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RAMABITES | PART 03 | BITE00200 | RAMA राम

Nothing in this world is permanent ; nothing in this world is eternal .

The only thing permanent is the Divinity within you , the GOD that you are , the Reality that you are .

RAMABITES | PART 03 | BITE00201 | RAMA राम

Why not be more concerned with what lasts forever , what is permanent and eternal ?

Why not care more for That than for the fleeting relationships ?

Why not think more of the eternal permanent Reality with which you cannot part , why not try to secure and realize That ?

Why try to sacrifice the permanent Reality , the real Eternity ?
Why sacrifice That for the fleeting impermanent relations ?

RAMABITES | PART 03 | BITE00202 | RAMA राम

To give the forms of foes and friends a sense of personality , individuality and reality to such an extent , as to miss the Impersonated ( masked ) individual ( indivisible ) Real Self or Law .

RAMABITES | PART 03 | BITE00203 | RAMA राम

Why is it that the sight of woods , landscapes , rivers , lakes , and green hills inspires , uplifts , charms and breeds ecstasy ? Why ?

Because it relieves us of the sense of limited personality , it takes off the put-on looks which weigh us down in the crowded streets .

The blessed trees and dear water in their impersonal gentleness , nay sweetness , no more force on us any sense of smallness .

RAMABITES | PART 03 | BITE00204 | RAMA राम

Happy is one who turns the whole world into a Heavenly Garden by seeing the same impersonal breath of Life in the throngs of humans as inspires in the rose garden and oak groves .

RAMABITES | PART 03 | BITE00205 | RAMA राम

Firstly , you should make a habit to study your holy scriptures every morning with sincerity and deep devotion .

It will infuse in you divine happiness which will keep you under its sway the whole day .

After that , even when you go to attend to your daily work , you will remain in touch with your divine happiness and serenity experienced in the morning .

RAMABITES | PART 03 | BITE00206 | RAMA राम

You must also try to remember and repeat some saying or couplet which may help you maintain your morning inebriation .

Thus , do your work in hand but keep the remembrance of GOD in mind .

Hand in work and mind at rest in GOD .

RAMABITES | PART 03 | BITE00207 | RAMA राम

The mind should be trained , as some people train a hawk to sit on their hand , to dart into the air to catch its prey and then to come back again to sit on the hand , after doing its job .

Similarly , you , too , should train your mind to attend to its jobs and then to be again absorbed in the thought of GOD-Intoxication or Self-Realization , even though it may be for only a short while in the beginning .

RAMABITES | PART 03 | BITE00208 | RAMA राम

You might have noticed that , when with the master , the dog becomes bold like a lion , but when alone , it loses all its boldness .

Similarly , if you do a job , while absorbed in a blissful state of mind in remembrance of GOD , you are sure to do it in a much better and more correct way .

It is sad that you cannot train your own mind , while persons are able to train a bird , a hawk etc . Are you worse than a bird or a dog ?

RAMABITES | PART 03 | BITE00209 | RAMA राम

Make your spouse free of yourself , and you will be free of your spouse .

By making the companion free it is meant that you should make one believe and trust not in your body but in GOD within you .

When the spouse loves you or you love the spouse , you love GOD within the spouse and make the spouse love GOD within you .

RAMABITES | PART 03 | BITE00210 | RAMA राम

Rama says , Believe not in the lump of flesh of your companion ; believe in the Divinity within .

You should look at this outward flesh and skin as a curtain which become transparent to you , and you see beyond the curtain , GOD within .

RAMABITES | PART 03 | BITE00211 | RAMA राम

Wherever you may be , however you may be attached to your spouse or child , rest not there , set not your heart on that .

Let your heart be with GOD , let your heart be upon the Divinity within you : that is the way .

Behave in this way yourself and make your spouse and children behave in the same way .

You will be free of them , they will be free of you .
No dependence ; independence , freedom !

RAMABITES | PART 03 | BITE00212 | RAMA राम

How long will you cling to those toys of names and forms ?

Yes , you must give up one after another , all your pet prejudices , possessions , clingings , attachments .'

Your possessions possess and obsess you . You cannot fence out anybody without first fencing in yourself .

RAMABITES | PART 03 | BITE00213 | RAMA राम

Hidden in this painful Stripping Robbery lies the treasure of Blissful Success .

The dearest name of GOD to Rama is Hari which literally means the Robber .

O Sweet Hari !

Some might object . Oh ! If I love and yield to the foe , one will eat me up .

Rama says , O you deluded cheat , did you ever really try the experiment ?

RAMABITES | PART 03 | BITE00214 | RAMA राम

Every object here is the Dear one , Divinity , GOD facing us on every side , staring at us from every nook and corner , the whole world is changed into a paradise .

A Vedantin's eyes make GOD of everything .

When you realize GOD , you will see this . Your food will be converted into GOD . GOD's eyes protrude every object .

When you realize Vedanta , you see , — O wonder of wonders ! You see GOD . You eat GOD , you drink GOD , and GOD lives in you .

RAMABITES | PART 03 | BITE00215 | RAMA राम

This body that you are addressing is hallucination .

I am GOD . Do you mark that ?

Believe in reality more than in false opinions .
Divinity you are .

RAMABITES | PART 03 | BITE00216 | RAMA राम

You know every religion has got three aspects . Every religion has got its philosophy , its mythology and its ritual . No religion without philosophy can stand .

RAMABITES | PART 03 | BITE00217 | RAMA राम

Enjoyment and happiness come only when a person lives in one's GODhead , lives in the Divinity .

People want to eat fruit , but they want to cut down the tree that bears the fruit , they want to be happy and to enjoy themselves , but they do not want to live in the Truth .

RAMABITES | PART 03 | BITE00218 | RAMA राम

Rama tells you that if you begin to feel this power , you will find a marked change in your life .

RAMABITES | PART 03 | BITE00219 | RAMA राम

When your mind is rued or annoyed , shut yourselves up in a room ; leave the company of your friends and return to solitude .

Sit alone , chant OM , feel GOD and when you think GOD , when you feel GOD , then come out .

RAMABITES | PART 03 | BITE00220 | RAMA राम

Strip yourselves of all vanity , feel GOD , and realize the true Self , and be determined to see GOD in everybody .

Just as when you go to the river to bathe , you strip yourselves ; just so must you strip yourselves of this false ego , this personality , this temple of GOD .

RAMABITES | PART 03 | BITE00221 | RAMA राम

Early in the morning when you chant OM , make firm and strong resolutions to live it , to practise it .

RAMABITES | PART 03 | BITE00222 | RAMA राम

Christ taught that terrible Truth , and was persecuted and crucified . Socrates came and was given hemlock .

Truth is always disagreeable , terrible .

Truth is never taken cheerfully by the people .
It seems to be a terrible statement , but so it is .

Just mark .

RAMABITES | PART 03 | BITE00223 | RAMA राम

Truth is undeniable that so long as you are in perfect harmony with Nature , so long as your mind is in tune with the universe and you are feeling and realizing your oneness with each and all , all the circumstances and surroundings , even winds and waves , will be in your favour .

RAMABITES | PART 03 | BITE00224 | RAMA राम

You are perfect and whole when you realize yourself to be the Whole and the All .

RAMABITES | PART 03 | BITE00225 | RAMA राम

Love means practically realizing your oneness and identity with your neighbours , with all those who come in contact with you .

RAMABITES | PART 03 | BITE00226 | RAMA राम

The one who has unwavering faith in GOD , has nothing to worry .

Your scriptures also decree that without this faith you cannot be free from worries and anxieties .

This Faith is very necessary for your peace of mind .
You are to be pitied , if you do not put your Faith in GOD .

RAMABITES | PART 03 | BITE00227 | RAMA राम

The doubt is like tuberculosis , which will kill you .

We should depend upon GOD only .
One alone lives who lives in GOD .

Do not entertain any doubt about GOD .

RAMABITES | PART 03 | BITE00228 | RAMA राम

Remember that your desires will be realized only when you consciously or unconsciously lose yourself in the Divinity .

RAMABITES | PART 03 | BITE00229 | RAMA राम

Be not vain , be not proud .

Never feel that anything belongs to your little self ; it is GOD's , your real Atman's .

Be always a giver , a free worker ; never throw your heart in a begging , expecting attitude . Get rid of the monopolizing habit .

RAMABITES | PART 03 | BITE00230 | RAMA राम

No seed can spring up and multiply without suffering destruction as to its form and appearance .

RAMABITES | PART 03 | BITE00231 | RAMA राम

Attack ! Attack ! Hammer on ! Hammer on ! Work , work , work so as to realize the nothingness of the body and the supreme reality of the true Self .

RAMABITES | PART 03 | BITE00232 | RAMA राम

The positive joy that accompanies faithful work is a spark of Salvation , unconscious Self-realization .

It keeps you pure , untainted , and one with Divinity . This happiness is the highest and surest reward of work .

Follow work for the sake of peace or nirvana connected with it .

Let the inner Soul be at rest and the body be continually at work , the body subject to the laws of dynamics being in action , and the inner Self always at statical rest .

RAMABITES | PART 03 | BITE00233 | RAMA राम

Work can become wonderful by availing yourself of the secret of all light or power within you .

Vedanta wants you to rise above the little self , the small ego through intense work .

Let the body and mind be continuously at work to such a degree that the labour may not be felt at all .

RAMABITES | PART 03 | BITE00234 | RAMA राम

The body works automatically , as it were , the mind is absorbed in the work to such a degree that " I am working " is entirely gone , the small enjoying ego is absolutely lost , the credit-seeking little self is absent .

RAMABITES | PART 03 | BITE00235 | RAMA राम

The greatest worker , when one is at the height of one's work , when one is doing one's best , just mark .

In the eyes of others the worker is engaged in strenuous efforts , but examine from the worker's own standpoint , the worker is no doer .

RAMABITES | PART 03 | BITE00236 | RAMA राम

What is work ? Intense work , according to Vedanta , is rest .

Here is a paradoxical statement , a startling statement :

Work is rest . All true work is rest .

RAMABITES | PART 03 | BITE00237 | RAMA राम

It is not good speaking ill of others and indulging in low , mean personal criticism of anybody .

We must see the bright side of everything and everyone and justify them as ourselves .

RAMABITES | PART 03 | BITE00238 | RAMA राम

The real Self is free , how could it be anything else ! It was never born , will never die , remains the same for ever . Free it must be .

If it were true that you were bound , you never could be free .

But the truth is that we , by our inner nature , are free , and the knowledge of the Truth reveals our Self in true colour .

RAMABITES | PART 03 | BITE00239 | RAMA राम

If you realize GOD within you , then to hear praises for this little body , to hear any tributes for your body will appear to you as belittling yourself , will appear to you as bemeaning yourself .

RAMABITES | PART 03 | BITE00240 | RAMA राम

There is in you the Greatest of the great , that is your real Self .

You will have to realize that and know that ; and when you realize and know the true Self , the Atman , you will no longer stoop down to seek praise for this little body .

RAMABITES | PART 03 | BITE00241 | RAMA राम

That dupe of the senses , who counts on what are called facts and figures , and rests on the foundation of forms , builds on the foam and sinks .

One builds on the rock in whose heart of heart ,

GOD is Real , the world unreal
and the Law a living force .

RAMABITES | PART 03 | BITE00242 | RAMA राम

The Law is all pervasive , is the higher Self of each and all , and is Rama in this sense .

Yet it must kick out and kill out the personal self .

It is cruel , but its cruelty is the quintessence of Love , because in this very death of the apparent self consists resurrection of the Real Self and Life Eternal .

RAMABITES | PART 03 | BITE00243 | RAMA राम

One who keeps the false self and claims for it the prerogatives of the Sovereign Self , must , as it were , be devoured by vultures on the height of vanity .

RAMABITES | PART 03 | BITE00244 | RAMA राम

The freedom of Vedanta is no impunity from Law for the limited local self , ie , personality and body .

This is turning GOD into the very reverse .

Millions of beings perish every hour through this mistake . Thousands of heads are sinking into pessimism , and hundreds of thousands of hearts are breaking every minute , by the foolish reversal of the order of the Law .

RAMABITES | PART 03 | BITE00245 | RAMA राम

Freedom from Law is secured by becoming the Law ,
that is , The Realization of Shivoham .

RAMABITES | PART 03 | BITE00246 | RAMA राम

What have religions done ?

Be it said to the credit of beloved Christianity , beloved Mahomedanism , be it said to the credit of these religions that they have done a great deal in removing extrinsic illusion , they have shown to humanity that if they live a pure life , a life of universal love , a life of divine ecstasy , if one lives a life of hope , faith , and charity , unbounded love gushing forth from one in all directions , filling the whole universe with divinity , then we find GOD in everything . Just mark .

RAMABITES | PART 03 | BITE00247 | RAMA राम

The real saint or sage , the true Christian , the beloved Christian finds GOD even in the names ; one hates not the enemy , but loves the enemy .

Oh ! " Love your enemy as yourself . " That blessed saying of Jesus .

RAMABITES | PART 03 | BITE00248 | RAMA राम

One finds the same GOD in the flowers .
Have you ever realized that state ?

The truly religious people have .

Flowers speak to you ; and you find sermons in stones , books in the running brooks , the stars speak to you , and the Divinity looks at you through a person's face .

RAMABITES | PART 03 | BITE00249 | RAMA राम

The debates and discussions of humanity always prove futile .

All attempts to settle differences by argument breed dissension , discontent , and dissatisfaction ; and why ?

The foundation is not properly laid before raising the superstructure .

RAMABITES | PART 03 | BITE00250 | RAMA राम

First win the heart ; then appeal to reason .
Love might hope where reason would despair .

The wind could not take the coat from the traveller in the fable , but the heat did .

People are too anxious for agreement of thought and creed .
They dont wait for the union of souls .

RAMABITES | PART 03 | BITE00251 | RAMA राम

Understanding is understanding , or standing under the apparent forms and seeming moods . This is brought about by love .

RAMABITES | PART 03 | BITE00252 | RAMA राम

Unless you feel all , you know not all . You need not think so much as sink .

RAMABITES | PART 03 | BITE00253 | RAMA राम

If Love breaks Law , it is the fulfilment of law . If anything else breaks law , it is fanaticism and revolution .

Love is the only divine law . Other laws are organized robbery . Love alone has the right to break law .

Owning through love is divine , owning through law illegal .

RAMABITES | PART 03 | BITE00254 | RAMA राम

Why this world , whence this world ? or to put it in Vedantic language :

Why this ignorance in the universe ?

Time , space , and causation are also in the world , not beyond the world .

The very moment you begin to say when the world began , the world is on one side and the idea of when on the other side . There you keep the world before the world .

RAMABITES | PART 03 | BITE00255 | RAMA राम

The world began , when ?

There you want to take away the world from itself ; you want to separate the idea of when from the world .

You want to measure the world by when and why , but you know that when and why are themselves the world .

You want to transcend the world , go beyond the world , and there you place the world .

RAMABITES | PART 03 | BITE00256 | RAMA राम

Can you tell when Time began ?

This is an antinomy pointed out by Kant also .

When did Time begin ? When you say Time began at that time , you posit Time . This question is impossible .

RAMABITES | PART 03 | BITE00257 | RAMA राम

Where did Space begin ? The question is impossible . Beyond where Space began , you place a point where it began .

The beginning of Space is surrounded by the idea of where , and the idea of where includes that of place . The question is impossible .

Where did the chain of Causation begin ? The question is impossible .

Why did the chain of Causation begin ? The question is impossible .

RAMABITES | PART 03 | BITE00258 | RAMA राम

If you point out any beginning of the chain of Causation , you see that the idea of why is itself causation .

It goes beyond you . This is a question which is unanswerable .

RAMABITES | PART 03 | BITE00259 | RAMA राम

There is no end to Time , Space or Causation whether on this side or the other . Every thinker will show to you that there is no end to it .

RAMABITES | PART 03 | BITE00260 | RAMA राम

Fearless , fearless , fearless you are .

Are you not the Sun of suns ?
Are you not the Lord of the Universe ?

Why allow the mists and fogs of circumstances to cloud you ?

Keep in your mind the light of Truth ever ablaze , no devil of fear or temptation will approach you .

Believe in the Law Divine .

RAMABITES | PART 03 | BITE00261 | RAMA राम

Life-success and spiritual success must go together .
Deluded are they who divorce one from the other .

RAMABITES | PART 03 | BITE00262 | RAMA राम

Fear not ; have holiness and purity in you ; you will never come across anything unclean .

RAMABITES | PART 03 | BITE00263 | RAMA राम

If you have love in your mind , you will find love ; if you entertain hate , you will meet hate .

If you are afraid of detectives and defrauders , you will not miss them .

If you expect selfishness and deceit , you shall not be disappointed ; from all sides will selfishness and deceit confront you .

RAMABITES | PART 03 | BITE00264 | RAMA राम

The very moment we rise above the little body , we are free from fear .

Live as Divinity , live Vedanta , and who can harm you ?
Who can inflict injury upon you ?

Fearlessness and Vedanta are inseparable .

RAMABITES | PART 03 | BITE00265 | RAMA राम

Rama has roamed in dense valleys of the Himalayas . Rama has met tigers , bears , wolves and venomous animals . No harm was done to Rama .

Wild beasts were looked straight in the face , glances met , the fierce animals were outstared and so-called terrible creatures sulked away .

RAMABITES | PART 03 | BITE00266 | RAMA राम

Fearless , fearless , fearless you are .

RAMABITES | PART 03 | BITE00267 | RAMA राम

Please make not your life wretched by hanging on worldly wisdom .

Timid prudence makes a downright atheist out of you .

RAMABITES | PART 03 | BITE00268 | RAMA राम

No calamity is ever worse than the dread of the calamity .
You would rather suffer death than harbour fear of death .

RAMABITES | PART 03 | BITE00269 | RAMA राम

You are the All . Dispel the fear inducing attachment to the body .

RAMABITES | PART 03 | BITE00270 | RAMA राम

Lions may be tamed by a single glance , enemies may be pacified by a single look , victory may be won by a single dash of fearlessness .

RAMABITES | PART 03 | BITE00271 | RAMA राम

Fearlessness , salvation in life , freedom and the sovereignty of heaven can be achieved by none , except by the one who knows oneself , with certainty , to be Brahma Itself , pure Truth , Consciousness , Bliss , ever emancipated , and who sees one's own self everywhere .

RAMABITES | PART 03 | BITE00272 | RAMA राम

All the religion of the world ,
All the Truth of the world is yours .

No one has any proprietary right over air .
Similarly , no one has any proprietary right over Truth or knowledge .

RAMABITES | PART 03 | BITE00273 | RAMA राम

Wander not outside your Self .
Keep your own centre .

RAMABITES | PART 03 | BITE00274 | RAMA राम

Desire is a disease ; it keeps you in a state of suspense .

RAMABITES | PART 03 | BITE00275 | RAMA राम

The energy we waste in judging others is just what is needed to make us live up to our own ideals .

The habit of looking at ourselves through the eyes of others is called vanity , self-aggrandisement .

RAMABITES | PART 03 | BITE00276 | RAMA राम

There is no master more masterly than your own experience .
No one was ever pure at heart except through one's own experience .

RAMABITES | PART 03 | BITE00277 | RAMA राम

Two important points to be brought to your special attention :

1 . Denial of little self . 2 . Positive assertion of real Self .

RAMABITES | PART 03 | BITE00278 | RAMA राम

Everything you meet in this world should be a stepping stone instead of a stumbling block .

Convert your stumbling block into a stepping stone .

RAMABITES | PART 03 | BITE00279 | RAMA राम

Let the body and mind be continuously at work to such a degree that the labour may not be felt at all .

What is work ? Intense work , according to Vedanta , is rest .
All true work is rest .

RAMABITES | PART 03 | BITE00280 | RAMA राम

Like comes to the like .

Have joy of GOD in you right here and the joy of success must gravitate towards you .

RAMABITES | PART 03 | BITE00281 | RAMA राम

GOD is Truth and Truth is GOD .

RAMABITES | PART 03 | BITE00282 | RAMA राम

Dear friends , do away with your inertness and fill your hearts with Divine ecstasy and , then , there is none who can stop you from enjoying freedom and liberty .

Come along and join Rama in enjoying the sweet Divine Nectar .

OM Anand , OM Anand , OM Anand

RAMABITES | PART 03 | BITE00283 | RAMA राम

Jnana ( Fundamental Truth , That Thou Art ) ,

being realized on the Causal plane or penetrating the core of the heart , becomes overwhelming love , universal oneness , feeling and living ecstasy ,

which like the effulgent Sun , although it asks nothing , begs no reward , seeks no fruit , being perfect renunciation on the Mental plane ,

yet must spontaneously pour itself out , as wonderful energy and powerful action on the Physical plane .

RAMABITES | PART 03 | BITE00284 | RAMA राम

Here is a divine law which should be proclaimed in all corners and in all bazaars :

Try to throw dust into the eyes of GOD and you will be blinded yourself .

RAMABITES | PART 03 | BITE00285 | RAMA राम

Your Soul is not impure and sinful by nature , it has not fallen through the sin of one person , and does not depend upon the virtue of another to Save it .

RAMABITES | PART 03 | BITE00286 | RAMA राम

The first law of Moses means Thou shalt have no other GOD but Love .

RAMABITES | PART 03 | BITE00287 | RAMA राम

Who are you who go about to save them that are lost ?
Are you saved yourself ?

RAMABITES | PART 03 | BITE00288 | RAMA राम

Without keeping alive the flame of faith and the torch of burning Jnanam in your breast you cannot advance a single step .

RAMABITES | PART 03 | BITE00289 | RAMA राम

Truth-consciousness brings strength and victory .
Skin-consciousness (even if it be Brahmana-or-Sannyasa-consciousness) makes a cobbler of you .

RAMABITES | PART 03 | BITE00290 | RAMA राम

Sometimes when only one person listens to you , truth comes more beautifully and magnificently .

Truth cares not whether the audience is large or small .

Take up the idea and by and by the whole world will listen .

RAMABITES | PART 03 | BITE00291 | RAMA राम

The main purpose of the prayer is to change your heart , to turn you away from your body-consciousness and to take you towards the realization of the Atma or the Self .

RAMABITES | PART 03 | BITE00292 | RAMA राम

One with pious thoughts and a sincere heart can never pray as if one is separate or away from GOD .

One would pour all one's heart to be one with GOD in prayer .

RAMABITES | PART 03 | BITE00293 | RAMA राम

Those who daily repeat in their prayers , " I am a sinner , I am born of sin " , etc , are really unfortunate .

They not only do develop in them a tendency to confirm their ties with their body-consciousness , but also perpetuate the idea of sin in their sub-conscious mind .

RAMABITES | PART 03 | BITE00294 | RAMA राम

You have to give up your body-consciousness and repeatedly concentrate on the idea " I am of the brilliance and resplendence of the Sun , my abode is the same " .

If you do so repeatedly , there is no worry or anxiety which may not be burnt and destroyed for good .

RAMABITES | PART 03 | BITE00295 | RAMA राम

You have to merge yourselves in the idea that I guide all the intellects and that I am the same who illumines the Sun and the moon .

If you do so thrice , twice or even once a day with sincerity , there is no darkness which may not be dispelled .

RAMABITES | PART 03 | BITE00296 | RAMA राम

Why should you consider yourself dependent on GOD , Christ , Mohammed , Buddha , Krishna , or any of the saints of this world ?

Free you are , each and all .

RAMABITES | PART 03 | BITE00297 | RAMA राम

All the ( religious ) sects in this world , including those of India , may be branched under three principle headings .

In Sanskrit we call these : Tassyaivaham , Tavaivaham , Twamevaham .

RAMABITES | PART 03 | BITE00298 | RAMA राम

The one of Knowledge is all Light .
The fire of Divine Knowledge ,

" I am Brahman " , is all the time burning within .

One is ever absorbed with firm conviction in the Divine meditation .

RAMABITES | PART 03 | BITE00299 | RAMA राम

If three hundred and thirty-three billions of Christ appear in the world , it will do no good , unless you yourself undertake to remove the darkness within . Depend not on others .

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