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Samadhi is Union with GOD or BRAHMAN .

If you are an Uttama Adhikari , first-class aspirant , equipped with the four means or qualifications and endowed with Teevra Vairagya and an intense longing for liberation and if you have a Brahmasrotri-Brahmanishtha , like Sri Sankara or Lord Krishna to back you up , you will realize the Self in the twinkling of an eye .

Within the time taken to squeeze a flower with your fingers , you can realize the Self . Within the time taken for a grain of gram to roll when placed on the outer surface of a pot , you can have " Atma-Darshan " . There is no difficulty at all .

The aspirant should be like Hastamalaka or Padmapada of Sri Sankara or Arjuna of Lord Krishna . One should have intense devotion toward Guru . Sraddha is a great qualification in the path of Jnana Yoga . It is rational faith here , while in Bhakti Yoga it is blind faith .

If the ground of Antahkarana is not well-prepared , if there is no " Chitta-Suddhi " ( Purity of Heart ) , even The Lord , even thousand Sankaras or Krishnas cannot do anything in this matter . Be rest assured of this .

Though Ashtavakra and Raja Janaka realized within the twinkling of an eye , Arjuna had Self-Realization in the battlefield within an hour and a half .

Mukund Rai , a Maharashtra saint , put the Badshah in Samadhi in a second , when on horseback . There are so many instances . I need not relate them here .

In this Kali Yuga , you need not do much Tapas , as people did in days of yore . People used to stand on one leg for several years before . They did many austerities . This you will find in Mahabharata and other religious books .

The Lord has shown Mercy on people of this age owing to the poor physique and short duration of life . By Tapas and Meditation one can realize very quickly , if one is earnest , sincere and vigilant in this age .

When you want to catch the train at 4 AM , how vigilant , cautious and nimble you are ! You prepare the bundles at night . You prepare at night some sweets or eatables for morning " chota-hazri " . You adjust the alarm in the timepiece , to get up at 3 AM . So many other things you do .

If you show even a tenth part of this vigilance , sincerity , dexterity in the spiritual line also , you can have Samadhi in six months .

No one on Earth or Heaven can prevent you from getting at it .