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Upasana is to fix attention on the real and blissful aspect of the worldly objects , rising above their names and forms . It is like paying attention to the meaning of the sentences , rising above the names and forms of the letters or the words . It is to forget the names and forms of the worldly objects , as seen through our physical eyes , and to be absorbed in the Divine vision .

It it necessary to attain this state of Upasana , through some fixed Prateek or external object ?

Prateek is just like the writing board of a child . When one has become expert by one's practice on the writing board , one can write anywhere one likes , without its help . So , too , when the Divine vision is developed , with or without the help of Prateek or an idol , we can enjoy the Divine bliss anywhere .

The Prateek Upasana , or the external worship is only meant to help us enjoy the Divine vision everywhere . When such a state is achieved , the whole world becomes the temple of GOD , every object turns into GODhood , and whatever we do , becomes Its worship .

A Hindi poet says :—

" Wherever I go , it is Pradakchina for me , ( going round the temple of GOD ) and whatsoever I do is Divine worship . My home and abroad are alike . There is no dualism left in me . "

The state of such persons as have attained the highest goal of Upasana is thus described by the Shruti ( Vedas in Taitriya Shakha ) :—

" One who thus attains patience like a Yajna Purush ( the one who performs yajna ) has it ( patience ) one's Diksha ( Initiation ) .

Whatever one eats is one's Havi ( offering ) , whatever one drinks is one's Some-pan ( the sacred drink ) and whatever game one plays is one's Upsad ( Divine Service ) . One's walking , standing and sitting are one's Pravargya ( the motions and gestures made during Yajna ) .

One's mouth is the fire pot ( wherein yajna is performed ) . One's Vyahriti is Ahuti ( That is , one sacrifices all one's pleasures ) . One's Vigyan ( practical wisdom ) is one's performance of Havan ( the ritual of yajna ) . "

" If you desire freedom , peace and happiness , you have to do away with dualism , efface differentiation , feel oneness with all and develop Divine vision . These are the only means to attain them . Why us such a vision at all essential ? Because the fact is that

GOD alone is Real and the world is unreal . " ( Vedas )

If you design the mechanism of a railway engine , telephone , telegraph or airplane according to the laws of heat , light and electricity , they will work . But , if you neglect the eternal Laws of Nature , you cannot come out of ignorance and be successful . Therefore , act according to the Laws of Nature , in order to achieve success in life .

Emerson , one of the greatest people in America , has rightly remarked , on the basis of Emerson's own unprejudiced observations in daily life ,

" To desire anything from your heart and to crave for it with the servility of a humble beggar is not sacred love . It is only attachment . It is only when you leave ' me ' and lose ' me ' , and fly to the higher state of mind were there is neither ' I ' nor ' you ' , that ' I ' am drawn towards you and you find ' me ' at your feet . "

Remember that when you fix your eyes upon anyone and expect love in return , the response has never been and shall never be anything except contempt and indifference .

Well ! There is no need of sectarian or communal outlook . No proof is needed to prove the self-evident fact . If you do not wish to lead and die a miserable death , try to reflect coolly in solitude on the condition and state of your mind and its resultant pains and pleasures . Truth will appear automatically .

If your power of self-introspection and discrimination is normal , sooner or later , you will arrive at the conclusion that , where there is renunciation and Truth , worldly prosperity and spiritual evolution are drawn towards you , as the hungry children run to their parents . ( Sam Veda )

When we have within us Vishnu of virtue and peace , Lakshmi , the goddess of wealth and prosperity , will certainly knock at our doors to serve the spouse , the eternal Truth .

Many persons complain that in spite of their being religious-minded and the devotees , they are victims of poverty and miserable life , while the sacrilegious persons prosper . These simpletons fail to understand the Law of cause and effect . Poor friends ! They do not know what religion is and what constitutes virtue .

Those who complain have not yet renounced selfishness , and jealousy ( the body-consciousness ) , which is so essential for being religious in a practical way . How can they , then , justify their complaint ? Had they practiced religion , they would have done away with their egoism , selfishness , jealousy , hatred , etc .

The charity and devotion which increase egoism and pride cannot be called religious . Sometimes you see that a sinner is flourishing . If you try to probe into the causes of the sinner's prosperity , you will find that the mind was in the past surely concentrated and merged into the Self , which you did not see . And now , if you care to investigate into the consequences of the sins , you will be immensely pained . This , too , you have not seen as yet .

If someone has ill-treated you with malignancy for no fault of yours , you will find , if you reflect deeply , that you have been punished , because you had sometimes set your heart on something improper , acted against Truth ( Self ) or had broken the Divine laws .

If you ponder over your past with an unprejudiced mind , it will be clear to you that you have been punished because you had deviated from Righteousness or Truth .

Now , if you take revenge against the enemy , who had harmed you , you are committing the same mistake as before again with fourfold intensity .

By such a reaction you are only trying to prove this world to be real and the Brahma unreal .



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