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You cannot fully enjoy the pleasure of self-surrender or total abnegation till you are in the habit of attributing the real cause to the worldly objects , or till you do not take GOD to be the only cause of all the phenomena in this world .

In Arabic , Persian and Urdu languages they have a common word " Sabab " which means " cause " . " Sabab " also means a rope . Maulana Jalal of Room has written ,

" This rope of ' cause and effect ' is found tied to the necks of all persons ( pots ) in the well of this world . Do you know how it operates ? As you already know , this lifeless rope has no power of its own to work . At the top of the well , it is GOD who is revolving the pulley to work the rope . But , unfortunately , we see only the rope working and not GOD who is the real cause of all the causes in this world . "

According to Brihad Upanishad ( 4 , 5 , 8 , 9 , 10 ) ,

" When a drum is beaten , it creates a thunderous sound which we cannot stop , unless we prevent the drum from being beaten or the one who beats the drum from beating it . When a conch-shell or bugle is blown , we cannot stop its sound , unless we prevent the person from blowing it . When a Vina or violin is played , a sound is produced . We cannot stop it unless we prevent the one playing upon it from doing so . "

The sounds created by drums , bugles , violins , and harmoniums can be stopped or controlled , when we are able to control these instruments or persons playing upon them .

Similarly , the worldly phenomena of " cause and effect " will be quite under our control , if we steadfast catch hold of GOD , the All Supreme .

But , unfortunately , you only acknowledge the recommendations of some big and influential person , power , authority , wealth , and house etc , as the cause of fulfillment of your hopes and desires in this world .

Unfortunately , you do not take refuge in GODhood , with the result that you are frustrated , disappointed and made to suffer .

It is said , when Krishna was a child , Krishna used to eat butter or drink milk of Gopikas , and would then besmear the mouths of the calves with some curd or butter . The inmates of the house would take them to be thieves and then beat them unnecessarily .

O dear ones ! There is one and only one cause of everything in this world , and it is GOD alone .

Other so-called causes are like poor calves with besmeared muzzles . They are like beggars or bankrupt people who have their names as " millionaire or multimillionaire " .

Why be deluded ? Do not be misled by external worldly forms . They are not the real cause .

So long one is not married , one plays with the dolls and amuses oneself with other means . But , after marriage , one puts aside the dolls and artificial means and enjoys life with the spouse .

Similarly , when we have come to realize GOD to be the only real cause of all the causes , why should we be defrauded by the unreal causes ?

Please do not act like children .

In puppet shows , the dolls dance . One doll calls the other and so it comes . One doll beats the other and it dies . So , too , people are beguiled by these seeming causes , not knowing that the real cause of all these phenomena is GOD alone . GOD is the wire puller , who maneuvers the entire puppet show in this world . GOD is " Antaryami " , the one who actuated the inner self .

In the flute one tune comes after the other . In a song one word comes after the other . All these tunes or words in a song are interrelated and interdependent . People are mistaken because they forget that the real cause of all these words and tunes in a song is the singer , the flute player , ( Banshi Dhar ) .

Let us take another example . There is a high building . The top floor is based on the floor just below it . This floor of the building is in turn based on the one lower still , and so on . You will see that all the other floors of the building are ultimately supported by the ground floor and the foundation .

That is how the people generally base the continuity of cause and effect . But they forget that the original and the real cause of all the storeys of the building is the builder , the owner of the house ( the real Doer ) .

Placing your hopes on the seeming worldly causes is hoping against hopes .

In the battle of Mahabharata , when Krishna could not get the Sudarshan ( sword wheel ) , Krishna took up the wheel of the broken chariot . Seeing this , even the old Bhishma was amused .

Let you not commit the same mistake again . To keep your hope in the seeming worldly cause or support , is like lifting the wheel of a broken chariot . It will not do .

Remember your real Self , open your eyes and see things , as they really are . Do not be deceived . Come out of the quagmire of deep rooted ignorance .

Realise that you are the same , the same original Source of all the sources , and the root Cause of all the causes . Just have a glimpse of you real " Sudarshan " , your real Self .

The sun trembles , the air is restless and the sea is in constant confusion , due to your fear . Even death is in perpetual wandering from place to place in obedience to you . It is you who command and control the whole Universe . Know your Self .

O dear friends ! To be dependent on the worldly objects is to die in bondage . The life of helplessness is like that of a dead body in the grave .

The self-effulgent body of the one , who is unattached and free from egoism , emits Divine light , as if from a brilliant chandelier .

That work shall never be accomplished in which you are attached to its external characteristics , in false hopes and expectations . Your expectations and aspirations ensnare you in the seeming attractions of this world , as a fish is enticed by its bait .

Do your work with a detached , unselfish and dedicated point of view .

" O Lord ! This is your own work and , therefore , I undertake to do it . Your Will is my will . I do not stand to lose or gain anything , if the work is done or not done . My happiness lies in my oneness with You .

I am happy if You do the work or even if You spoil it . It is all up to You . I have nothing to say . "

If a work is done with such a dedicated intention and a detached point of view , the entire world and its laws are sure to come forward immediately to help you . Can anyone dare refuse you ? Can there be any obstacle in GOD's own work ?

There is a Shloka just in the middle of Bhagwad Gita which equally balances , so to say , at its centre of gravity . It is like this :—

" Those who are always in communion with Me and worship Me alone with concentration and attention are under My care . I take the entire responsibility upon Myself for supplying all their needs and protecting all that is already with them . "

This promise of the Lord can never be false , even though the flame of fire may go downwards or the sun may rise from the West and set in the East . It is the firm promise of the Lord .

Dear friends ! It is shameful to be afflicted with sorrow , even in human life . Only those persons should suffer from sorrow and affliction whose parents are no more . Why lament ? Fortunately your Parent , Lord Rama ( GOD ) , is ever alive . Just see the miracle .

Give up all your worries and expectations . Do not entertain any selfish desire . Only be firm in your Divinity .

You will see that all the gods will be prepared to help you at all cost . According to Shu , Yaju ( A , 31 Mandal 21 ) :—

" The gods said : ' O Aditya ! Those Brahmans who will feel your presence in this way , will control the gods ie by worshipping Brahma in proper way , the heart is sure to be enlightened . ' By the presence of Divine light in one's heart one is absorbed in Brahma , consequently all the gods come under one's control . "

In Chhandogya Upanishad it has been mentioned :—

" One , who realizes that Atma is Omnipresent , neither sees death not experiences pain or suffering . Such a person sees Atma in every thing and gets all one's requirements in every way . "

The Vedas have also said in no uncertain terms :

" When one realises It's Omnipresence , pain , suffering and death cannot dare approach one . By knowing Atma , you can know every thing . And also , you can get every thing . "



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