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You must bear in mind that , if you show vanity and conceit , or practice arrogance , you will surely be punished and castigated again and again . Often they emphasise faults of others and blame them and try to prove themselves to be innocent .

Yes , you are surely innocent and absolutely free from any fault , provided you consider yourself to be pure Universal Self , which you really are .

But , unfortunately , you do not hold on to the idea of being the Real Self .

How can you then claim to be innocent or faultless ? You identify yourself with your limited body , mind and intellect , and then you call this little limited self to be sinless .

This ignorance is the root of all the sins .

Now note that eternal Law of Nature in the form of Rudra * . It shall never forgive you , without making you weep , whenever you turn away from Truth . Is that GOD , who governs all and who is also just , no more to deal with your oppressor ? Is It dead ?

No , nobody can throw dust into the eyes of that Omnipresent . No one can deceive GOD . But , all the same , who are you to take the Law into your own hands ? Why should you bother your head about others ? You have to mind your own business .

It is atheism and lack of faith in GOD , if you decide to be revengeful .

O you , my own self ! You are acting in a malicious way . Instead of taking revenge upon others , why not have faith in and meditate upon GOD ? GOD is every where and to forget GOD is to invite trouble and pain for yourself . GOD , who is within you , is within all .

According to Katha Upanishad :—

" It , who is here , is also there and the same It , who is there , is here as well ? "

When you revolt or act against GOD , your inner Self , you antagonize the whole world . And , when you realize that you yourself are the inner Self , ie , when you feel your oneness with GOD , there cannot be any trouble for you in this world . None can dare oppose you .

According to Brihad . Upanishad 3 , 7 , 20 ,

" It is in your mind but is not controlled by it . Mind is not conscious of It , though it is It who controls it . You are that very Immortal Nectar . "

If you give up your crookedness and be upright , the same moment your past , present and future shall be straightened in you favor .

O dear one ! When you see a fat sturdy person , sitting in a carriage , you know that the fatness is not due to sitting on its thick cushions . The person's sturdiness is not due to the neighing horses of the vehicle . The expansion of the body is due to the assimilation of a rich diet .

So too , whenever you see prosperity , affluence or success , its cause cannot be hypocrisy , crookedness , deceit or fraud . On enquiry , the prosperous person will tell you that the person suffered losses and faced failures to the extent the person indulged in cunningness or crookedness .

The cause of happiness or prosperity is nothing but practice of GODliness knowingly or unknowingly .

You have not seen the fat person taking and assimilating rich diet . So , too , you may not see a rich , happy and prosperous person doing virtuous deeds and practicing GODliness . The person , too , may not remember it . You might have observed that often children forget in the morning , that they took milk the previous night .

But , oil can be extracted only from the oil seeds and not from the sand . Similarly , happiness , bliss and prosperity cannot be achieved without GODliness or realization of Self .

According to Shweta Upanishad ( 6 , 20 )

" When they will be able to roll the sky like hide , then alone they can be free from pain and suffering , by knowing Divinity ( practicing virtues ) . "

The above Truth is already proved through examples , authority , inferences and reasoning . But Rama is not going to take any help from any of these methods to prove the above Truth . Rama will give you more direct proof . Now , here you are and there is your world .

Please listen very attentively .

When your worldly attachments overweigh as compared to your GODliness , when " I and mine " considerations suppress your feelings of peace and renunciation , you experience pain , suffering and frustration etc to the same extent to which you neglect the practice of Truth .

" GOD alone is real and all else is unreal . "

This fact is directly proved to be as truth , like the observations and experiments done in the laboratory of Botany or Chemistry .

There is only one disease in this world and also only one remedy for it . The conviction of the perverted point of view , not only in thought but also in action that

" GOD is unreal and that the world is real " ,

is the root cause of this trouble or that . And , the remedy of all such miseries lies in destroying the body and mind consciousness in the fire of GOD-realisation .

People hesitate to accept this Truth .

They say that they can get direct response to the worldly love , but there does not appear to be any reaction to the love for GOD . It is like trying to catch the air or running after a shadow . They say that it is all useless . But , Rama assures you that this point of view is absolutely wrong .

If our heart beats in love for GOD only once , GOD's heart beats repeatedly to greet us . GOD does respond . On the other hand , our worldly love is reciprocated , when , after being disappointed , we turn toward GOD .

Some persons say that others accuse them in this way . Some others say that they have such and such allegations against them .

They complain that their officer is disgruntled . There might be a criminal case pending against them . They might also be afflicted with some serious diseases .

But , my dear simple friends ! pray , do not allow your peace of mind to be disturbed by these adversities . Do not be deceived . Do not believe in these misfortunes . Nothing can happen without Divine Will . Please fill you mind with the ideas of renunciation and Divine bliss , and you will see that all your troubles and miseries instantly disappear , as if thrown into the seas beyond .

Rama is sure of it . If it does not so happen , you can take Rama to task and drown Rama into the sea itself .

A child was threatening another child , " Today you will be beaten so severely by your parent that you will remember it all your life . "

The other child replied coolly , " If my parent will beat me , my parent will do so in my interest , for my own good . But how will you be benefited by it ? "

O my friends ! we should have at least this much faith in GOD , as this child had in the goodness of the parent . Why should we lose our heart or be perturbed as the frightful news of adverse future ? We should not cry like a terrified crane apprehending some danger .

Maintain your equanimity , my friends , and be serene and undisturbed . No one else is there , except your own dear Parent , your own real Self .

Even if GOD punishes you , GOD will do so for your own good . And , if you act according to GOD's desire , GOD's laws , GOD is not so unreasonable as to punish you unnecessarily .

( NOTE : * Rudra , in the Indian theology , is the form of GOD who punishes the evil doers . None can escape violation of the Eternal laws without punishment . )



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