot have one-pointed concentration so long as you cherish one worldly hope or the other in your heart .

Only that one can have peace whose mind is not distracted by any thought of duty or want .

RAMABITES | PART 04 | BITE00310 | RAMA राम

These desires will not leave you of their own .
You will have to get rid of them .

Therefore , it is very necessary for you
to give up all hopes and expectations .

RAMABITES | PART 04 | BITE00311 | RAMA राम

You have to be lost in GOD-ecstasy .

RAMABITES | PART 04 | BITE00312 | RAMA राम

Let the believers in dualism and non-dualism quarrel in heated discussions , because , at this egotistic stage , it may not be wholly improper to have such an intellectual analysis and scrutiny .

RAMABITES | PART 04 | BITE00313 | RAMA राम

When we go deeper than the intellectual level and when the subjective mind or the ganglionic consciousness is enlightened , all the differences are smoothly ironed out .

RAMABITES | PART 04 | BITE00314 | RAMA राम

So long as one does not realise GOD from one's innermost conscience , one will never be able to enjoy Upasana , Jyan , or understand the interpretation of the Vedas or the Upanishads .

RAMABITES | PART 04 | BITE00315 | RAMA राम

Reality cannot be the object of perception or thought .
Mind and speech turn back from it in dismay .

RAMABITES | PART 04 | BITE00316 | RAMA राम

What are you ?

Infinite and immaculate ,
Immortal Self of all ,
Is your Self .

RAMABITES | PART 04 | BITE00317 | RAMA राम

Any philosophy which does not explain all the facts in nature is no philosophy .

RAMABITES | PART 04 | BITE00318 | RAMA राम

You may gain realisation this moment .

Get rid of attachment and at the same time
shake off all hatred and jealousy .

RAMABITES | PART 04 | BITE00319 | RAMA राम

Realise your Divinity and everything is done .

RAMABITES | PART 04 | BITE00320 | RAMA राम

Stand on your feet whether you are great or small , whether you are highly placed or very low , care not , a straw for that .

RAMABITES | PART 04 | BITE00321 | RAMA राम

Realize your Divinity , your GODhead .

RAMABITES | PART 04 | BITE00322 | RAMA राम

Divinity ! Respect your Self ,
and everybody will respect you .

RAMABITES | PART 04 | BITE00323 | RAMA राम

Whoever comes to you , receive one as GOD , and at the same time do not look down upon yourself .

If you are in jail today , you may be glorified tomorrow .

RAMABITES | PART 04 | BITE00324 | RAMA राम

Whoever comes to you , receive one as GOD

RAMABITES | PART 04 | BITE00325 | RAMA राम

Sit firmly on the throne of renunciation , wear the pearls of dispassion , and put on the crown of Divine Knowledge .

RAMABITES | PART 04 | BITE00326 | RAMA राम

That prayer must be heard in which our selfishness is so little as to be the work of GOD Itself .

And , at the time of prayer , the mind should be full of ecstasy and self-absorption .

RAMABITES | PART 04 | BITE00327 | RAMA राम

Every page of Vedas ( Upanishad ) supports the theory of non-duality .

When this principle is quite correct in theory , nay , it is Truth itself , it must be correct in practice as well .

In practice , this principle of unity is expressed in the form of Love .

This Universal Unity , which acts as the guiding light in our spiritual life , is in the form of Love Absolute in practice . It can never be wrong .

RAMABITES | PART 04 | BITE00328 | RAMA राम

Another person put this question to Rama , " Do you believe in GOD ? "

Rama says , " I know GOD . "

We believe in a thing we do not know , we believe in a thing which is simply forced on us , we believe in a thing which is not known to us .

To believe in GOD , what does that mean ? What do you know of GOD ?

" I know GOD . I am GOD , I am GOD . "

Then the person says , " GOD is within you " .

Rama says the body and the world are within GOD .
I am GOD — that makes the whole difference .

RAMABITES | PART 04 | BITE00329 | RAMA राम

Unless we totally destroy our attachment and desire for the worldly objects in the fire of sacred knowledge of :

Sarvam Khalvidam Brahma ( the entire universe is Brahma or GOD ) ,

we cannot enter the sovereignty of Heaven or attain GODhood .

RAMABITES | PART 04 | BITE00330 | RAMA राम

The tornado of GOD-concentration should be so powerful that any other idea of the world may be swept away .

I am a tornado of highest magnitude , I am a wonderful sight .

RAMABITES | PART 04 | BITE00331 | RAMA राम

Rama tells you in every possible way
that only GOD exists and not the world .

If the things of the world are there ,
they are only the existence of GOD .

RAMABITES | PART 04 | BITE00332 | RAMA राम

They are really blessed who lose their all ,
the heart , mind and everything to GOD ,
who is the Master-Thief of all the thieves .

RAMABITES | PART 04 | BITE00333 | RAMA राम

You must not consider this world to be real .

Merge this idea into Brahma because
Brahma alone is real and all else is unreal .

Then only you can be free from worry , anxiety or anguish .

RAMABITES | PART 04 | BITE00334 | RAMA राम

At the time of meditation , all sorts of thoughts creep in the mind , thoughts of food , nourishment , insult , love , hatred , etc , connected with our life .

But one does not understand that these thoughts are not to be entertained .

RAMABITES | PART 04 | BITE00335 | RAMA राम

The only thought should be about GOD and GOD alone .

RAMABITES | PART 04 | BITE00336 | RAMA राम

When GOD is encamped in your heart ,
all desires will be automatically fulfilled .

When there is nothing but Atma , the mind too ,
has got to be absorbed in Atma itself .

Where else can the poor thing go ?

RAMABITES | PART 04 | BITE00337 | RAMA राम

Sleep throws humans on the ground and teaches them a lesson every time that there is no reality in this world and that Atma (GOD) alone is real .

In sleep , since the world is lost , it cannot be real or everlasting .

Though unconsciously , we are made to realise in sleep that there remains ultimately nothing , but the only reality , Atma or GOD .

RAMABITES | PART 04 | BITE00338 | RAMA राम

Even unconsciously , one is refreshed and gets a lot of energy when one is in the deep sleep state .

RAMABITES | PART 04 | BITE00339 | RAMA राम

As such , one must feel much more refreshed and blessed with immeasurable power and energy , when one is consciously merged in Upasana and meditation .

RAMABITES | PART 04 | BITE00340 | RAMA राम

As a matter of fact , good or bad thoughts and ideas are drawn towards us , according to the condition of our own mind .

There will be no end to it , if we continue to reflect on the mental state of others . There is no use trying to control others .

I am the Mind of all the minds and I am the Intellect of all the intellects .

RAMABITES | PART 04 | BITE00341 | RAMA राम

There is such a continuity of inner unity that when I purify myself , I find every one else to be purified .

You do not try this direct method ( to realise yourself to be Brahma ) but , instead , you try an indirect method ( of reforming others ) .

RAMABITES | PART 04 | BITE00342 | RAMA राम

There is only one disease in this world and also only one remedy for it .

The conviction of the perverted point of view , not only in thought but also in action that :

GOD is unreal and that the world is real , is the root cause of this trouble or that .

And , the remedy of all such miseries lies in destroying the body and mind consciousness in the fire of GOD-realisation .

RAMABITES | PART 04 | BITE00343 | RAMA राम

When your worldly attachments overweigh as compared to your GODliness , when I and mine considerations suppress your feelings of peace and renunciation , you experience pain , suffering and frustration etc , to the same extent to which you neglect the practice of Truth .

GOD alone is real and all else is unreal .

RAMABITES | PART 04 | BITE00344 | RAMA राम

You are surely innocent and absolutely free from any fault , provided you consider yourself to be pure Universal Self , which you really are .

But , unfortunately , you do not hold on to the idea of being the Real Self .

How can you then claim to be innocent or faultless ?

You identify yourself with your limited body , mind and intellect , and then you call this little limited self to be sinless .

This ignorance is the root of all the sins .

RAMABITES | PART 04 | BITE00345 | RAMA राम

Upasana is to fix attention on the real and blissful aspect of the worldly objects , rising above their names and forms .

It is like paying attention to the meaning of the sentences , rising above the names and forms of the letters or the words .

It is to forget the names and forms of the worldly objects , as seen through our physical eyes , and to be absorbed in the Divine Vision .

RAMABITES | PART 04 | BITE00346 | RAMA राम

Upasana is the name of that state in which not only the tongue but every atom of the body is thrilled .

If , however , it does not produce such an effect , your Upasana is useless , even though you may close your eyes , stuff your nose , plug your ears , hold your tongue , sing , shout or do whatever you like .

Such an Upasana is like an uninspiring painting , howsoever beautiful it may be .

RAMABITES | PART 04 | BITE00347 | RAMA राम

Dear , listen ,

Vedanta is no cant ,
and this world is naught .

One perishes who feels it to be real .
GOD is the only reality .

Yes , yes , yes , yes , OM .

RAMABITES | PART 04 | BITE00348 | RAMA राम

You have only to put on the necklace of the pearls of dispassion , the crown of Divine Knowledge and then , sit on the Royal Throne of renunciation .

No desire can , then , dare approach you .

RAMABITES | PART 04 | BITE00349 | RAMA राम

In order that you may reach the Truth and realize the Divinity :

your dearest wants and desires will be pricked through and through , your dearest wants and attachments will have to be severed , all your favourite superstitions and prejudices will have to be wiped out , all your preconceived notions will have to be torn aside .

Free you will have to become of all the debasing and degrading yearnings .

Pure you will have to make yourself . Purity , purity .

Without paying the price , you cannot reach GOD , you cannot regain your own birthright .

Blessed are the pure in heart , for they shall see GOD .

RAMABITES | PART 04 | BITE00350 | RAMA राम

You are the Absolute Reality in which all this world ,
all the phenomena of the universe are mere waves or eddies .

Realize that and become absolutely free .

RAMABITES | PART 04 | BITE00351 | RAMA राम

Freedom from Law is secured by becoming the Law , that is , the Realization of Shivoham .

RAMABITES | PART 04 | BITE00352 | RAMA राम

I am Myself the Lover and also the Beloved .
Lover or Beloved ? Neither . I am Love personified .

RAMABITES | PART 04 | BITE00353 | RAMA राम

O , my dear ones , GOD is Truth and Truth is GOD .
Truth is Eternal . Truth is the only Reality .

RAMABITES | PART 04 | BITE00354 | RAMA राम

Bring the light in , and darkness never was .

RAMABITES | PART 04 | BITE00355 | RAMA राम

Why should you remember Rama and Krishna , When you are GOD yourself ? Have faith in your Self . You are GOD yourself .

RAMABITES | PART 04 | BITE00356 | RAMA राम

Why should you be afraid of calling yourself Rama or GOD ? This tongue is not yours . It is GOD's . Therefore speak out with GOD's tongue .

" I am Rama , I am the Real Self , I am the Emperor of this Universe , I am Omnipresent , I am the real Doer . "

This version is not from your side . It is from the side of the One whose tongue is this . It is a declaration of the same Being .

Therefore , you are nothing but Rama or Brahman .

RAMABITES | PART 04 | BITE00357 | RAMA राम

Heaven is within you , seek Happiness not in the objects of sense ; realize that Happiness is within yourself .

RAMABITES | PART 04 | BITE00358 | RAMA राम

Rama literally means the All-pervading , interpenetrating omnipresent , One without a second . You can call It Rama , GOD or Brahman .

RAMABITES | PART 04 | BITE00359 | RAMA राम

Let the seeds be sown , let the Truth be dinned and instilled into your ears , the seed once sown we need not bother much about it .

RAMABITES | PART 04 | BITE00360 | RAMA राम

I am determined to thunder out in your bosom my GODhead , your GODhead , and proclaim it through every deed and movement .

RAMABITES | PART 04 | BITE00361 | RAMA राम

When you see your own light in the sun and the moon , when you are fully convinced that in the past , present and future you alone are manifested in all beings , when you are above body , mind and intellect , and when you have fully identified yourself with the Universal Self , then alone may you be called a GOD-intoxicated Saint .

RAMABITES | PART 04 | BITE00362 | RAMA राम

Love or Tat Tvam Asi , wherever the eyes fall That Thou Art .

RAMABITES | PART 04 | BITE00363 | RAMA राम

True Purity is that where all beauty is absorbed in me and I feel and enjoy my spiritual oneness with all to such an extent that to talk or think of meeting any object sounds like a painful hint of separation .

RAMABITES | PART 04 | BITE00364 | RAMA राम

Religion is as universal and vitally connected with our being as the act of eating .

The successful atheist knows not the process of one's own digestion , as it were .

RAMABITES | PART 04 | BITE00365 | RAMA राम

One who has never loved can never realize GOD ; that is a fact .

RAMABITES | PART 04 | BITE00366 | RAMA राम

The last word of the Greek language is Omega which has the prominence of OM .

Also , in the English words , omnipresent , omniscient and omnipotent , the eminence of OM is distinct .

The presence of OM in these words is not just by chance .

It is on account of the word OM that these words give the indication of universalism .

RAMABITES | PART 04 | BITE00367 | RAMA राम

The mantram OM does not belong to any special language .

Thinking it to be a Sanskrit word and not belonging to any other language , do not reject it . It is the name of GOD .

This syllable comes to you from within , nobody teaches you this syllable . It comes to you at birth .

The child's cry resembles remarkably the sound Oom , Om , Aam , a perverted form of OM .

The word OM comes from within to every child .

RAMABITES | PART 04 | BITE00368 | RAMA राम

Now it is not the mere chant by the throat , it is something else also . While :

< : 1 : > the lips and the throat chant physically ,
< : 2 : > the mind chants it intellectually , and
< : 3 : > the heart chants it in a language of higher emotions .

Thus the threefold chant of this sacred syllable OM brings you to that unison and oneness with the All , the Light .

RAMABITES | PART 04 | BITE00369 | RAMA राम

You cannot depend upon any authority outside yourself , whether it be Krishna , Christ , or Buddha .

In order to know it , you must know it yourself . . .

A young person says , " My parent has a good stomach , and can digest my dinner for me . " Can the parent ? No , one must digest one's own dinner .

I bow to those great souls the world has known , but they cannot digest my food for me , that I must do for myself .

They cannot convince me of my ONENESS WITH GOD , I must do that for myself .

RAMABITES | PART 04 | BITE00370 | RAMA राम

It is through the Cosmic-Consciousness alone that we know the Truth .

RAMABITES | PART 04 | BITE00371 | RAMA राम

Sell not your liberty to Buddha , Jesus , Mohammed or Krishna .

All the dogmatic ideologies of the world have more or less of superstition , stamped on their face .

RAMABITES | PART 04 | BITE00372 | RAMA राम

So long as any trace of external obligation and categorical imperative Thou shalt and Thou shalt not is in play , there can be no room for spiritual growth of true purity .

All process of joining this Church or that , this Society or that Society , worshipping this Christ or that Krishna , this fetish or that , will avail nothing .

RAMABITES | PART 04 | BITE00373 | RAMA राम

Prayer does not mean repeating certain words .
Prayer means feeling and realizing Divinity .

There is no use believing in salvation by performing services .

As a rule , churches , temples , gatherings and meetings are different methods of prolonging the hypnotic world-sleep .

RAMABITES | PART 04 | BITE00374 | RAMA राम

A little dynamite from within destroys
the whole superstructure which held it .

RAMABITES | PART 04 | BITE00375 | RAMA राम

Let nothing be prized higher than GOD ,
nothing valued equally with GOD .

There is none nearer than GOD ,
none should be dearer than GOD , TRUTH ( LAW ) .

RAMABITES | PART 04 | BITE00376 | RAMA राम

Trample over the body , eat up this personality , grind , digest , and assimilate me , then and then alone you do justice to Rama .

RAMABITES | PART 04 | BITE00377 | RAMA राम

Jump into the Ocean of the Ineffable ,
throw away everything into it ,
cast off each and all , spare nothing .

RAMABITES | PART 04 | BITE00378 | RAMA राम

Slowly and resolutely as a fly cleans its legs of the honey in which it has been caught , so remove we must every particle of attachment to forms and personalities .

One after another the connections must be cut , the ties must snap , till the final concession in the form of death crowns all unwilling renunciations .

RAMABITES | PART 04 | BITE00379 | RAMA राम

Compliments , criticisms and diseases are equally fatal if we regard Self as subject to them .

RAMABITES | PART 04 | BITE00380 | RAMA राम

Blessed are those who do not read newspapers ,
for they shall see Nature and through Nature , GOD .

RAMABITES | PART 04 | BITE00381 | RAMA राम

Beware of worldly attachment and materiality . You cannot reach the Truth and also enjoy worldly pleasures .

The saying goes that if you enjoy the Truth , you will no longer be able to enjoy worldly pleasures .

RAMABITES | PART 04 | BITE00382 | RAMA राम

Enjoy worldly pleasures and Truth will elude your grasp , get ahead of you . Rama is telling you the Truth today .

RAMABITES | PART 04 | BITE00383 | RAMA राम

So many people come to Rama and say over and over again that they want realization . You may gain realization this moment .

Get rid of attachment and at the same time shake off all hatred and jealousy .

RAMABITES | PART 04 | BITE00384 | RAMA राम

What is jealousy what is hatred ? It is inverted attachment . When we hate somebody , it is because we are attached to something else .

RAMABITES | PART 04 | BITE00385 | RAMA राम

Here you will ask how you are to get rid of your children , siblings , and spouses , etc .

Well , this is your own lookout . The how and what way is your own lookout .

But the truth is , let TRUTH or GOD become your parent , let GOD or TRUTH become your parent , let GOD or TRUTH be to you your spouse ;

Let GOD or TRUTH be to you your grandparent , your teacher , your house , your property , your everything .

RAMABITES | PART 04 | BITE00386 | RAMA राम

Have all your attachments severed from every object , and concentrate yourself on one thing , the one fact , one truth , your divinity .

Immediately on the spot you gain realization .

RAMABITES | PART 04 | BITE00387 | RAMA राम

Proceed on the axioms that all are GODly and everyone must behave as GOD if only you behave as GOD toward them .

RAMABITES | PART 04 | BITE00388 | RAMA राम

Energy or matter , if any , is GOD .

The Law of preservation of matter and energy is essentially relative and its relative counter-formula would be :

" All change is purely change of form , it is not a change of the innermost nature of reality " .

RAMABITES | PART 04 | BITE00389 | RAMA राम

The reading of books and learning all knowledge is one thing ; and to acquire the Truth is another .

You may read all the sacred Scriptures and yet not know the Truth .

RAMABITES | PART 04 | BITE00390 | RAMA राम

The only wrong is to put this question : " Am I right ? "
Ownership is making a thing my own .
I make the whole World my own .
Owner of the Universe .

RAMABITES | PART 04 | BITE00391 | RAMA राम

As a solid is related to its own surfaces , so is the cosmic consciousness related to the ordinary consciousness .

As an ocean is related to its waves , so is the Cosmic Consciousness related to the world consciousness .

As hyperspace is supposed to be related to the other dimensions of space , so is the Jnana .

RAMABITES | PART 04 | BITE00392 | RAMA राम

True liberty is the accurate appreciation of Necessity .
I am that Necessity and being that Necessity am free .

RAMABITES | PART 04 | BITE00393 | RAMA राम

The feeling of purity brings such power and joy because it is an expression of Renunciation .

RAMABITES | PART 04 | BITE00394 | RAMA राम

After perception comes conception by naming .

RAMABITES | PART 04 | BITE00395 | RAMA राम

Attention — a priori Causation = Reaction ( subjective ) = objectifying . Thing = Think .

RAMABITES | PART 04 | BITE00396 | RAMA राम

Things are thinks and thinks = words .

RAMABITES | PART 04 | BITE00397 | RAMA राम

Keep in Self = Resist not Evil , but overcome it by Love than which there is no higher force .

RAMABITES | PART 04 | BITE00398 | RAMA राम

When you talk to the limited centre of ego , etc , that responds .
When you address GOD , response will come from there .

RAMABITES | PART 04 | BITE00399 | RAMA राम

O Truth , I Love Thee ; O Love , I am True to Thee .

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